Witch’s Romance: Hitting the Sweet Spot

Witch's Romance Ep 3Oh no no nooooooo! I did not want to pick up another live-watch! I did not want to fall in love with another show, and I definitely did not want to be waiting anxiously for new episodes for yet another drama.


But alas, here I am. And I’m in the sweet spot. You know, that place in a good rom-com where sexy and stirring, cute and sweet come together and it’s magical, and you can’t quite believe it because, let’s face it, rom-coms of late have not been kind to you?

Yeah that spot. I barely remember it because it’s been so rare.

And it might be because I didn’t expect to like this show at all (the name alone–ugh), and the fact that I do makes it that much sweeter. So while my brain says no (I have no time), my body says yes, oh yes (squeee!). 

And if none of this makes sense, it’s because I’m drowning in feels so words fail me. So I’m going to throw some screencaps at you.

First, in case you didn’t know, this is a noona romance (whoopeee!). So let’s meet our noona, ace reporter Ban Ji Yeon. She’s driven and ambitious. She’s also stern, stingy with compliments, and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. Which is why her rivals at the office call her a ‘witch’. But they’re mainly just sore that she’s better at her job than they are–her cover story just caused a national sensation, and she’s revelling in it.

Witch's Romance ep 4

She’s also about to hit 40, which of course means her mother is obsessed with getting her married. But Ji Yeon isn’t interested. She’s still smarting from her ex leaving her at the altar 6 years ago. It hurts her, but it doesn’t define her. Sure she’s prickly, but if this makes her unlikeable, so be it. Her theme song is “I’m a Witch”. She pumps up the volume each night:

Witch's Romance Ep 1

Getting drunk lands her into big trouble, of the sexy kind like this…

Witch's Romance ep 1


and this…

Witch's Romance ep 2

Lawd have mercy

And who is that fine specimen on top of her? Why it’s our ‘puppy’ aka Dong Ha. He totally has the hots for her and couldn’t care less about the age difference.

Witch's Romance ep 2

Witch's Romance ep 2

More importantly, he’s kind and compassionate and respects Ji Yeon for who she is, warts and all. He’s certainly no pushover, but he never asserts himself at her expense. He isn’t the patronising, domineering boob that overpopulates Kdrama rom-coms. He doesn’t need to lord his masculinity over her in order to be taken seriously as a love interest. He’s secure in who he is–a good, decent man who may be lacking but has the hots for noona.

Who can blame him? Noona is pretty awesome. The only problem I have with her is that she kicked the puppy out of bed. Why??

Nevertheless, guess who will be chasing after whom?

Witch's Romance ep 1

Stop in the name of Santa!

What I love about them is that they make a great team. They’re both comrades…

Witch's Romance ep 4

High five partner!

…and great buddies. They always seem to have an awesome time together:

Witch's Romance ep 3

Sing it with me: B-to-the-I to the Big Bang!

Witch's Romance Ep 4

They bicker and fight too, but they’re direct and mature enough to recognise their mistakes and make up pretty quickly. It’s probably because they respect each other. Imagine that.

And they don’t sweat the small stuff. They fight because they both have baggage, and I get it. There’s substance to their disputes, not empty conflict.

Witch's Romance ep 6

These two are simply the best thing in this drama. Unlike so many rom-com pairs who are pre-destined and pre-packaged, this pair makes sense. I get what they see in each other–they are openly admiring of each other’s qualities (sexual and otherwise). And in the face of their drift-compatibility, a not insignificant age gap of 15 years simply evaporates. What holds them back is their past, and it’s something they both treat with care and sensitivity.

Unlike so many Kdrama heroines who deserve far better than what the script saddles them with, this noona landed a bonafide partner. So many noona romances of late have levelled the playing field between the pair by cutting the heroine down to size, instead of making the hero worthier. So you get a ‘hero’ like Goguma in I Need Romance 3 who was bossy and over-stepped, while the heroine became a total shrinking violet in his presence. Thank the drama gods there’s none of that crap here. Ji Yeon is never diminished by her

Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon really bring these characters to life, which sounds like a total cliché but it’s true. It’s partly the lovely, grounded writing but it’s also thanks to these two actors who give this dynamic both the sparks and the soul needed to make this relationship take flight. Uhm Jung Hwa is pro, and I’m sure no one is the least bit surprised that she’s awesome. Park Seo Joon however–WHO IS THIS BOY AND WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? If this weren’t a cable show, he’d be this year’s Lee Jong Seok. Well, he’s already mine at least.

And I love how they’re acting their real ages. The age gap is actually visible for once, and it gives this relationship an added realistic boost.

The drama gets other things right too, like their best friends Na Rae and Soo Cheol. They don’t have any issues with the age gap. They’re just thrilled to bits for them.

Na Rae is the bestie from heaven, someone who’s willing to put the smack slapdown on anyone who messes with Ji Yeon:

Witch's Romance Ep 6

Her signature move: slapping someone with her slipper LOL

I adore Na Rae. She’s an excellent wing-woman and gets a kick out of playing cupid. But best of all, she’s firmly in Ji Yeon’s corner and vice versa.

And then there’s Dong Ha’s bestie, Soo Cheol, who starts out a complete arse, but is promptly put in his place by noona. He’s totally rooting for them too, despite being a little afraid of Ji Yeon. Who doesn’t like a little bromance in their dramas?

Witch's Romance Ep 6

Yoon Hyeon Min and Ra Mi Ran are hysterical, and it’s largely thanks to them that I’ve laughed so hard.

And it’s full of delicious noona rom-com tropes too. Let me break it down for you:

  • forced cohabitation
  • pretend boyfriend
  • me boss, you minion, so you have to do what  I say
  • ‘let me help you land a date while I watch from afar and seethe in jealousy’
  • there’s loads more but it escapes me at the moment

I haven’t seen the original T-drama My Queen for which I’m thankful because I can take this one as it is. Others who have probably have different views, but I have nothing to compare this to so from where I’m sitting, it’s all pretty good to me.

My main fear is that we’ve come so far in 6 episodes that I’m worried that the dreaded middle stretch is going to run around in circles. Already our heroine’s past is coming back to haunt her, and a love triangle is looming. Drats.

So while it’s not perfect, this drama has gotten the important things right and I kinda want to stay in this sweet spot forever!

Witch's Romance ep 6




18 thoughts on “Witch’s Romance: Hitting the Sweet Spot

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying this show so much! I can’t wait to start it. That being said, I think I’m going to hold off for now, mostly so I don’t add another live drama to my very long list. It will be that much sweeter when I can marathon the show all at once. Thanks for the nice review!


    • Oh thanks for reading! Yes, I’m totally loving this, what gave it away ;P? But like I said, I think if you’ve seen the original and liked it, you might feel differently. I’m glad I haven’t so it’s all good to me. Now finger’s crossed it stays this way. This would make an awesome, cracky marathon, so holding off is a good idea!


  2. SUCH a fun read, DDee!! 😀 I wasn’t too interested in this one before (that terrible title, seriously!), but now you’ve piqued my interest, and in a pretty big way! Awesome ^^ And clearly, you’ve gotten over your writing rut, this was a pleasure to read! 😀


    • Haha all it takes is a really cute puppy to get me out of a rut! And the puppy is more than up for the challenge of playing opposite a pro like Uhm Jung Hwa! Really hope this one stays good or else I’ll truly be heartbroken, but kdrama laws dictacte a wobble or two or three is to be expected. In the meantime, I wait anxiously… *drums fingers on table*


  3. wow!!! Ddee for sure i am going to watch this!…y’know i love anything about noona romance drama i have to wiki this one and hope that i can find a copy?…if not i have to watch it online….who’s the lad?..and the scenes you shared are very ohlalala!!!…..specially the compromising one?…..it’s getting on my nerve…hahahaha…<3


    • Oh i love my noona romances too evez! And this boy is rapidly moving up my k hottie list indeed. I believe he’s had a few bit parts in I Summon You Gold or something, and he’s was/is a host on music bank? Yes, he is very erm ooh la la as you say heh. Fingers crossed we’ll get some more sexy out of them 😛


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    Ha. I haven’t checked back my wordpress for the longest time because I am busy obsessing with this show!!!! LOL
    I have great apprehension in advance that this paring won’t work, and how people will compare WS with SLA. BUT I was hooked from episode 1!! Uhm Jung Hwa is really amazing. I mean, her cody and makeup artist are all horrible. Nonetheless, her acting compensates everything. I mean, I saw most of her films, but nonetheless I think acting in TV demands different things from an actor or actress who is used to films. She brings so much energy to the drama to keep the dynamics going despite all the flaws. Park Seo Joon is fantastic as well. There is so much chemistry between these two and their interaction is swoon worthy!!
    Episode 7 and episode 8 turn to angst, but I do think it’s necessary. These two main leads still manage to give emotional depth to their characters. I watched My Queen five years ago. But I was on a different ship at that time. LOL. This time, I am JY-DH all the way!!!


    • Oh gosh, I’m so glad you brought up the styling and the make-up because it doesn’t do her justice! Uhm Jung Hwa is gorgeous but the cordy needs to STOP AND GO SIT IN A CORNER.
      I’m not too familiar with her films, but it is true she has such a strong presence that’s right for this role. And it feels effortless too. She and Park Seo Joon definitely play off each other so well. I haven’t gotten to ep 8 yet, and angst is to be expected but the show has been surprisingly very sensitive and understated bout all this so I’m confident that won’t change!
      It’s good to know you don’t hv issues with this remake, coz I get the impression that most think My Queen is superior for various reasons. You give me hope 😀


    • Hah, I’m tempted to watch Music Bank just for him XD. He’s this year’s Park Soo Ha as far as I’m concerned, and if this weren’t a cable show, I hazard a guess that he’d be seeing buzz along the likes of Lee Jong Suk did last year!


      • I agree! There’s so little buzz about this drama and I’ve been trying to get my friends to watch but they haven’t. Well all those people are just missing out sadly. It’s okay he can be all ours haha. I want to watch his other dramas now too!!


      • I know what you mean, but I dunno if I could get through Dream High 2 just for him? Or I Summon You Gold? You’re right bout the small buzz, although it seems to be quite popular in my tumblr feed? Ah well, I’m very sure we’ll be seeing more of him soon!


  6. I was pretty skeptical about this drama, just from reading the synopsis and seeing that title. But it sounds like I’ll have to give it a try. I love any drama that actually has some equality between the couple. I can’t stand it when one of them is constantly hanging on the other. Their relationship really sounds like it will be interesting to watch.


    • I know! Before coming into this one, I’d been going thru a spate of rom-coms that made me cringe, so I was so so thrilled by this pair! Communication and negotiation is part of their dynamic! As I suspected, we’ve hit the dreaded love triangle phase which is making me tear my hair out, and I miss the spark of the earlier eps, but it’s still humming along nicely! We’re headed for the home stretch so fingers crossed 🙂


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