Secret Love Affair Drops 21-minute Preview: …And I Get Goosebumps

I have never regretted my inability to understand Korean more than this moment. I apologise that I cannot offer you any credible translations of this lengthy preview. I have only these random observations to offer:

  • The teaser devotes most of it’s time to a scene in Hye Won’s (Kim Hee Ae) house in which Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) plays for her in what appears to be an audition. Sun Jae is nervous, and appropriately youthful. I was afraid he’d come off much older and closer to Yoo Ah In’s real age. I needn’t have worried. He’s got this. Kim Hee Ae is commanding.
  • Sun Jae’s playing moves her to tears. Then they also play together. It’s intense. They struggle to catch their breaths, post-coital-like. He shakes. She deflects. This moment is acted so damn perfectly I want to die.Secret Love Affair teaser screencap Continue reading