Me Too, Flower: Musings on Genre –The OTP Drama

I’m reblogging someone else’s brilliance in lieu of having to come up with some of my own, as I’ve just finished Me Too, Flower! and I simply adore it!! It is thoroughly character-driven and if there ever was a drama where the richness of the OTP looms so large as to eclipse the drama itself, this would be it! And as I wrote on tumblr, the characters are so great that I think even if you removed the “villain” there would’ve been oodles of conflict and obstacles to explore based on their personal traumas alone. Anyway, a great post 😀

Idle Revelry

Over at Dramafever Me Too, Flower is described as proving “the power of love to defeat cynicism and boredom,” and having finished watching the show I’m inclined to agree. Me Too Flower is, at it’s core, a show about Bong Sun and Jae Hee: she’s the cynic and he’s the bored one. They are the centerpiece, the piece de resistance, and if they don’t work, then nothing else works. It’s what I like to call an OTP drama–you can’t watch it for the side characters, you can’t watch it for the plot: the only way to enjoy Me Too Flower is to be fully invested in the characters and their romance.

Now, most dramas have an OTP, but what differentiates an OTP drama from others is that the focus on its main coupling is so singular as to obscure any other points the story concerns itself with. It’s not that…

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