The Nightwatchman’s Cheap & Cheerful Teaser: OCDrama Digest 22-28th July 2014


Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends, or as we say here, Selamat Hari Raya! It’s a long weekend so I’ve been catching up on dramas and more importantly, writing. I’ve been chipping away at my backlog of reviews. How about you?





1. Jung Ill Woo vehicle The Nightwatchman dropped a teaser today ahead of it’s premier next week and it looks a lot more lighthearted than one would’ve thought. But then again, with a baddie named Psychic Sadam who looks like this…

Kim Sung Oh The Nightwatchman

…my guess is that the drama isn’t going to take itself too seriously.  Jung Ill Woo stars as a dandy prince who discovers he can see ghosts, and falls in with a band of ghostbusters that include sidekicks Ko Sung Hee (Miss Korea) and Yunho. This looks like it’s a cheerful, manhwa-like approach to a fantasy sageuk which would be a pleasant change from the rom-coms and more serious fare that’s currently airing. Or it could be this year’s version of the trainwreck Goddess of Fire. I guess we’ll find out when The Nightwatchman replaces Triangle on MBC’s Mon-Tues night slot starting next Monday.

2. Also gearing up for a premier next week is Surplus Princess. This teaser came out a while ago but I hadn’t seen it until yesterday and my first thought was finally, a tvN teaser that looks like it has something to do with the drama, and second, boy does Jo Bo Ah look beautiful! In case you missed it, this one’s about a mermaid who wants to become human and needs a job in order to do so (yeah, I dunno either). She also falls for a guy whose phone she picks up, hence the coo-ing over his selfies we see in the teaser. I last saw Jo Bo Ah in Shut Up Boy Band where she was very green in a role that didn’t require her to do much to begin with, but she’s worked steadily since so here’s hoping she’s up to the task. Her co-stars here are Song Jae Rim and Oh Joo Wan. Surplus Princess starts on 7th August.

3. Sea Fog, the blockbuster thriller starring Yoochun had it’s VIP premier tonight and early reviews sound very encouraging indeed. The film starring veteran Kim Yeon Sook is adapted from a stage play based on real-life tragedy involving a fishing trawler with a crew that gets embroiled in smuggling immigrants. It comes hot on the heels of Kang Dong Won and Ha Jung Woo’s record-breaking sageuk blockbuster Kundo. It’s Yoochun’s film’s debut and looks like he picked a good one. And I’ll just leave this pic of Lee Byung Hun at the red carpet of the film’s premier here for y’all.

Lee Byung Hun

4. Kim Sae Ron is currently stealing hearts each week as an angelic grim reaper who falls  for a boy on High School Love On. I’ve only managed to see snippets of the first episode which seems like it’s everything a sweet high school romance should be (and if it isn’t, please let me know in the comments). Here’s an interview with the young talent talking about her new drama, and her work in the film Girl At My Door with Bae Doo Na which had a fantastic run at Cannes this year.

5. Here, have some kimchi to start the week:


This scene featuring the now infamous kimchi slap from morning drama Everybody Kimchi became a thing on K-netizenland when it aired last week. I can see why–I admit I looked at this for far too long, wondering how painful that must be. Imagine if he got some of that in his eye! I wonder if we’ll see more innovative slaps in dramaland in the future. Like, how bout a fish slap? Ooh maybe there’ll be one of those on the Mermaid drama?!  There’s a thread on Soompi with recaps for this drama if anyone’s interested.

6. On a more serious note, the New York Times did a profile on Yoo Byung Eun, the tycoon who owned the company that operated the Sewol ferry that sank earlier this year. His badly decomposed body was found last week after the a nationwide manhunt, putting yet another dramatic and bizarre mark in a terrible tragedy of epic proportions. Worth a read.

Have a good week and enjoy the Raya celebrations.


10 thoughts on “The Nightwatchman’s Cheap & Cheerful Teaser: OCDrama Digest 22-28th July 2014

    • Ahahaa yeah I can think of one–use it on all those Buzz Killingtons!

      Yes isn’t it though? It’s so bizarre too, like straight out of a drama!


  1. Kimchi slap is awesome, even without any sort of context! XD

    Keeping my eye on Night Watchman, Surplus Princess & High School, Love On. Jung Il Woo! For his sake, I hope Night Watchman is good 🙂

    And I echo Drama Fan.. That last piece of news *is* disturbing :/


    • I hv no experience with Jung Ill Woo yet and I should probably start with Iljimae rather than this one, yes? And Psychic Sadam might steal his thunder ;P. Oh wait, I just remembered he was in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which I dropped after a couple of episodes. Hmm..

      Yes, very disturbing. If there was one instance where the truth is stranger than fiction it would be this one!


      • Jung Il Woo is high on my list of excellent actors! 🙂 I didn’t love FBRS myself (altho, the kisses! Very nice!), and he was wasted in MoonSun. But! He’s great in Return of Iljimae, and he was a total scene stealer in 49 Days. And quite adorable in High Kick too ^^


      • Actually he is pretty adorable and I’m getting whiffs of that in the Nightwatchman’s teasers.Or maybe that’s just me trying to be optimistic in the face of some pretty underwhelming drama posters :/
        Nightwatchman poster


  2. My fangirl shallowness is overtaking….i love Jung IL Woo and Jung Yunho…very much excited on Yunho coz it’s very first for him to do sageuk…and he’s quite good on the teasers…i’m used to Il Woo’s making sageuk i’ve seen his Iljemae M/E S …i just wish this one is as good as LJK’s Arang ..^^


    • I think this one sounds a lot wackier than Arang though, but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep Nightwatchman on my list if I need a change of pace, since you know, DRAGONS ;P


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