The OCDrama Digest 8th -14th April: Black Day Edition

jjajangmyeon noodlesHappy Black Day! Today many swingin’ singletons in the ROK will wear black and eat jjajangmyeon (which is made from black bean paste) to commiserate over not having a romantic partner. I have no idea whether it’s widely celebrated but I do know if it were me, I’d probably stuff my face with jjajangmyeon while watching dramas and sobbing inconsolably over some OTP angst.

I don’t have much to offer in terms of reads this week as I’m  quite tapped out headspace-wise. So consider this is a cheat edition as well! You’ll see why: 

1. Where else would I start but with Secret Love Affair? Perhaps the best indication of how this show loves to keep it’s audience guessing was the big question mark around whether the pair had finally done the nasty or not at the end of last week’s episode 8. Not everyone was convinced the pair did it in what must be the most subtle and delicate love scene in a kdrama ever, sparking endless debates and parsing of details like deep breathing and sweat stains. The intimacy of the now-infamous scene sent chills down my spine and left me without a doubt that the pair had crossed a major threshold. What’s next? Impossible to predict but as we move into the next half of the drama, the fallout looms ever closer. There’s lots of great coverage of the drama so it’s not too late to hop on board the drama of the season!

God'sGift ep9

2. Over at God’s Gift, has the show finally hit a brick wall after I had just written about how I afraid it was going to happen? But I love these characters and I don’t want to give up on them despite the drama putting them in increasingly ridiculous situations (a mental hospital, refrigerated truck?!) that get more and more contrived. But it’s so relentlessly entertaining though, and those nasty cliffhangers! I was thrilled to see Heidi the fanboy return and for Jenny to step up to the plate so wonderfully. The women are awesome in this show.  The men, not so much–callous taxi drivers and idol managers, evil husbands and conniving politicians, throw them all into the deepest pits of hell please.

3. My sweet tdrama respite In A Good Way continues to hum gently along on its way to winding down its 24-episode run. I will miss this gang dearly when it wraps as this has become my weekly hour of much-cherished angst-free drama-watching. It has slipped into a bit of a lull lately what with the earlier tension of our OTP getting together evaporating in a flurry of sweet kisses. But that means we’ve spent time getting to know secondary characters like Ren Wei and Bai Xue, and the other couples in the crew. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet, but I hear that this hit show will return on the big screen soon which makes it easier to let go.

Mr Show still 4. Here’s something single women could go do to celebrate Black Day–watch Mr Show, a sexy Chippendale-esque variety show that’s taking Seoul by storm. Since it opened last month, the women-only show has caused quite a stir, mostly from men who claim reverse discrimination. Sounds like sour grapes to me. But check out this zinger of a response from director Kollen Park:

“Has there ever been a single space for adult women in Korea where they could freely enjoy themselves until now? Men go to all these escort clubs that exist under various name tags such as ‘room salons,’ ‘bikini bars,’ and ‘gentlemen’s clubs,’ pretending to have ‘business meetings.’…The reason we don’t let men in isn’t because it’s inappropriate to watch but because we wanted to create a space for women to freely enjoy the show without worrying about the glares of men”

Now if you know how my mind works, now I’m thinking a) HOW CAN I GET A TICKET and b) THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT DRAMA. Picture this–a about bringing Mr Show to the stage. How could this possibly fail?!



3 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 8th -14th April: Black Day Edition

  1. #4) I am suddenly dying for a Korean version of “Full Monty” to get the drama treatment. (The range of characters involved — it’d be awesome!)

    #1-3) SLA has eaten my life. IaGW is such sweet comfort food. I’m peering over at GG with hopeful eyes. But I’m afraid to pick up anything remotely serious-drama based for fear the awesomeness of SLA will overshadow it.


    • Would it be great?! Full Monty Kdrama!! With Lee Mi Sook playing the director! There must be musicians, a frazzled producer and writer. We’ll have lots of back stage shenanigans too, and drunken singing and dancing and of course, kissing under the spotlights. HAHAHA

      Oh you’re watching IAGW?? Isn’t it the sweetest ever? It can do no wrong for me right now, eventhough it’s hit some mild bumps. But really, it’s sunshine and rainbows. GG is nuts, but in a way that kinda makes sense, but whatever. I love the leads and I’ll watch them do anything at this point!


      • I needed something to antidote the intensity that is SLA, and everything I heard about IAGW made it sound like the perfect choice. And it is! So sweet and gentle and slice-of-life mellow but in the sunniest way. Love it. 🙂


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