Fated to Love You’s Bulge-y Start & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 24th June – 3rd July2014

Gaaah. Time! We know it flies, but where to exactly? I’m terribly late yet again, and I’m in a blogging slump. My reviews are pending (sorry), but I’m watching oldies Snowman and History of a Salaryman which are fabulous! So be happy for me 🙂

1. Fated to Love You premiered last night! I’ve dropped all other rom-coms (a.k.a.the only one I was watching High School King) and am throwing my lot in with this one instead. With uber sexy and ridiculous and wonderful Jang Hyuk and cutie pie Jang Nara how could I not? I have yet to check out the first episode, but damn if the teaser was a splendid blend of slapstick craziness. Plus abs! And Jang Hyuk’s er..his..his….

Jang Hyuk's Crotch

…Calvin Kliens! This scene sparked an minor twitter conniption:

…which then resulted in Mary’s giffed gem at FishYeahKdramas.  Will the bulge make it’s appearance in tonight’s episode? Or will censors snip it off??

2. The little moppet Kim Sae Ron is turning out to be a lovely young lass, isn’t she? She blew me away in Ajusshi and Queen’s Classroom, and now she’s getting to play the bonafide teen she is in High School Love OnShe plays an angel who falls twice–first to earth and then for a boy, played by Infinite’s Woohyun, which ensures there will be no shortage of fansubs for this.  This is KBS2’s first foray into a Friday night slot in a clear attempt to capitalise on tvN’s success in carving out new spaces for weekday prime time dramas post-Reply 1994. I don’t know much about the team behind this, but the screenwriter wrote  Take Care of Us Captain!, which I haven’t seen, so who can say what this will bring apart from the slings and arrows of first love? The drama airs 11th July.

3. I came across this recently which reminded me that I vaguely recalled seeing a few fleeting tweets that the JYP boyband GOT7 was in town weeks ago. And I’m not sure whether it’s the first time Kuala Lumpur has been seen in a K-pop video, but I thought I’d do my duty as a KL denizen and take you on a tour of the city through the lens of a K-pop boyband. But not today. Tomorrow! Or Friday!  For now, here’s a BTS of their MV for ‘A’. Yes, it’s very hot in KL.

4. You learn something new everyday! The Korean national football team was pelted with toffee when they arrived back home after a dismal showing at the World Cup. And thanks to trusty Ask A Korean! I know why that’s an insult (think of it as a sugary sweet middle finger). More netizen reactions here.



4 thoughts on “Fated to Love You’s Bulge-y Start & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 24th June – 3rd July2014

  1. Heh. You’ve run the gamut from funny (that fish gif! OMGGG XD ) to educational (I never knew that about toffee!) – nice installment, so absolutely better late than never! ^^


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