Review of the 21-minute Preview of JTBC’s “Secret Love Affair”

When has a mere preview inspired such lengthy and insightful consideration such as this one?! Only a drama from the likes of Ahn Pan Seok!! Okay, and the intense and athletic piano playing helps too. And the heaving, and the music.

“Have you ever seen such intense physical expressions of rapture in Korean dramas?” NO, I have not, and ‘rapture’ is the most accurate description for that entire sequence I’ve yet encountered. Love this post!  😀


The drama has not started yet, and I know it is premature and ridiculous to write a “review” based on the drama preview. But after watching the 21-minute preview of JTBC’s Secret Love Affair (SLA), I was delirious, spellbound and highly intoxicated to come to a conclusion that I may be watching a masterpiece by itself–although a trailer is really a transient and unfinished product.  This production team headed by Ahn Pan-seok and the golden ensemble led by Kim Hee-ae and Yoo Ah-in have managed to break my hiatus of almost a year, which I am telling you is not an easy feat!

I have never seen trailer as gripping as this one, not to mention the fact that it is a trailer for a Korean cable drama. So far, the trailer has already attracted more than 400,000 hits in Korea.  Ahn Pan Seok stuck again with his brilliance.  Ahn has…

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