Nodame Cantabile Casting Bombshell & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 7th July 2014

And we’re back to our regular posting schedule! I’ve realised that it’s been one year since I started this blog so I’m patting myself on the back for making it this far. I’m patting you on the back too sticking around and for joining me along on this journey :). It’s time for a facelift too (not me, the blog, although hmm….), so don’t be surprised to find some changes soon.




1. The biggest bombshell of the day (and of the week probably) is Yoona’s casting in much-beloved Nodame Cantabile opposite Joo Won which lit up the net with a huge outcries of say-it-ain’t so. It’s by Group 8, the same production company behind similar adaptations Boys Over Flowers and Pretty Man. I have no connection to either the manga or the J-dorama so I don’t really have much to say about this one, except to everyone involved in this and to those who are planning on tuning in, I wish you the very best of luck. I say that without a trace of sarcasm.







2. And speaking of adaptations, Fated to Love You swept me off my feet as my fangirly first-look post will tell you. I hear that Jang Hyuk‘s trademark cackle has created some buzz on the net. Not surprising since it’s HYSTERICAL.

Jang Hyuk Fated to Love You

The drama debuted to mediocre ratings but I’m sure it will climb slowly and steadily if the show keeps this up. I’m pleased as pie that I have no knowledge of the original Taiwanese version and can go into this cold, but it’s been trying to find a discussion space without encountering the inevitable comparisons. I understand the impulse, but it’s neither useful nor interesting to me. If anyone knows where one can congregate spoiler free, let me know where and I’ll flock there in a heartbeat! Muaahahaaa….

Park Si Yeon

3. The other casting news that caught my eye was Park Shi Yeon landing a role in cable melodrama Greatest Marriage along with Bae Soo Bin. Coming off her drug scandal last year, this feels pretty soon for a comeback but time will tell how audiences will take to it. If the material and performance is strong, and if a bit of luck is on her side, there’s no reason why she can’t make a success of this. I saw her last in Nice Guy where I thought she was terrific, and am hoping this will be similarly good material for her to chew on. And it does sound like it has potential. This sounds like an omnibus of stories relating to marriage and relationships through the lives of 8 people and she plays a career-woman who opts to have a child but not a husband. I’m already interested! The drama airs in September on TV Chosun.

4. On the promo front, It’s Okay It’s Love’s embarrassing plagiarism snafu resulted in the release of a new behind the scenes teaser. Considering time and budget constraints, it does the job. There was some confusion before about whether this was a melodrama or a rom-com, but this bright and peppy promo certainly puts that to rest. Coming after Gong Hyo Jin’s bad accident a couple of weeks ago, it starting to feel like this production could be a little jinxed, knock-on-wood. We’ll probably see more in the next couple weeks leading to the drama’s premier later this month. For now, no dorky dancing in sight.

5. Kim Sae Ron and her idol co-stars took to the stage for the press conference of their upcoming drama High School Love On. Don’t these cutie pies look born to star in a high school drama about an angel falling to earth and having to choose between two boys?

High School Love on press conference

I have a fondness for coming of age stories and well, who’s to say this one won’t fit the bill with a dose of summertime sweetness? Watching the new teaser I feel a slight twinge of  d’awww, y’know? I might, just might, want to watch this.


6 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Casting Bombshell & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 7th July 2014

  1. I’m not interested in Nodame Cantabile…haven’t seen the original…and the stars also doesn’t appeal me (haven’t seen any Joo Won drama and well, I liked Yoona in PMAI but that’s all there is to it 😉 )

    And hey…do check out Marriage Not Dating…another cute rom-com…


    • I really don’t hv any more room though Marriage Not Dating is very VERY tempting. I love Han Groo! I’ll definitely pick it up for a marathon, if I don’t cave and start on it soon


  2. HAPPY ONE YEAR, DDEE!!!! 😀 *showers confetti, chocolate-peanut-butter truffles & hot pix of Gong Yoo* ^.~ Has it already been a year?? Time sure flies! I’m curious to see what changes you’re planning for the blog.. although I must say, this current layout works really well – it’s easy to navigate & features headers (& you know how I love having those!), plus the font is a nice size & readable. I’m sorta hoping you won’t change it around TOO much, coz of these things ^^ But of course, don’t mind me. It’s your space, you can do whatever you want with it! Including plastering the place with giant pix of GY, heh! 😉


    • Thanks! Actually I’m mulling over a fairly big change for good reasons but more on that later. Will definitely favour a clean layout as always. What to do, I’m capricious! And yes, GY will always have a home here 🙂


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