Yoon Shi Yoon Enlists, & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 15th-28th April

Hi all, I took a week off  from writing these because I hadn’t had much time of late, and I was wondering if it was even worthwhile to continue doing them. But for now I’ve decided to go on if only because it keeps me on my toes. One slight change to the schedule though: I’ll post these on Mondays from now on instead.

Yoon Shi Yoon

1. Yoon Shi Yoon joined the Marines today, and the sound of crushed fangirl hearts echoed throughout the world. The lack of fanfare though, is class I gotta say. And at the back of all our minds we’re asking ourselves, who’s up next? Yoo Ah In, Jang Geun Seuk, Lee Seung Gi, and Choi Jin Hyuk are but a few of the boys rumoured to be enlisting this year.

Girls, we need to support each other during these difficult times. Let’s make ourselves available as marathon buddies okay. It’s a poor substitute, but what can do you? I’m up for a watch of Me Too Flower soon. Anyone care to join? 

Secret Love Affair2. Speaking of Yoo Ah In, guess who’s been nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award for his role in Secret Love Affair? Is this proof that the drama has reached critical, if not mainstream success, if it hasn’t even finished airing yet? His luminous co-star Kim Hee Ae is strangely missing a Best Actress nom, but that’s probably because she’s been nominated for her film role in Elegant Lies. The drama’s PD Ahn Pan Seok and screenwriter Jung Sung Joo scored a nom each. Answer Me 1997 and I Hear Your Voice are nominated in several categories. I’m surprised the awards show is even happening considering the difficult time Korea is experiencing with the Sewol tragedy, but the show takes place on 27th May.

3. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how devastating the Sewol disaster as been to the entire ROK. I have nothing to add here, except that to say that it’s also been an indictment of the Korean media who have mishandled reporting to such an extent as to have even reportedly fed outright lies to the Korean public. There’s been frustration and anger all round, from within the journalist community as well. This is a pretty good rundown of a few of their misdeeds. I’ve kept up largely through foreign media coverage from the likes of the BBC.

Choi Si Won BIllion Dollar HeirChoi Siwon Billion Dollar Heir

4. And finally, here’s pics of Choi Si Won from the set of the Chinese Heirs-remake-that-was-and-then-wasn’t, Billion Dollar Heir; and Kim Woo Bin looking extremely cuddly and knee-bucklingly adorable in his latest CF for Microsoft. Because today is an eye candy sort of day. We need it.



10 thoughts on “Yoon Shi Yoon Enlists, & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 15th-28th April

  1. MTF is like ONLY THE BEST (okay it wasn’t, but its ugh so awesomely good) so let me know when you start on it, I’ll hop onboard for a rewatch and look forward to the spazzing 😀


    • Yes, I’ve heard that it’s underrated. Yay for more marathon company :D. Although I hv no idea how this would work though. Do we all watch and then chime in somewhere and some point with some…thoughts if any?


      • You could do a reaction post or something, or we could do one of those chatting-reaction posts (the sort Couch Kimchi does). Otherwise I assume the usual post and comment works :p


  2. I thought it was really interesting that SLA got nominated even though it’s not even done airing.. I personally prefer to judge a show when it’s fully done. Coz so much can happen between mid-show and end-game, as you recently pointed out so well in your review of God’s Gift. Not that I’m even suggesting that SLA will let us down (noooo!), but as a general rule, wouldn’t it make more sense to put dramas into the respective awards cycles depending on when they ended? That’s my thought, anyway.

    And, thanks again for the lovely shot of adorable Woobie. We do need more of that! 🙂


    • Yes I know, it seems ridiculous to nominate a show before it’s done, and I remember that Empress Ki was nominated for something or the other earlier this year/last year. Sounds like they do it to capitalise on shows that have current buzz and boost ratings. Good sense has little to do with it! But this serves to remind me that these awards shows are to be taken with a pinch (or a handful) of salt.

      SLA is at that moment where it could either get even better, or go down the other fork in the road and plateau. Either way, it would still be a good drama, but it would mean the difference between very good and…sublime ;). And did you say you were going to watch A Wife’s Credentials? I forget…


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