The OCDrama Digest 1 – 7 April Delayed Edition

I’m late once again my friends! But better late than never isn’t that what they say? In this week’s round-up: Secret Love Affair, drama reunions, getting married in Korea, Yoon Mirae, Lee Michelle and more!


1. Secret Love Affair has completely swept me away both intellectually and emotionally, and I’m not surprised that it’s a bonafide ratings hit in Korea. And here’s another sign the show has struck a chord with audiences, parodies have started flying around. SNL re-enacted the drama’s infamous piano-playing scene between Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae, and go on to turn other mundane stuff like eating corn into orgasmic experiences. Which is pretty reassuring for me to note that it’s not just my mind that’s in the gutter–the whole of Korea sees the same obvious code for sex everywhere in this drama!  Also the shine of Kim Hee Ae’s make-up hasn’t escaped notice but that doesn’t really bother me. Her character is blossoming like a rose in the morning dew, people!

Here’s the preview for tonight’s episode (which I haven’t seen because I don’t want to get spoiled). The plot thickens!

And speaking of Kim Hee Ae here’s a translated interview  of this fab actress from that steamy Elle photoshoot. 

2. First came Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hee, now it’s Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara! The pair will reunite for a rom-com remake of a T-drama hit Fated to Love You after first starring in Successful Story of A Bright Girl in 2002, which must be one of the earliest trendy dramas of that era. I haven’t seen it, but some rabid Jang Hyuk fans I know have lots of good things to say about it. I think along with dramas about divorced couples reuniting, the other trend of the year seems to be reunions of another kind. This one airs on MBC in July.

3. In the music front, two interviews from two Korean artists I really like who share common ground came across my lap this past week. First, Lee Michelle, a young singer who has made a splash with her debut song “Without You” about her struggles growing up half Black in Korea, and the mighty Yoon Mirae who is also mixed race and whose music is informed by similar experiences. The latter’s interview isn’t new, but still worth a read. Both are brilliant artists in their own right, and I whole heartedly encourage you to check out their music.

4. Those of you harbouring delusions dreams of meeting and marrying your favourite K-actor might find this interesting. Language portal Talk To Me in Korean dropped two videos called “Getting Married in Korea” which is everything wedding related, including honeymooning and dealing with in-laws. Not exactly a how-to guide, more like what’s-it-like.

5. It seems that this piece of news released that young Korean women are employed at a higher rate than men of a similar age in Korea caused a bit of stir. KoreaBang translated the article along with K-netizen responses which is fascinating to read for a glimpse into what’s stirring in the minds of Korean men. Worth a read, including all the comments right to the bottom.

17 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 1 – 7 April Delayed Edition

  1. I’m currently watching Secret Love Affair as well and have only 2 episodes left of Successful Story of a Bright Girl. It really is good! I can’t wait to see these two reunited. They have great chemistry.


      • It’s definitely a deep, emotionally charged video. I think even people who have never faced racism have probably experienced some kind of rejection or bullying for being who they are. I think it’s relatable to a lot of people. And a lot of Kpop videos are…well, not very deep. So this one is pretty refreshing.


      • For sure!! Speaking of MVs I poked around BTS, and boy, I tried but I gave up on them for a few reasons, not least of which because of some problematic things they sang on a live stage. I did expect more from Rap Mon but then again, maybe that was my mistake to begin with.


      • Oh Lord BTS. How they have disappointed me. I was just done after the Boy in Luv video. Violence against women is a giant no. On to find another bias group…sigh. I would say Exo, but there are just so many of them!


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