Bad Guys Drops Vicious Teaser: the OCDrama Digest 7-14th July 2014

Another week and another round of reads! Dramaland has been kind to me lately what with two live-watches that are shaping up to be awesome in their own ways. Hope you’ve had similar luck 🙂

Bad Guys OCN

1. Upcoming OCN crime thriller Bad Boys or Bad Guys, released a teaser today featuring an appropriately menacing Kim San Joong and a gaggle of vicious dogs. Kim San Joong, fresh off a stint in A New Leaf, plays a detective who corals a bunch of “bad guys” into a crime fighting squad because presumably you have to be one to catch one.  This comes after the recent inclusion of Park Hae Jin fresh off his role in Doctor Quack Stranger into the cast playing the role of a “genius psychopath”. Joining the two are Jo Dong Hyul, Ma Dong Suk and Kang Ye Wom. This is produced by the same team behind Vampire Prosecutor, and judging by the teaser, it’s looking very very good. Or rather, bad. Bad Guys airs in October.

2. My biggest surprise of late is how much I’ve enjoyed Fated to Love You. The show’s first four episodes did such a fantastic job in not only being endlessly funny, but in actually getting me to be hopelessly invested in a ridiculous and hokey premise. A big chunk of the credit goes to Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk who have been absolute perfection! They juggle the range of emotions the script gives them with depth and realism. There’s nothing quite like watching a genuinely well-matched pair of very, very good actors taking to their roles like ducks to water, and it’s really what gives this production that extra edge above the other current dramas on offer, good as they all may be. And speaking of the script, heaps of credit to the writer who has grounded the broad comedy with a warm, beating heart, and a director who has a gift for bringing the comedy as well as the show’s dramatic moments to vibrant visual life.

Fated to Love You

It’s been so good that I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t worried for what’s in store for us, but as I’m in for the long haul there’s nothing I can do but strap myself in and enjoy the ride. The production released these stills today of the pair post-wedding after Mi Young has moved into the Lee mansion, complete with adorable couple PJs! That’s the other thing this show gets right–styling!

3. I think I heard a collective sigh of relief across the internet when news broke today that Yoona won’t be playing Nodame after all. She has dropped the role in favour of a film role instead in a Korean-Chinese production with Eddie Peng. With two stars already passing on this, the hunt for Joo Won’s co-star continues. Time’s a-wasting though. The drama is supposed to air in October!

Discovery of Romance

4. I’m not sure if the reunion of Eric Mun and Jung Yu Mi in KBS2’s upcoming Discovery of Romance is highly-anticipated since the brilliant Que Sera Sera wasn’t a ratings smash, but what sounds enticing to me, more than the premise itself, is the prospect of a extremely likeable cast. The drama has roped in Sung Joon and Yoon Jin Yi as second leads, and the awesome Yoon Hyun Min (Heartless City, Witches Romance) and Kim Seul Gi (Flower Boy Next Door) as supporting characters. The cast assembled for a script reading recently in prep for the drama that airs in August taking over Trot Lovers’ slot. Coming from the same team behind the I Need Romance dramas which I haven’t had much luck with, this one doesn’t exactly set my heart racing. But considering Eric hasn’t been in a drama since Great Spy Myung Wol three years ago and Jung Yu Mi has been working in film more and it would be nice to see her back on the small screen. Not to mention rest of the adorable cast just might make me keep an eye out for this.

5. Veering off the entertainment circuit, I thought these two articles were interesting: one about the so-called “sampo generation” of childless singletons and the declining birth rate, and the cost of English education  in Korea. 

Have a great week all!



30 thoughts on “Bad Guys Drops Vicious Teaser: the OCDrama Digest 7-14th July 2014

  1. I love Kim Sang Joon! Unfortunately I dropped New Leaf after 3 episodes despite the stellar male leads. I was bored. I may go back to it now that it’s over. Forget everything else and just enjoy their performances. But I need more from a dog trailer to judge this new drama. Surprisingly to myself I’m waiting on Fated to Love you. It’s just not gripping me. Still, I HAVE to see it, it’s Jang Hyuk’s new drama and he’s totally against type. (At least it’s been forever since he’s played something like this.) I’ve wanted him to play in a rom-com so long. But now the more I think about it, I’d rather a rom-com with a dark edge, something like ‘Robbers.’ Though that’s more Melo. ACk! I don’t know what I want, my mood changes with the wind. :p Lately I marathoned ‘Big Man’ and loved it so much. I’m on a serious Kang Ji Hwan kick. I guess I was in the mood for the ‘little guy’ gets revenge.

    I am looking forward to Joo Won’s latest drama. I have no idea what that Manga is about and I like Yoona, so I wasn’t screaming and ranting like many fans when casting news first broke out. I wouldn’t know who they should cast for that character. I’d like to see Joo Won work with Go Ah Ra, she’s nearly done with You’re all surrounded. But they have to break her out of prickly Busan Tomboy mode. 2 dramas in a row like that is enough already. But from the description of the character, maybe IU would be a cute choice. I’d love to see Park Bo Young in a drama too.


    • Hi Lady G. I wish you’d give Fated to love you a chance. The drama is much better than I expected. Yes, slapsticky and cartoonish on the surface but it has much more depth and heart than I ever imagined. I love how all the tropes, seem to work and feel “real” in this drama. I wanted to like it, yes, but I seriously didn’t think I would get so obsessed about it. Jang Hyuk might startle you on the first episode, but if you continue watching, you’ll see, he calms down, and the character begins to show his soul, and its beautiful. Jang Nara, is a lot better than in Bright Girl too (obviously, after all, she has a lot more experience now) I know you didn’t love her, then, but her performance is a lot more mature now, and her voice, so soothing (as opposed to the slightly annoying way of speaking she had on Bright Girl) The Jjangs, together, have SUCH CHEMISTRY. There is no other word that describes them better than ADORABLE.

      DDee, couple’s pijamas awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I seriously am so in love with the JJangs that I want MY’s mom to lock them together forever, and put a camera there. I could watch them bicker, play, bond, forever and ever. I don’t need anything else, like a plot or anything LOL! 😀


      • Thanks for the push, Drama Fan. And you remembered our past conversations on SSOABG. 😀 I have no doubt it’s really funny, and the acting is good. I just got caught up with other dramas. I won’t wait for it to be finished, that will take too long, but I will hold off a bit and watch it soon.


      • Those stills though…GUH. The cuteness right? And did you see the new orange Geon in bed? I was like, what the heck is he up to now??

        LOL, I see you everywhere this drama is mentioned, even where spoiler trolls congregate!! Bravo, you’re like the ultimate FTLY cheerleader my friend. Keep it up!


      • It’s the only drama I’m watching at the moment and I kind of don’t feel like watching any other and I have no time. An airing drama with JH? Of course I went bonkers lol (although I seriously didn’t expect it)


      • Was there anybody who expected to like this show?! This show with an icky-sounding plot? But I love it when I’m surprised since I love surprises 🙂


    • Also, as much as I loved Robbers, I don’t think the rom com audience is ready for a character as dark as Oh Joon. To me Robbers is definitely a melodrama. Don’t let the look of Fated to love you fool you though. As vibrant and silly as it looks, not only has it had a good doze of adult situations and dialogues already, but also angsty moments. It does have a little bit of everything.


      • Oh yeah, Robbers is very melo. Oh Joon is nobody’s choice for a perfect K-drama leading man. He’s pretty awful at first. Maybe I’m just thinking of a romcom with a bit more bite/grittiness. I wish I could see it again in full, I heard some parts might have been missing on the Youtube eps. Only the 2nd time I’ll just skip over the mother-in-law parts. lol. And I believe you about Fated to Love you. I look forward to it.


      • Its melo and interesting but Oh Joon is hideous! worse than Daegil! I don’t understand how I forgave him! Talk about scum of the earth! He did spend half of the drama begging forgiveness on his knees, maybe that’s why! lol Lee Da Hae was amazing in it and they had a lot of chemistry and yummy kisses. Lee Da Hae is my queen for a reason! The only one who has kissed my Hyukie like he deserves! I hope Jang Nara doesn’t disappoint me in this department 🙂


      • Scum of the earth?!! Oh no, I dunno if I wanna watch a romance with a scumbag? But he does redeem himself I take it, and it’s JH! And Lee Da Hae is good here? Really??

        About the smooching, I wonder too how that’s gonna fare too between the two Jangs. It’s too early for me to tell if they have that sizzle or not, but I guess being comfy with each other helps. How was Bright Girl in that department?


      • Bright Girl was too innocent! It was cute, like they are now, but Jang Nara was I think around 17 at the time? and she was too shy so even their one kiss was simulated gahhh. But she said she regretted that so now it’s her chance! I liked how the show handled their sex scene. Like you said, it felt intimate and therefore in my opinion, hot. The man can kiss! I’ve seen him! many times! so it’s just a matter of Jang Nara or Mi Young cooperating.


      • Yes, boy can he kiss. I’ve seen the cut Iris 2 bed scene several times. I can’t imagine sweetie Mi Young getting all sexy-timesy with Geon for real, although I have a feeling that the show would play that up.


      • Now I think I should do a kiss post on my blog :p Five Senses of Eros kiss was hot, I remember, but at the same time I don’t remember! Must rewatch!


      • Hmmm Thorn? although it was more lust than love there. Yeah that terrible series did one thing right! That scene! There are some scenes that “technically” are well done, but what makes them swoon worthy for me is if I care about the couple. Like I would’ve loooooved to care about them there. Same thing in Midas, he had one of the best kisses with LMJ there “technically” but they had no chemistry, that couple, the characters as a couple were boring. And since he doesn’t do a lot of romance, it’s hard to find that combination of “good kiss” and love. So I’m hoping Fated to love you gives me sth! and he needs to be nekked and his hair all messy case the Geon look somehow doesn’t scream “passion” to me lol


      • HAHAHA what if they put him in some god awful neon coloured suit when they smooch?? Oh yunno I think each stage of their relationship will be marked by a different suit colour–when they met it was blue, now they’re at orange. If it’s a sign he’s ‘warming’ up to her, the next stage could be like, RED. LOL


      • Yes Lee Da Hae was good and a great character. She was a widow. He tried to scam her. She was a good woman but I loved that she didn’t need a man! she didn’t need him or fell in love right away. It took him effort and that’s why he fell partially. She was independent, normal, of course had struggles being a widow with a daughter, but had a supporting mother in law who she loved like a mother. So no need for this guy in the picture, he was the one who needed that family. She was the one who “rescued” him. He didn’t even have a house! I loved that dynamic. It was sth different.


      • Ok that kiss was indeed hot. And a lovely OST too. And LDH looks so fresh and apple-cheeked! (People say she got plastic surgery but I’m so hopeless at detecting these things). And I can handle the scum if the woman rocks. Oh noes, I guess this is another one to add to the watch-list! Gah.


      • Ohhhh lets watch together sometime this year eh? Its only 16 eps! And this time I will totally approve if you hate the guy lol! He grovels good tho. It’s satisfying (I’m a sadist :p) I started re watching and doing captures and gifs etc but ended up marathoning! I always do that!!!! Same with Chuno lol but I do need to get back to it for the blog


      • But wait, is it a rom-com with melo moments, or a melo with rom-com elements? Distinction is important, so I know when I’m in the mood for it.

        Oh lord Chuno, I gotta write that review up, but but…it’s so haaaarrrrddd…


      • Hmmm Id say its a melo with sweet funny moments but it is basically a romance and a story of redemption. I also loved the second male lead. He was not hot lol he was this guy who couldn’t express his emotions and a bit OCD but deep down was a good decent guy, but he came off as rude! so LDHs characters teaches him how to act like a normal guy lol He was the opposite of Oh Joon who knew perfectly way how to charm a woman and behave like a perfect gentleman but whose conscience was dormant. The super nerd was rich though, and Oh Joon, dirt poor and in a desperate economic situation almost living like a rat so one does kind of feel sorry for him, to a certain extent. Both guys are interesting and like I said, LDH is the one who rescues them


    • Hmm yes I dropped A New Leaf about half-way through when it still seemed like it was unsure about where it was going to go and what it wanted to be. I hung in there for KSJ and KMM–hearing their voices alone thrills me to no end ;). Ooh Big Man! Yunno, I barely got passed the first ep before falling asleep, but Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min and her red hair stuck in my mind! And I saw a brief clip of an episode the other day, and thought hmmm maybe I was too hasty. So am thinking of marathoning this soon-ish.

      It might well be that FTLY isn’t for you at the moment, so why not come back to it later? I had no expectations really, and no preconceived notions except maybe the slapstick, but it helps to explain why I’m so taken with it. And the two Jangs who are fab! They kill me. This is going to be one of those dramas where even if everything else around them goes to shit, they will still be gold. And I think for those who don’t get this pair or their take on the characters, or the comedy, will probably quit this fast.

      I can’t say much about Joo Won since I haven’t seen him in anything, but haha Go Ara’s “prickly Busan tomboy” indeed! I didn’t follow through on YAS but yes, she seemed cut frm the same mould. But yes, she and IU were names that were bandied about if I’m not mistaken.


  2. Poor Kim Sang Joong. He’s never been able to shake off the bad-daddy image since City Hunter (for me anyway), but he is very much likeable in his roles despite being bad. Haha. I’ve not been watching anything lately, and I’m very afraid of jumping back on the FTLY ship. I was on that ship when the T-version aired, and I don’t think I can make it through the melo bits again. 😦 It was good pain though, so there is some payoff at the end!

    Well, I’m a bit surprised that Sung Joon is still in second male lead category, and Yoon Hyun Min in a supporting male role. I feel that I’ve seen really promising performances from them both to warrant more in terms of casting (Sung Joon surely deserves a leading role, and the latter second male lead). Seo Kang Joon got promoted to second male lead in Sly and Single after only a teensy role in Suspicious Housekeeper, and Yoon Hyun Min is waaay better than him.


    • Oooh yes, we’re crossing fingers and toes that K-FTLY will moderate the melo since it sounds like it’s trying to do some things differently, character-wise. Only time will tell though. Some folks who were fans of the T-version seem to like it so far, sounds like.

      And bad daddy indeed! He was totally bad daddy turned bad lawyer in A New Leaf ^_^

      And spot-on! Yoon Hyun Min is totally more than ready for bigger, meatier roles by now, and he seems like a versatile performer too. Baby steps I guess. And well, Sung Joon just came out of a lead role in INR3 so a secondary role on a show on one of the big 3 is no small peanuts?


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