Not Dead Yet & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 25th Aug 2014

Gracious me. I decide to hibernate and switch off from all things K-drama related for a couple of weeks and look what happens? An epic bombshell the likes of last year’s Park Shi Hoo the very week I decide to emerge!

Truth be told, I needed a break from the K-ent related-internet. I just needed some distance from the chatter of social media and the blogosphere. I popped up on twitter occasionally, but for the most part, I just happily watched Fated to Love You (*heart*), marathoned Yoona’s Street (*cuddles*), and sussed out a lovely C-drama 1 Servant 2 Masters all by my lonesome. I enjoyed my comfy cocoon immensely and it helped that my dramas were kick ass company.

But the result of my retreat into blissful ignorance is a neglected tumblr queue (I have no idea what exactly my tumblr has been churning out the last couple of weeks, sorry for the random incoherence tumblr followers!) and a stagnant wordpress blog that should’ve have posted at least two new things by now.

So this is me making my sad sorry face:

Evasive Enquiry Agency Ep 1



I’m also in a bit of a post-hibernation fog so bear with me as we go into this week’s links round-up:

1. You guys will have to tell me which of the new primetime debut dramas–My Secret Hotel, Three Musketeers, Discovery of Love–are floating your boats because, hibernation remember? I do remember that tvN’s Plus Nine Boys premiers this week, only because I wrote bout it earlier. And speaking of cute boys, has there been a stream of extremely loveable leading lads lately or is it just that I’ve generally dropped the nasties? Is this the year of the nice male lead?

2. The ALS ice bucket challenge phenomenon made landfall in Asia over the past week and not even the likes of reclusive, publicity-shy Won Bin could resist! That’s pretty powerful stuff. With Orange Jasmine Purple Yam’s rundown on some Asian stars who’ve done this along with this handy gifset over on the K-pop side, I’ve gotten up to speed. Meanwhile, critics have some legit grouses  but millions of dollars have been raised so far which is always a good thing, right?

3. As all things Hallyu continue to make inroads into the US pop culture mainstream, so come the resources to help navigate the clueless and the curious. Euny Hong is an Korean-American journo whose new book The Birth of Korean Cool leverages on her experience of spending her formative years in Korea to provide some insight into the ROK’s pop culture machine. Here’s an excerpt that left me wanting more, along with another little snippet here, some positive reviews here and an interview with the author here.

4. Some food related reads!

  • One of my fave recipe repositories Serious Eats did a piece of Korean food in the US
  • Hot on the heels of Korean bakery chain Tous Le Jours landing here in Kuala Lumpur, Paris Baguette opens in, of  all places, Paris!  I haven’t had any experience with Korean pastries, so you tell me if they’re similar to the red bean/green tea/sesame whatnots that I’m used to.
  • “Korean food is healthy” and other myths about Korean food. Yeah, I gotta hold back on my instant noodle consumption. I know I know.

5. Listicles!

6. Okay, so the Kim Hyun Joong bombshell. I have nothing of substance to add except to say that I’m tired. I’m tired of reading callous and ignorant comments that disturb me every time a crime like this is committed.  Having the image of sweet and gentle Ji Hoo irredeemably shattered must be awfully hard to bear for so many of us who are invested in this business that feeds on our willingness to buy into illusions. But celebs are mere mortals too. Turns out oppa is just a man, neither a monster nor a psychopath, but a man who by his agency’s admission, put his girlfriend in hospital and needs some serious help less he do this again.

And before I sign off, there’s a new (?) blogging award making the rounds and I’d like to say thanks to Asian Reviewer Maniac  for nominating me for the Sunshine award! I swear I haven’t forgotten about this, it’s just that, well, hibernating! Soon, okay Ms Hyunnie?


18 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 25th Aug 2014

  1. A nice little break from K-internet is really great…even I’m thinking of taking one…I have so many shows lined up that I’ve to complete and new ones have already started airing…and the there are so many movies that I’m planning to watch…and then there is lots of studying to be done as my exams are approaching 😛


    • Oooh with exams looming you might not have a choice but to take a break! You know, I’ve only completed a grand total of THREE 2014 shows. LOL. I don’t think I will be able to catch up with all of ’em before the year is done!


  2. You gotta share your secret with me with you know… Going hiatus. But for me, I don’t wanna miss any dramas but I do wanna go hiatus on social media esp on tweeter. Too much things going on right now too…


    • LOL no secret Nelly! I kinda had no choice for a start but then after everything calmed down a little, I kinda said hey, I quite like the peace and quiet and decided to cocoon for a while longer :p. It’s probably easier for me, since I’m not as plugged into twitter as you lah kan?


  3. I have not actually watched hose ice bucket challenges. Not even by Korean celebrities who I like. The only one I watched was Conan O’Brien’s and that was more by accident. I get that it’s for charity and that’s why I don’t mind it too much, but I just have no interest in watching everyone do it. Not even the ever so gorgeous Won Bin.

    As for the new primetime dramas, I’m loved the first four episodes of My Secret Hotel. I’m also definitely going to try out Plus Nine Boys because it sounds so quirky and unique. Hopefully, it turns out to be good. I was planning to check out Three Musketeers too, but I don’t know if I feel up to it right now as my drama schedule is too hectic these days. Watched the first episode of Discovery of Romance as well, but didn’t really feel it. Probably gonna skip that one.


  4. I’m on semi-hiatus without even wanting to do so. Real life is so demanding… I even stopped watching dramas. I only spare 2 hours each week for “My Secret Hotel” and it’s my Yoo Inna’s + tvn’s bias that make me do so. I’m planning to marathon “It’s Okay, It’s Love” because 1) Noh Hee Kyung’s writing 2) Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung’s acting. Anyway, I feel that my K-drama break will last until the end of the year, so I totally understand how you feel~ Fighting and cheers to everybody!


    • Ah it’s back to school for you right? Fighting my dear! I haven’t seen Secret Hotel yet, though I’m dying to (Yoo In Na and Tal Tal <3), and haven't caught up with IOIL which I had to drop coz of the time factor. I'll get to both at some point. For now, I'm just watching Let's Eat and dying at the food porn 😀


  5. oh my thank you for posting the Won Bin’s participation to the ALS challenge! i had wanted to look for vids of my faves but did not have the time to do so. so many things i wanted to do after checking all of your blogs but so little time to do. (yeah finance is hellish!) he is on the top of my list of favorite actors! im gonna save this and obsess over him on my cp. 🙂


    • LOL glad I can be of service nonski! Welcome to the blog, and hopefully, I’ve helped make your work day go down a little easier. Won Bin’s magnificent bone structure is something to be admired, isn’t it ? 😉


      • yesh! he just looks so handsome, for me, it can be subjective. hehehe!
        you did made my day great, after watching here, i get to allow myself to have a break and look over this video and the related ones on youtube.
        aw and i envy you girls for being able to update your blogs regularly, mine had not been updated for the longest time. it’s time consuming since most of my posts are either fan arts or gifsets.
        and also thank you for replying on my comment.


      • Well I can’t speak for others but I haven’t updated for bout two months, so I’m hardly regular myself! Yes, blogging is time consuming what with life and all that, but you know, just do what you can right? I try to reply to every comment since I appreciate the time (and courage) it takes for someone to comment, plus it’s nice to chat and have convos with folks like you, so thank YOU for commenting. You sound familiar, I think I’ve seen your comments on Koala and/or Soompi?

        Liked by 1 person

      • i regularly comment at Koala’s and also commented a lot lately at the FTLY thread at Soompi, under the same name. i don’t usually comment on dramas that i watched. the last i was active was i hear your voice and flower boy next door, then FTLY. i do appreciate your reply. thank you.


      • Ah yes, I think I remember you from the IHYV soompi thread. That show, by the way, was the show that got me to delurk, get a soompi login, and start posting, and it sent me tumbling down the forum rabbit hole! That was a great thread, though I didn’t contribute that much. So many fond memories of that show! & that experience 🙂


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