Kim Hee Ae, Ahn Pan Seok Win Awards in Style & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 13–27th May 2014

Peeps, I’m late. Again. But better late with this, than with my period is what I’m saying 😛 (What, we’re all friends here, right? No? TMI?)

1. I don’t keep tabs on K-ent awards because they’re frankly quite bewildering. I didn’t even know today was the Baeksang Arts Awards. The only drama I care about is Secret Love Affair, and guess what? The masterminds Ahn Pan Seok PD and screenwriter Jung Sung Joo won Best Director and Best Screenwriter respectively, and were probably the most deserving winners of the night, if you ask me. (And Lee Bo Young coz she’s great too.)

How much do I love that APS cooly walks up on stage in a jeans and regular shirt looking like an absent-minded professor amidst all the glitz and glamour? So humble, and so BADASS ;). 

Kim Hee Ae wasn’t nominated for her work in SLA (travesty!) but she didn’t go home empty handed. She won the Fashionista award together with Im Si Wan. It’s not hard to see why. Look at her:

Kim Hee Ae Baeksang Awards 2014

Teach me your ways, madam Kim!

Kim Hee Ae Baeksang Awards 2014

Tell me your secrets Goddess Kim!

Both of them–the definition of class act. Although Yoo Ah In didn’t win (he lost to Jo Jae Hyun, it’s not a bad way to honour the show that wrapped up to record ratings on jTBC. Congrats team! Other big winners were Jeon Ji Hyun (daesang), Kim Soo Hyun, and Park Shin Hye.

Lee Bo Young Baeksang 2014

The other goddess of the night: Lee Bo Young

The complete winners list here.

2. The other big news of late is… I’m now on twitter! I caved thanks to Nelly and Kfangurl (the latter by the way, said two words to me then abandoned me to swim with the sharks :() And what a week to debut in the twitter-verse, what with all the breakups. Yes, remember that slew of three couples splitting up in as many days? And the biggest break-up of them all–EXO and Krisis?! Or are our attention spans really that short?  (And speaking of break-ups, another pair just bit the dust today!)

The chatter is fever pitched as folks are, as always, game to chat about anything and everything under the sun, from reviewing Kim Myung Min’s new drama A New Leaf : 

…to agonising over the state of Jang Hyuk’s hair on the Fated to Love You shoot.

… to sharing stuff like this. You never know what you might find on twitter:

I’m really late to the party (story of my life) but I’m glad I showed up! So between this blog, tumblr, Facebook and twitter, I’m DONE. No more social networking. For life.

3. Upcoming drama alert: I’m not particularly drawn to high school dramas, neither am I averse to them. I’m in it for a good story, so if the story’s in a high school with cute boys like Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk, then I’m there!  High School King will see Seo In Guk leading a double life as student and working man struggling to juggle school, work, ice hockey and lurve, noona-romance style. For some strange reason, I think Seo In Guk looks equally at home in a school uniform as he does in a sharp suit.

The drama debuts on June 16th on tvN after Witch’s Romance. tvN’s promos look predictably cute, but here’s another clip of the script read:

10 thoughts on “Kim Hee Ae, Ahn Pan Seok Win Awards in Style & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 13–27th May 2014

  1. Sharks? We are sweet “innocent things ” :p Oh and I’m in this post *blushes* That comment was before he turned around and revealed the permed banged mess 😐 The horror! All kidding aside I’m very happy you joined us DDee! We luv you! Well, you know that! P.S I strongly disagree on A New Leaf. Me likes!


  2. Ahn Pan Seok is TOTALLY badass yet down-to-earth!! 😀 I love how he doesn’t even have his blazer on at first, and just nonchalantly puts it on as he strolls out to the stage! XD I like him already!!

    I’m sorry I abandoned you to go swim with the sharks.. But them twitter peeps aren’t exactly sharks. They’re nice! And, you survived very well! And, now I’m BACK! XD

    I’m also TOTES looking forward to High School King!! 😀 The script-read looks promising – everyone seems really into their roles. Waiting with bated breath! ^^


    • Isn’t he though? Like it’s just another day at the office. A cutie pie badass.too.
      My dear, you don’t have to apologise coz yunno I’m just being dramatic as per usual right? Twitter peeps are sweeties, as are dramafans in general. And yes, you’ve been more chatty so you’re forgiven 😀
      Yes, High School King looks like it will be cute. Fingers crossed 🙂


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