See Seo In Guk Boogie Down in High School King, & other news: the OCDrama Digest 28th May – 3 June2014

People, it’s Tuesday and I’m behind schedule. So what’s new?! Onwards…

1. I’m not entirely sure what this teaser has to do with the drama itself about a student living a double life as his older bro, but heck, if Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na do any of this in High School King, I’m so there. Wiggle and shimmy all you want Seo In Guk. Especially in that suit.

High School King airs June 16th on tvN. 

2. In case you were under a  rock last week, or were busy living your life in the real world (kudos!),  K-ent welcomed a new celeb couple : Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook. Hurrah! Meanwhile:

I'll just be over here going down with my ship

Because yunno, once a shipper always a shipper. But at least I’ll always have thisThe Master's Sun Ep 7


Master's Sun interview with leads

…and this

Master's Sun on set stills


Joseon Shooter poster

3. I almost peed in my pants when I saw the poster for Joseon Shooter. It’s gorgeous and cinematic, and no wonder because little birds tell me that it was done by the same agency who were responsible for the film posters Masquerade and The Face Reader. It instantly evokes shootouts, tumbleweed and taverns–precisely what I expect to see a lot of in this Lee Jun Ki vehicle (was there tumbleweed in Joseon?). The text reads ” The age of the sword is over”.

It immediately made me think of The Good, the Bad and the Weird, and reminded me what a powerful piece of marketing a great drama poster can be (see Secret Love Affair). It looks amazing blown-up to full-screen. Check it out the KBS website

Thanks to this poster alone, this drama has jumped up a few notches on my watch-list. Joseon Shooter reunites Lee Jun Ki and his Time Between Dog and Wolf co-star Nam Sang Mi in a sageuk actioner that airs June 25th.


4. And speaking of marketing (and reunions), the more I see of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara in promos of Fated to Love You, the more excited I get. Their styling is everything, I tell you. He already looks spot-on as the jerk chaebol you love to hate, while she looks every bit the adorable, clueless doormat she’s supposed to be. I’ve never seen the original Taiwanese hit so I’m going in cold, which works for me, as I’m discovering right now in that other T-remake Witch’s Romance.

Fated to Love You 2014

I really hope this one’s that summer rom-com that doesn’t make me cringe too much. I have low standards. Originality is overrated anyway. Fated to Love You airs in July in A New Leaf‘s slot on MBC.

5. This article  in Netizenbuzz griping about poorly-written women characters in currently airing dramas (A New Leaf, You Are All Surrounded, Gapdong, Doctor Stranger) caught my eye, more so for the netizen comments critising the actresses rather than the roles they were saddled with. Which smacks of a sexist streak that isn’t surprising. But it’s interesting to scroll through comments where everyone is sharing their frustrations about women characters, and swap drama recs.

And by the way, Park Min Young’s character in A New Leaf isn’t a complete waste of space at all. But it does feel like her character belongs in an entirely different drama from the one Kim Myung Min in is. But I’ll save that for another post. Or tumblr maybe.

Have a great week ahead!



6 thoughts on “See Seo In Guk Boogie Down in High School King, & other news: the OCDrama Digest 28th May – 3 June2014

    • Hah, I know. You’re not watching Witch’s Romance? I think that’s the only rom-com right now so it might satisfy the need. It’s good. Or was. Grrrr…


      • LOL….actually I wasn’t very much interested in Witch’s Romance at first and now I have read a lot about it (can’t avoid spoilers if you are in blogosphere :P)….that now I’m again not interested…haha 😀


      • Actually the first five eps are perfection. You could watch those, then read the squeecaps at problematic, then jump back in at ep 14 when it gets cute again 🙂


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