Liebster Finale

Liebster logoI took far too long to do this so I’m really sorry, but better late than never right? So here we go with the last of the bunch:

chippyblue of FanGirl asks:

Top 10 K dramas
Click on my Favourites page and you’ll discover I only have four. If I had to add to it, it’d be Que Sera Sera, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Queen InHyun’s Man. I hope to include Secret Love Affair to this soon.

Top 5 K drama actors

Gong Yoo

Hello handsome

Gong Yoo, Jang Hyuk, Song Jong Ki, Kim Myung Min, and lately, Cho Seung Woo who I’ve really enjoyed in God’s Gift.

Top 5 K drama actresses
Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hee Ae, Shin Min Ah, Jung Ryeo Won. Remind me to make headers for Jung Ryeo Won one day.

What is the last book you read or currently reading?
I read That Far Gone fanfic by Mywebfoot. It’s fabulous!

Who is the K drama character you loved hating?
Oooh, since you’ve just reminded me about Que Sera Sera I’d say Eric Mun’s character Tae Joo. He was a despicable tool. And he was great to hate. I hated rooting for him when he finally started to make some good decisions.

What is it in Asian dramas you like best?
The women-centered stories, the unabashed romanticism that makes me swoon, and the music is pretty good too.

What is the number one song on your playlist?

Currently, its a song by a Japanese band called Tricot. Saw their gig a couple of weeks ago and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since.

What drama have you watched the most number of times? Why?
Coffee Prince. I’m sloooowly on my 6th rewatch and slowly working on my shrine to it. I adore it and it never gets old! A perfect example of good old fashioned drama cliches done right with heart-stopping chemistry, naturalistic directing, fantastic music, and a love story for the ages 🙂

What k drama would you wish to be adapted into a Hollywood production? Which Hollywood actors/ actress would you want to act in it?

I mentioned in an earlier Liebster that I’d like to see something like Heartless City be adapted by the Brits, maybe starring Idris Elba as Baksa. As for Hollywood, I think I’d watch that Nine remake that’s supposedly in the works. I can’t think of any Hollywood actors that I’d like to see in this one though. I don’t think about Hollywood actors that much to be honest.

kdramaostersheet asks:

What are your top 3 dramas from 2012?

Shut Up Flower Boy Band Sung Joon

SUFFB: broody frontman extraordinaire

Why only three?? I’ll say Shut Up Flower Boy Band was my favourite because it had awesome friendships and handsome broody guitarists. Followed by Answer Me 1997 and Nice Guy which I enjoyed for vastly different reasons

Your favourite OST? 

Coffee Prince! Que Sera Sera was great too and so was Heartless City.

If you were a director, what genre would you choose (romcom, melo, thriller, etc.) and who would you choose for the two leads? 

Gosh, I dunno. I’d be hopeless with action/suspense scenes so a thriller would be out. Which leaves either a rom-com or melo. Frankly I’m not very funny so I wouldn’t be good at comedy either. So it looks like melodrama it is.

I wrote about my fortune teller idea earlier which isn’t exactly a melo, although it would have its melo moments. I haven’t thought about casting but I’ll go with Cho Seung Woo just coz. And I feel really sorry for Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Ji Hoon so I’d cast them too. Because my drama would give them some desperately needed meaty material, if I do say so myself ;).

Your favourite OTP?

Coffee Prince ep 1

Who else but Choi Han Kyul and Go Eun Chan? I adore their bromance, the constant feeding and eating, and their epic kissing and bedroom antics didn’t hurt either.

Favourite genre of kdrama and an example from that genre

Frankly, I wouldn’t say no to any kdrama genre, with the possible exception of procedurals. I’m only interested in a good story in whatever genre it may be. So my favourites gun the gamut!


coffeenlucia of Pantomiming asks:

What do you like doing besides watching kdramas?
Hmm it’s probably something food-related–I’m either cooking, eating or thinking about cooking and eating, or reading about cooking and eating, and watching youtube shows about cooking and eating, like Cooking With Dog. But I suppose all this could be included under the umbrella term HIBERNATING.

What dramas are you watching right now? And what do you think of them?

In A Good Way episode 7

In A Good Way

At the moment I’m watching Secret Love Affair (love it, might be troubled by it, might be destroyed by it); God’s Gift (love it, might be muddled by it, but I’m never bored); In A Good Way (adore it, like fresh air and sunshine), and watching in small doses–Miss Korea (like it), Life is Beautiful (comfort food), Coffee Prince (there will never ever be another like it).

Who was your first kdrama crush?

Soong Jong Ki impressed me in Nice Guy, the first drama I ever watched, with his cherubic face but undeniable masculinity. But full blown crush mode started with Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince, which, well let’s not go there. He’s on my blog headers which are reserved for only the very special.

What is the most complex and mindblowing drama you’ve ever watched?
Oh boy. This is a hard one. I haven’t watched that many see, and how do you define complex and mind-blowing? I’d say Nine is complex plot-wise, but it really left me cold. A drama like A Wife’s Credentials was emotionally and thematically rich although plot-wise very simple but I found the latter way more satisfying on so many fronts. I think Secret Love Affair could be shaping up to be both satisfying in all sorts of ways, if how much I find myself puzzling over scenes that have many layers of meaning, is any indication.

Do you prefer typing or writing on paper?

Typing for ‘proper’ stuff, paper for scribbling.

Pencils or pens

Pens. A good ball point is something to be treasured.

Any tips for novice bloggers (including myself)?

Hmm I’m still a novice myself and I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing. I need help too! On the practical side, I know discovering screencaping software helped a lot in taking better quality screencaps in less time. I guess it all boils down to what kind of blog/blogger you want to be. Half the fun is figuring that out. It’s all about the process as they say.

Thanks for the nominations! I won’t nominate anyone else, but I do want to say a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, write, and comment, not just on my blog but wherever you choose to do so. Everyone gets showered with rose petals 🙂

17 thoughts on “Liebster Finale

    • I’m so hopelessly inept I don’t even know what Snipping Tool is! But I use Screenhunter which is FOC and lets me do all that quickly and most importantly, organise the caps efficiently. It just eliminates a few steps which means I don’t hv to use my index finger as much. So am very happy! Everyone else is probably way ahead of me and might not find Screenhunter as life-changing as I did ;D


  1. If it makes you feel any better, you’re doing better than me in finishing up your Liebsters! XD I just can’t seem to get in the Liebster zone lately.. I might shelve the last 2 indefinitely as a result 😛

    Also, I didn’t know about screencapping software till you mentioned it! Why does it help you take better screencaps? 🙂


    • Well, the last of the Liebs is the only thing I have headspace for at the moment, so might as well clear my drafts and post something. Talking about myself doesn’t require as much thought or energy!
      As for the software, I was so inept and lazy that opening up multiple things to snap, crop or whatnot was killing me. Then I was introduced to Screenhunter which not only lets me cap and edit (if I need to but usually I can’t be bothered to edit) quickly but it helps me be more efficient and organised in filing, formatting and naming my caps. Not necessarily better as in take prettier caps although I’m sure it could, it’s just that’s not a priority for me. I’m sure you’re already way ahead of me so it might not do much for you, but this changed my (screencapping) life 😀


      • Ah, I see! 🙂 Thanks for the quick lesson! I’ve been pretty happy so far using VLC’s built-in screencapping function. And I rename my screencaps with an app that makes it much faster than doing it manually. On the rare occasion that I do want to put in a caption, I GIMP it. Not as all-in-one as your solution, of course! 🙂


      • VLC has that function? I never knew that! See, way ahead of me. If I’d knew that, I probably wouldn’t hv flailed around as much. But it’s all good now :). Hmm if only there was a voice activated software to eliminate the use of fingers completely….


      • HAHA! XD One day, we probably would be able to screenshot just by raising our eyebrows or something – although, with a particularly cracky drama, we might get eyebrow cramps..! XD


      • OMONA. That must’ve been a Freudian slip for me. I totally wasn’t (consciously) thinking of Woobie when I chose eyebrows over all over available facial parts..! XD Woobie’s brows RAWK. TOP’s got a really nice set too, I’ve discovered 😉


      • Yes! I was just about to say TOP’s as well. Which is why I think they look somewhat alike! Except TOP’s a little more…feline. Or maybe it’s that they give off similar schmexy vibes. Or maybe just that they look drop dead gorgeous in suits.


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