High School King Debuts To Good Ratings & Other News: 10th – 17th June 2014

It’s World Cup season! I’m not a football fan but through the sheer inescapability of it all, I kinda sorta know what’s going on in the game for once in my life. And just in time for South Korea’s first match against Russia tomorrow, I just learned that Koreans’ least favourite team, apart from Japan (no surprise there), is their own! In any case, hwaiting!!

High School King stills

1. High School King premiered last night to an average of 1.5% ratings which is a very respectable start for the rom-com. I haven’t checked out the first episode yet, but the quirky teasers and the tvN pedigree give me some reason to hope that this will turn out quite well. And lookie, Seo In Guk in a suit…mmmmm! Javabeans over at DB seems have given what she’s seen so far a thumbs up, so hurrah for the prospect of another (hopefully) good rom-com to come our way. Especially after the slew of duds dramaland has thrown at us this spring. 

2. Endless Love the SBS weekender with a great cast of leads but a rather ho-hum premise held it’s press conference yesterday, and oh my my my Jung Kyung Ho, GET THEE TO A STYLIST.

Jung Kyung Ho Endless LoveSince there’s never enough fug, here’s full frontal shot with leading lady Hwang Jung Eum.

Endless Love Press Conference

GAH!! Pants, they should cover ankles, can we all agree? The 40-episode melodrama also stars Ryo Soo Young as one corner of a love triangle with his brother played by Mr Fugly Hat. There’s revenge, first loves, struggles from poverty etc etc, all set amidst the backdrop of ’80s Korea. Check out the 9-minute preview for a taste, and gape in awe at what’s under Jung Kyung Ho’s hat. Endless Love airs on SBS this weekend.

3. Trust you’ve all seen Psy’s comeback “Hangover”, which does kind of remind me of what it’s like to have a hangover every time I hear it. The MV shows us what it’s like to party with Psy and Snoop. I read this handy and detailed primer on the drinking culture on display which leads me to think of the MV as a borderline documentary, almost. Pontakju, anyone?

4. Finally, I leave you with this, your friendly and happy neighbourhood Spidey hanging off a Korean shopping mall.  BLESS.

Spiderman sculpture Korea

5 thoughts on “High School King Debuts To Good Ratings & Other News: 10th – 17th June 2014

  1. I somehow totally forgot High School King was starting this week, which is stupid considering it was only last week i was thinking “yay it starts next week!”, lol. I’m very excited for it, so I hope it lives up to my expectations. Bit unfair of me, really, ha ha


  2. I’m seriously considering on picking up Endless Love because of the cast (LOVE the three leads!) but the drama within the drama experienced by the writer’s last drama East of Eden makes me worried. Let’s see how the premiere goes, because I’d like to see ‘Mr Fugly Hat with Atrocious Hairstyle in the Beginning of the Drama’ in another drama after finishing Heartless City recently (I’m late LOL).

    Currently downloading High School King of Savvy and can’t wait to see SIG and LSH in HD. Yum.


    • Actually there is a lot bout Endless Love that I would be drawn to, IF it wasn’t a gazillion episode weekend drama! If it was a manageable 16 episode one, I would probably check it out since I’m quite intrigued by the 80s context and there’s supposed to be some political intrigue too? And it’s Paksa!!! You keep an eye out for us ok, and let us know how it goes!

      I checked out HSK tonight! It was pretty fun, but I’ll KIV this one for now and see how it goes!


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