Nightwatchmen’s Journal Premiers Tonight: OCDrama Digest 29th July – 4th Aug 2014

Greetings friends! It’s been a quiet week due to the Eid break which was bliss! I managed to catch up on some blogging which hopefully I’ll be able to post this week and the next. I haven’t been able to settle on a new marathon yet, so I my drama plate is pretty empty with Fated to Love You. I think for now, it’s a toss up between Tree With Deep Roots, or Ruler in Your Own World.  But in other news…

1. The  news that excited me most this week is Kim Do Woo is returning to dramaland! Yes, she of Kim San Soon and Me Too Flower! fame is back, just after I’d finished her gorgeous melodrama 2003 Snowman which has only deepened my love for her work. And this time, she returns to cable. Love With Illy/Valid Love will air on tvN and traces the ups and downs of a married couple, with a side of adultery and a fairly large age gap to boot. I’m all for challenging material and I’m pretty sure that she’ll tackle this with her trademark warmth, humanity, good humour and lovely dialogue. The drama premiers in October, with no confirmed cast as yet though Uhm Tae Woong has been courted.

2. I hadn’t paid any attention to this drama until I came across the teaser released today with two lovelies front and centre: Kim Young Kwang and Oh Jung Se! I’ve seen a couple of different English titles for this one but I’ll stick to Dramabeans’ Plus Nine Boyswhich traces the lives of four boys/men of ages 9, 19, 29, and 39 who are cursed to face a crisis the year their age ends in 9–explains the sad sack faces in the teaser. Oh Jung Se is a 39-year old workaholic PD desperate for marriage who has to face the one that got away, played by Yoo Da In. Kim Young Kwang plays the 29-year old facing a career meltdown. Kyung Su Jin, last seen in Secret Love Affair, plays a co-worker who will presumably, help him find his way. The other 9 and 19-year-olds are Kim Young Kwang’s brothers with troubles of their own, but guess who’s the 9-year old love interest? The little munchkin from Two Weeks, Lee Chae Mi, who plays a child star competing for jobs with the 9 year-old brother! Oh Se Jung is always endearingly funny, and this omnibus-style premise sounds like it could bring something a little fresh to the table. The drama airs in late August after Marriage Not Dating on tvN. 

3. In casting news, Rain’s comeback drama My Lovely Girl has snagged Krystal as the main lead and the lovely Im Joo Eun, both of whom were in Heirs. I’d look forward to seeing Rain in a drama, but another music-driven drama coming so soon after Trot Lovers (which feels rather meh. And then there’s the L-factor, who will play Rain’s rival in the love stakes. Which, come on now. L vs Rain? No contest! And I’m not convinced that Krystal can carry a lead role, no matter how tailor-made this one is for her. I guess we’ll just have to see. This takes over It’s Okay It’s Love’s slot on SBS in September.

4. I mentioned that the teaser for The Nightwatchman’s Journal looked cheap and cheerful, but now after seeing a long preview that was released at last week’s press conference I’ll revise that to…DRAGONS!! I’m now officially pretty keen on this for the magic, demons, blondie baddie Sadam, Jung Ill Woo looking charming as ever in hanbok and dragons! I hope this doesn’t take itself too seriously and just goes for heaps of rip-roaring adventure and cheery cheesiness. Finger’s crossed! The drama starts tonight on MBC.

5. And in other casting news, I feel like it’s pointless to talk about Secret Door since it’s ridiculously amazing cast guarantees an audience and has prestige written all over it. The sageuk had already roped in Han Seok Kyu, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Min Joong, and Seo Joon-young  and recently announced Park Eun Bin as the last piece of the puzzle. The screenwriter is a saguek pro though I haven’t seen any of them, so this sounds like it’s in good hands. The drama airs in September after Temptation on SBS.



9 thoughts on “Nightwatchmen’s Journal Premiers Tonight: OCDrama Digest 29th July – 4th Aug 2014

  1. I agree….Krystal was fun in Heirs but in my opinion, she is not ready to be a leading lady yet….she is not natural in her acting…it looks like she is ‘acting’…if you know what I mean…LOL 😀
    And that does decrease my excitement for Rain’s comeback….


    • Yes I know what you mean :). A large part of her appeal in Heirs was mainly character-driven in that Bo Na was a relief from all the angst. And now it seems that the drama is having it’s share of casting issues! So it’s definitely an approach-with-caution drama for me.’s RAIN!


  2. Chingu! may I make a suggestion? Wait until Fated to love you is over so we can watch Tree with Ddeep Roots together! I personally can’t deal with watching two Jang Hyuk dramas at the same time and I definitely want to rewatch The Tree 🙂 please please please?????? I’m also curious about Ruler of your own world! so I’ll be paying attention to your comments and Night Watchman is not something I was curious about before, but Dragons? Now that’s cool and possibly cheesy fun! My twitter friends are watching that so if I hear good reviews I’ll put it on the list!


    • Hokie dokie, since it’s you :). Yes dragons baby! It could be a fabulous disaster or just plain fabulous! It’s on my list too now, purely coz of the dragons. But knowing my luck, the show used up it’s entire CG budget already and the dragon will disappear.


  3. I will join in the TWDR watch after FTLY. Have fallen for Jang Hyuk because of FTLY. Have seen Thank You and Chuno in the past 4 weeks. Love him


    • The more the merrier! By the way, if you’re looking to squee with other FTLY/Jang Hyuk fans head to Stuck On Hyuk over there on the right on my blog roll. They’re always recruiting and will welcome you with open arms!


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