Yoon Shi Yoon Army Sightings & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 6th – 12th May 2014

I’m late yet again!  Sorry but the weekend caught the better of me.

It’s certainly been an embarrassment of riches with drama debuts coming in thick and fast over the last couple of weeks. So many tempting prospects with strong, likeable casts this cycle, a vast improvement from the last. Offerings may be heavy on the medico-legal-cop-grangster variety leaving rom-com enthusiasts out in the cold, but I’m not complaining. I’ve got Witch’s Romance which is making me giddy with feels, and should help ease the pain of  two of my most beloved live-watches (Secret Love Affair, In A Good Way) ending this week. SOB.

1. No wonder with all the macho angst in dramaland at the moment there’s hardly been a peep about Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit which premiered last Friday on tvN. The comedy stars Lee Soon Jae, Byun Hee Bong and Jang Kwang as three hotshot cops who mysteriously age overnight into grandpas, and have to fight crime in their new bodies alongside Hee Chul. Choi Jin Hyuk cameoed in ep 1 as Lee Soon Jae’s younger counterpart. Here’s a taste of screencaps from ep 1:

Flower Granpa Investigation Unit

The teasers looked impossibly cute, and I’m thinking with a writer who’s behind some classic sitcoms this should be pretty strong on the comedic front. Did anybody catch this one?

And speaking of Choi Jin Hyuk, he’s just been confirmed to star in the Fated to Love You remake with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara! Woot 😀

2. For anyone who hasn’t gotten over the shock of Yoon Shi Yoon’s enlistment, this might help to brighten your day: we have our first sighting of the actor, fresh from training camp. A photo of the actor along with his army mates was released on the Marine corps website. Awww, stay strong Enrique!

Yoon Shi Yoon army  Yoon Shi Yoon army

3. Kang Dong Won’s return to the big screen Kundo: Age of the Rampant released a trailer last week which looks appropriately big budgeted and action packed. It’s a period flick set in the Joseon period with Ha Jung Woo playing a member of a Robin Hood-esque band of thieves. Kang Dong Won plays his nemesis, a nobleman’s son who looks like he has a thing for swords. This comes from director Yoon Jong-Bin of Nameless Gangster, the 2011 critical and commercial hit. I didn’t quite take to that film, but I do think Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won are awesome actors so I’ll be looking out for this.

4. And here’s another trailer for you: Snowpiercer is gearing up for its US release in June and released a trailer that makes it look like a summer blockbuster with plenty of murder and mayhem, instead of the shade more thoughtful dystopian sci-fi flick it is. But if this is what it takes to put bums in seats to see Bong Joon Ho’s film, then so be it. Read Warrible’s review here.

5. I’ve been listening to EXO’s latest Overdose on repeat, and because I’m all about the classic RnB, Overdose pleases me. I instantly gravitate towards the sexy jams “Moonlight” and “Love Love Love” which is where the boys excel if you ask me. I’m partial to the M crew myself who sound deliciously seductive on both of those tracks. I hope to god there will be MVs for one of those two tracks that will visually capture all the steamy sexiness of the song in one pretty package. Please make this happen SM!



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