God’s Gift–14 Days: Midway Musings

[Spoilers Ep 1 – 10]

God'sGift ep9

I started watching this show on a lark not really expecting to get involved or invested in anything new considering I was clearing my plate for Secret Love Affair. Of course, as things never go according to plan, here I am hooked on two live-watches with a growing backlog of marathons.

To be honest, this ride got off to a rocky start. The first couple of episodes felt a little disorienting. I knew the core of the drama was always going to be Soo Hyun fighting to save the life of her child, Saet Byul. I just didn’t know why another dude, and a shifty one at that, was muscling in on her story and I was getting impatient. It took about 4 episodes to get there but now I know that Dong Chan, our troubled ex-detective, is as important to this fight as is Soo Hyun.

The drama really took off once it settled around the partnership of Dong Chan and Soo Hyun on their quest to prevent Saet Byul’s murder. Once they team up, the plot surges forward relentlessly. There is very little breathing room as we hurtle from reveal to reveal, one hair-raising encounter with one murderer to the next. If you’re looking for some genuinely nail-biting cliffhangers look no further than the early-middle episodes of this drama.  Continue reading