The OCDrama Digest 18th -23rd March

In this week’s round-up, Secret Love Affairs premiers and previews, sussing out the You From Another Star craze in China, casting news, anticipating Avengers 2 in Seoul, and beauty queens from yesteryear!

1. My most highly anticipated drama this season Secret Love Affair, hit the ground running with ratings of around 3%, pretty much assuring us that it won’t meet the fate of the PD’s previous drama which died a premature death. SLA‘s first two episodes is pretty much everything I expected–gorgeous, grown-up, and meaty.  I’ve tempered my raging excitement simply because it’s much healthier. I no longer obsess–it didn’t even occur to me that tomorrow’s Monday already. Congratulate me!

Secret Love Affair stills episode 3 SLA3stills2

The preview above for tomorrow’s ep shows Sun Jae’s education beginning in earnest. That’s right Hye Won, school the boy.

2. SBS confirmed the cast of It’s Ok It’s Love with Noh Hee Kyung alums Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung taking lead roles, with Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Do Il, and DO (EXO) rounding out the cast. It’s billed as a rom-com which is new territory for Padam PadamThat Winter The Wind Blows writer. But I’m keeping an eye out for this one mainly since I adore GHJ and the premise–psychiatrist meets novelist-with-a-disorder–sounds like it could be fun. IOIL premiers after You Are All Surrounded in the summer.

3.  You From Another Star aka My Love From Another Star aka the drama with too many damn names, was a huge hit in China during its run, and there’s been quite a bit of press lately from Chinese, Korean and even US media documenting the craze.  The Washington Post even front-paged the story, but this to me seems like an attempt to embarrass the Chinese rather than a true indication of how important they think this piece of news is. (And please WP stop calling them soaps. Try ‘mini-series’ instead. It’s not hard to understand the difference.)

Jeon Ji Hyun lipstick My Love From Another Star

But in any case, any drama that has racked up 2.5 billion views is no small thing. The show has sparked a craze for chicken and beer, Jeon Ji Hyun’s make-up has been sold out, even the books that Do Min Joon reads are enjoying brisk sales. That means big bucks, and big brands like Louis Vuitton, Samsonite and YSL used in the show have also been cashing in. Here’s what floored me to learn though—some of these brands did not pay a cent to be used on the show, but have seen sales in China and beyond skyrocket. Talk about free advertising! I hope some smaller Korean labels managed to get in on some of that action.

Avengers 2 Korea PS meme

4. Filming of Avengers 2 starts in Seoul soon and Korean netizens have welcomed the cast and crew in style: by Photoshop trolling them. Pictures of the superheroes superimposed over Korean landmarks, in Korean street protests and others have gone viral. It’s pretty hysterical. For more funny, there’s more Korean PS trolling goodness here

5. I’m catching up on Miss Korea and it seemed serendipitous to come across this article highlighting some actual Miss Koreas from the past. It’s lovely to see, and to be reminded that beauty standards are always evolving.  

Enjoy the week ahead!

10 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 18th -23rd March

  1. Are you enjoying Miss Korea? I loved it, just a shame that it aired at the same slot as You From Another Star, or it would have done better.


    • Yes I am actually! It’s certainly not fluff although I get a kick out of the beauty boot camp and the glorious fashion (there was fur trim on Ma’s sunglasses, FUR!) Yeah, the competition was too fierce for it unfortunately.


  2. It aggravates every time too, to see our dramas sweepingly referred to as soap operas. But I guess at least they’re getting attention? #silverlining

    And yes, I’m extremely impressed by your new-found, non-obsessed self-control around SLA. Well done, chingu!! *wild applause*


    • Thanks! I’m slightly puzzled myself. I don’t know how or why and it was a very sudden decision to pull back. I think I expended all my energy in the lead-up. But I’m expecting to capitulate soon when the pain starts and then I will probably be sobbing all over this blog.

      Silverlinings? Shucks how mighty generous and grown-up of you!! I’m still in diapers so I whine and stomp feet.


      • Heh. I DEFINITELY expect you to capitulate soon. After all that flailing and the bouts of sobbing, I don’t foresee you making a clean, rational break with this drama at all! XD

        Aw, it’s all process, isn’t it? If they at least are aware of our kdramas, maybe sometime in the not-too-distant future they’ll realize that they aren’t ALL soaps? I had a conversation with a male friend of mine not too long ago, where he asked me the random question: vampires or zombies? And I was all like, VAMPIRES, YO. And I told him about Vampire Prosecutor, and he was like, “Woah. I didn’t know kdramas could be like that. I thought they were all about mothers-in-law.” See? Awareness in stages ^^


  3. Congratulations! (I assumed you were lying, of course — kept waiting for the punch line. The punch line never came!!! So I’m impressed. 😉 )

    And urgh!! I hate that soap-opera tag! It’s so dismissive and wrong… drives me batty. (Probably more batty than it should, frankly. 😛 )


    • Heh, thanks. The good thing is I turned my attention to another drama and pushed out a post that I’d been sitting on for a long time. I’ve substituted one for the other, one that’s far less all consuming. Phew.


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