The OCDrama Digest 24th- 31st March: Secret Love Affair Edition

Friends, I’m late for this so I’ve decided to cheat and combine a few things and do the digest a little differently this week. If you aren’t watching Secret Love Affair there will be nothing here of interest I’m afraid. Sorry!

For the rest of you, keep calm and carry on.

[mild for episodes 1 -4.]

1. Episode 5 Preview

So it looks like cohabitation is in the offing, along with a pained back hug, just in case we forgot that this is truly a Kdrama. Sophisticated does not mean it can’t be makjang, right?

2. Why so sexy?

We’ve entered week two of the drama that’s been fogging up my glasses with nothing more than some spirited piano playing and online chatting. Being the  professional lurker I am, I’ve seen words such as “absorbing”, “heady”, “intriguing” used to describe Secret Love Affair. The best yet described the experience of SLA as something akin toswimming in sex soup.

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