Ugly Alert: K-Actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong III–Fugly Hats Edition

It’s been awhile since I put one of these puppies together, and since I’m experiencing a bout of blogging inertia, the time is right for a photo-heavy, text-light and hopefully laugh-laden post 😀

I don’t keep up with fashion trends, but I do remember when there seemed to be a spate of K-actors wearing very large hats and thinking, good lord that’s big.

Jung Kyung Ho’s had bad luck with hats. It hasn’t turned for the better:


Kang Ha Neul is so gorgeous I don’t know why they hid his face behind this hat.


And here they turned him into a conehead. A miserable conehead.


 Ji Chang Wook currently slays hearts in Empress Ki but this hat is not doing him any favours. But give the man Nutella and he’ll be up for anything it seems.


And here’s Kim Woo Bin in the worst get-up I’ve ever seen him in. Ever. Look at the size of that thing!



Here it is from afar for scale.  The hat is on steroids.


Jang Hyuk has a well-documented liking for wearing fugly hats, but this one I think in the grand scheme of things is rather fetching.


And please help me out here guys, I don’t know who this is, but his hat is definitely fugly. And the pants too.


So Ji Sub is no stranger to wearing fashion oddities. This here is a beanie gone wrong.  It looks like he sprouted a goiter from the back of his head.


But I have to add a couple more shots from this infamous shoot. It’s a boatload of epic fugly:


This though is the pièce de résistance:



Oh just look at him. He knows he looks ridiculous doesn’t he? Hats off to him for keeping a straight face! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist ;P)



53 thoughts on “Ugly Alert: K-Actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong III–Fugly Hats Edition

  1. lol at So Ji Sub. that yellow outfit and hair is too much. I might not have the best fashion sense, but I think Jang Hyuk looks good! He rocks the hat. It gives him kind if a Johnny Depp kind of flare, but hotter with a pure face.


    • Yunno, I’ve had that So Ji Sub in yellow pic for awhile in my fugly folder. I laughed today when I looked at what I named it: WHY.

      And Jang Hyuk does look good I do agree, very Johnny Depp-esque. What makes it work is he’s smiling and having fun with it. But all these guys are hot though right? It’s just the clothes (and hats) that don’t do their faces justice!


      • Yes! The first thing I thought when I saw that pic of JH was “Benny and Joon!” Could you imagine Jang Hyuk in a role like that? He’d kill it. (I mean in a good way. lol) But the rest…I lost it with ‘Miserable conehead.’ And the look on So Ji Sub’s face is pure torture. These posts are so funny.


      • Yunno I haven’t seen Benny & Joon, but I think JH could kill anything he puts his mind too. Oh SJS, my dear dear SJS, I say, thank his parents for making him!


  2. Poor Woobie.. That get-up makes him look like a pirate embracing his “My Fair Lady” side..! XD Ok, hot pirate, but still.

    And your John Doe is Kang Ji Hwan. So at least the mystery’s solved? Even tho it’s still an ugly get-up? 😛


    • Thanks!! Ooh Kang Ji Hwan?? REALLY? Lordy, you must hv eagle eyes to tell under that hat XD. I’m sure those pants are going to make the rounds. I think they put those on Hyun Bin in his new High Cut shoot, but thankfully, it wasn’t a full body shot so the fugly was partially obscured.

      As for Woob the outfit would’ve been fine, it’s just that hat-on-steroids! HAHA you’re right though, it’s Eliza Doolittle’s hat!!


      • Every time I see one of these awful shoots, I think there’s a conspiracy among the k-stylists. They’re jealous of the hotness and are conspiring to make the hotties look as ugly as possible. Like a dare, almost: “If you’re really THAT hot, then pull THIS off. I DARE YOU. Mwahahaha..” XD

        And yes, it’s Kang Ji Hwan alright. Here’s the hi-res photo so you can see for yourself that it most certainly is Kang Ji Hwan under that hat! XD
        kang ji hwan


      • PPFFFTTT thanks, now the fugly is huge and hi-res, as it should be! Oh god, and please tell me what’s up with the blue duct-taped backdrop??! What is that? I refuse to believe that’s an artistic choice coz if it is, I just…*facepalm*


      • Oh my. I can just imagine the awesome now – Jong Suk schooling Woobie in the finer points of etiquette, while Woobie struggles & is frustrated. And bromance blooms through it all. HAHA. LOVE! IT! 😀


      • Ohgosh! FREDDY! I had the biggest crush on Freddy as a kid, and I thought On The Street Where You Live was the height of romance. See, if they’d followed Kdrama laws, Eliza would’ve ended up with Freddy (i.e. the first man she bumped into). (TMI but MFL was one of my fave musicals as a kid. I’ve seen the film more times than I can count. I’d watch it instead of doing homework.)

        Anyhoo, Jong Suk could do lovesick puppy on the street pining for Woobs in his sleep 😀


      • Fun fact: in “Pygmalion,” Eliza does end up with Freddy. George Bernard Shaw pictured them living happily ever after with Eliza as the bread-winner and Freddy as her dear, doting, ditz of a husband. He said that sometimes she’d think about a hot weekend getaway with Prof. Higgins, but that their personalities were too strong for anything lasting. And now you know! 😀

        So Jong-suk as Freddy… Who would be the professor? Ooh… how about So Ji-sub! He manages a great, “I’m surrounded by idiots” face. 😉

        And Kfangurl… can you imagine Woo-bin doing that, ‘just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins!” number?! Eliza does scary! xD


      • REALLY? Why am I not surprised bout Shaw one bit??! And I think we need a woman as Higgins, an older woman. Maybe a Kim Sun Ah sort? And Lee Mi Sook can play her mother. So Ji Sub can have a cameo as the hairy Hungarian hound who susses out Eliza/Woobin at the ball. It’ll be a riot!! 😀


  3. Hahahahahahahahah 😀 😀
    Thanks a LOT for these…..I needed a good laughter….SO Ji Sub!!! Kim Woo Bin!!! So, so HILARIOUS….just look at SJS’s face in that last photo…haha
    And OMG….Kang Ji Hwan….what’s that???


    • You’re welcome :D. Yunno as I mentioned to @Kfangurl, I think Kang Ji Hwan’s pants are going around. I think it’s on Hyun Bin now, but thankfully it’s not a full frontal assault. Has that harem/drop-crotch sweatpants trend from two years ago moved on dress pants?

      Hyun Bin High Cut


  4. Forget the hat, Jang Hyuk looks extremely hot in that picture. Somehow it reminds me of a magician, a hot one. Bottom line, I love it, except the arrow.

    And So Ji Sub, ~sigh~


      • He does give off the vibe that he can laugh at himself- also that he knows he’s fine whatever he’s wearing! I didn’t know he he was until I watched Master’s Sun, and then I googled him and found out his usual fashion is very hip-hop. Basically, the boy can pull off a lot!


      • True, he does know he’s fine! What’s great is he also has the self confidence to poke fun at himself, and like Jang Hyuk, doesn’t seem too caught up in the trappings of image and whatnot. Awesome dudes be awesome.


      • Jang Hyuk! I loved him in “Please Teach me English.” He was totally not afraid of looking silly in that film. There’s an idea for a blog post, lol: K drama stars who would be coolest to hang out with.


      • Haven’t seen Please Teach Me English, but I know of some rabid JH fans who told me it was alot of fun. And coolest Kdrama stars to hang with would be a great read! And he definitely deserves a spot on that list. He’d probably want to cook you hotdogs… har har.


      • It’s a pretty funny watch! P.S. I searched for Jang Hyuk and hot dogs, and watched healing camp cause of your comment. Thanks, it was awesome. Maybe I’ll write a post about who would be fun to hang out with…already know Jang Hyuk and So Ji Sub…maybe Lee Seung Gi, too. He seems adorable.


      • OMG you did? That ep where JH pogos around on a spade, and talks about doing the recycling?! That was hilarious wasn’t it? Hah Seung Gi would be funny, and actually the whole Running Man team seem like they would be pretty awesome. Hmmm yunno, SJS is famously shy so you’d need one of his buddies around for him to open up, maybe get him to bring his bestie Song Seung Hoon to the party ;P.


  5. You slay me. I started laughing out loud at the “goiter” sprouting from the back of SJS’s head and was rolling on the floor, with tears streaming from my eyes, barely able to breathe, by the time I hit the “piece de resistance.” Truly excellent build-up to the finale. Also, for the record, Lee Dong-gun sports some pretty outlandish outfits in a Cosmo spread: …Cheers!


    • OOOHHOHOHOHOH I’m dying!! Thanks for that! It’s one for the collection!! Are those…quilted cropped pants?! And are they…drop crotch too?!! That’s certainly a lot to take in, at one go XD


      • Ah, yes. Who knew so many missteps could be captured in one image? Please tell me, too, if Jang Hyuk’s pierced-hat look does not, at least a bit, remind you of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka.


      • *chokes* Bwaaaahhhhh you’re right! With the curls, and what looks like a crazy suit and bowtie,. Thank goodness it isn’t purple or else we’ll might as well ship him to the chocolate factory.


      • 🙂 Jang Hyuk and Gene Wilder have that same combination of clarity and mischeviousness, too, I think. Like sparklingly pure, yet slightly crazy and devious, grown men who have the resilience of children. All the more reason to be looking forward to the next installment of Fated to Love You. 🙂


      • I was just gonna say that I forgot to add that JH has a cheeky twinkle in his eye too, and like, he’s probably thrilled he gets to let out his inner Lee Geon who he had to suppress, for obvious reasons ;P.


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