Triangle Premiers Tonight & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 29th April – 5th May

Greetings friends! I believe it’s a holiday in the ROK today. We got our holiday last week with Mayday, so I’m not complaining. Jaejoong, Kim Myung Min and more ahead:

1. I’m sure Jaejoong fans are gearing up with their popcorn and whatnot for Triangle which premiers tonight on MBC. Meanwhile at SBS, another heartthrob is preparing to unleash his potent abs  charms in Doctor Stranger on us–Lee Jong Seuk’s medical-spy-thriller is going up against the melodrama of Triangle in a Mon-Tues showdown of angst and abs. For me Lee Beom Soo trumps Lee Jong Seuk any day, not least because Doctor Stranger sounds downright batty (which can be a great thing if it’s done right) while Triangle looks and sounds meatier, and frankly, more my cup of tea. This subbed teaser looks pretty impressive (and so does Jaejoong’s abs which…why is he running half naked down a street??) so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

Monday-Tuesday nights are packed, aren’t they? As many of you know, my dance card is fully occupied with Secret Love Affair. But there’s also Big Man and Witch’s Romance both of which are going strong I hear, especially the latter if some awesomely sexy gifsets I’ve seen floating around on tumblr are anything to go by.

Update: HAH okay so MBC just uploaded this clip from tonight’s ep of Triangle  which answers the important question of why Jaejoong is running half-naked down the street. And in slow-mo too:

2. But speaking of Secret Love Affair, I’m a little thrown by news last week that it will be a 16 episode run, which means it only has four episodes to tie things up. I was left a little bereft by last week’s episodes which I felt delivered it’s usual dose of riveting character study but, at the expense of the plot moving forward.  And knowing this will end soon means I need to yet again, adjust my expectations for how far this can go. By this I mean, how deeply this show will explore other relationships besides the OTP’s which has been on the thin side. Nevertheless, SLA FTW!

3. Kim Myung Min returns! A New Leaf  had a decent premier pulling in around 6% for MBC. I sussed out the first couple of episodes and I have to say that Anthony just classes up the joint, you know? Kim Myung Min can just walk into a room and make everything better. The first two eps go to great lengths to establish just how much of a soulless corporate lawyer his character is–he defends evil corporations (Japanese ones! Who exploited Koreans during the war!) and rich rapists. And the only way a soulless lawyer would ever be redeemed is…by accident. Hence, amnesia. HAHA I geddit, show. Not too fond of the profession myself, despite having many dear friends and family who are lawyers. But jokes aside, the show felt a little uneven–at times I was watching a rom-com, at others I was watching a serious courtroom drama with very serious music telling me to take it very seriously. The directing might be the main drawback here as this looks a lot less polished than expected. I remain however, cautiously optimistic. Because…Anthony!! Doesn’t he look adorable as an amnesiac?

Its Ok It's Love script reading

4. Is it too crazy to be looking ahead to summer dramas? It’s Okay It’s Love premiers in July, and looking at the pictures of the script reading, I’m getting tingly from seeing Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung together. Those two cuties could make a pretty great pairing, if Noh Hee Kyung can make this one stick. There was some confusion as to whether this was a rom-com or a melo in earlier press, and I’m thinking this one sounds like a light melo? Or rather, I’m hoping this will take a light, human-drama, slice-of-life approach instead of going the angst and trauma route that was That Winter The Wind Blows. Rounding out the cast is EXO’s DO, Lee Kwang Soo and Sung Dong Ill.

5. Serious business to round off–if there’s anything I’d recommend reading this week is Ask A Korean!’s comprehensive run-down of the Sewol tragedy. Part 1 details the events of the accident, and Part 2, the structural causes and actors such as the ferry operators. Part 3 to come. I’ve yet to read anything as clear and informative as this. Highly recommended.

Have a good week ahead all 🙂




7 thoughts on “Triangle Premiers Tonight & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 29th April – 5th May

  1. I currently have no laptop at home , so no live-watch any drama, well actually, no drama at all for a while for as long as I can live without buying new lappy. I’ll definitely watch Triangle *downloading the 1st eps atm, in office, don’t tell my boss please*, Dr. Stranger sounds good, looks good, but I will wait for a couple of eps more and see how the review.


    • AT WORK?? Tsk tsk. What the heck, as Evez said YOLO! Your oppa is waiting… XD. Sorry to hear no laptop, and worse, that means no dramas! How to survive? Phone??

      Koala is recapping Dr Stranger so I guess that means she likes it! I’ll keep that in mind too.


  2. …i think i’ll be more excited on Jaejoong’s drama…from the teaser it’s more exciting to watch…i hope so?…plus Lee Bum Soo is part of the cast and i know he’s good…and i like the hair he’s sporting right now, he looks young and cool…though i am more into Jaejoong hope this one is good and will give him a remarkable role?….i just think that before he enlist?…he gives us something good to remember from the dramaland….i can’t question his singing and dancing skills coz i know he’s that good…but i don’t like him from the last drama he had with Song Sung Hun’s Dr. JIN…so i am hoping this one will earn him a good merit like his fellow group mate Yoochun in 3 Days……Lee Jong Suk’s Doctor Stranger will be on my TBWL…how i can’t…i love Lee Jong Suk also…and from the dramaland i already acquire this motto: YOLO (You Only Love Oppas) no matter how badly written the drama is as long as you favorite oppa is in…i’ll go for it!..hahahaha….oh my!..that’s how shallow i am Ddee….and pardon me please….<3<3<3


    • Evez!! Lovely to hear from you over here 🙂
      I too approve of Lee Beom Soo’s hairdo here, it does make him look boyish and very cute! It suits him, way better than that ‘do in PM & I, but I guess that fit the role. Here’s he’s a cop so ‘cool’ makes sense. Yes I think it is Jaejoong’s last role before enlisting, and I hv no idea bout his acting skills either (I didn’t see Dr Jin) but at least acting with Lee Beom Soo will up his game! I’m intrigued by all that running though ;P

      Hahaha YOLO! I do love oppas although at my age, there are precious few in dramaland who qualify to be oppa-ed. And Lee Jong Suk is not one of them! Lee Beom Soo and Kim Myung Min is safe territory for me, most everyone else is noona-perv. *Sadface*


    • Yes I know. On the one hand, I don’t want it to exhaust itself, but on the other hand, I do want it to cover more ground. Oh well, I trust in the team to know what they’re doing!


  3. oh!…if you love Lee Beom Soo you should at least try to watch Dr. Jin…he’s part of that drama too and he’s really good…for that reason why i bought a copy of Prime Minister and I…sadly i haven’t finish it yet…


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