High School King Episode 1 Previews, & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 4 – 9th June 2014

Greetings all! I’m on time this week, so kudos to me for keeping to my schedule :D.

1. After a dorky dance battle teaser released last week, tvN drops a preview with actual footage from the first episode of Seo In Guk vehicle High School King. His character is seen racing from his real life as ace ice hockey player to his fake one taking over his brother’s job at an IT firm. There’s also sightings of Lee Ha Na as a geeky temp and love interest and Lee Soo Hyuk as office rival. Watching this brings back pangs of longing for Shut Up Flower Boy Band which was also a tvN show about high schoolers trying to keep their heads above water. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, except to say that there’s a void that needs to be filled in dramaland at the moment for a show like SUFBB that can string a story together from start to finish without dropping the ball. The show airs after Witch’s Romance which wraps up this week. 

Joseon Gunman poster

2. And speaking of previews, KBS is really knocking it out of the park with Joseon Shooter’s promos. The show unveiled yet another stunning poster, and topped it off with a jaw-droppingly stylish preview to add to the excitement building around Lee Jun Ki’s return to dramaland. Aieee!! Let’s just enjoy this moment where we can legitimately brim with optimism that this drama will actually live up to the promise of its awesome marketing.

Lee Jun Ki also appeared on KBS’s Guerrilla Date last week to promote the drama and to dole out hugs to his fans, his first appearance on the show in five years. Check out a translation of the show here.

3. I watched the entire first episode of jTBC’s Yoona’s Street without subs awhile ago, which I never manage to do but there was something about the low-key, naturalistic quality of the show that kept me going despite not being able to understand a word. Yoona’s Street is about the ups and downs of Yoona (Kim Ok Bin), a waitress who moonlights as a pickpocket and the people who live in her housing complex. I’m jumping for joy that darksmurfsub has decided to sub this, although that isn’t a guarantee that it will be speedily subbed since it’s entirely volunteer-driven and it’s a long show. But still! Hurrah for small mercies and undiscovered gems (hopefully) being more accessible. Check out the long clip below or a taste.

2 thoughts on “High School King Episode 1 Previews, & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 4 – 9th June 2014

  1. I like the cast of High School King (it’s been such a long time since I saw Lee Hana!) and find the teasers seem soooo adorable but I’m on fence about the plot, it doesn’t really seem to catch my attention. Maybe I’m not in the mood for high school stuffs :p


    • I know what you’re saying bout the plot, and I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed with this current crop of Kdramas that I’m going to be very cautious with this. And tvN hasn’t knocked it out the park in a long time, at least for me! We’ll see though! I’m not familiar with Lee Hana at all, but she’s super awesome frm the teasers alone 😀


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