Talking Dramas

Meet the masterminds behind Facebook’s finest K-drama discussion group Operation Kdrama Chat

Where do you talk dramas? If you’re anything like me, since no one I know personally watches K-dramas and more importantly, is willing to indulge me, it’s probably on the internet.

Since starting my blog, I’ve discovered a vast ecosystem of online spaces where K-drama fans converge and connect. From blogs to forums to social media, there’s no shortage of platforms through which to talk about your favourite drama, squee about your latest K-crush, or rant about an insipid ending.

Since I use all of these platforms to varying degrees, I’ve since become accustomed to the different ways one can talk dramas. I consider my blog my home base, where I get to collect and expand on my thoughts, and where hopefully, others feel free to converse with me.

Twitter lends itself to pithy, quippy immediacy. Forums like Soompi threads are haunted by obsessives with the patience to scroll through endless pages of postings. Tumblr is a free-wheeling playground, entertaining and image-heavy, and a happy medium for those who don’t write lengthy spiels but need more than 140 characters to express themselves.

Which leads me to Facebook. Though I don’t participate often, one of my favourite FB spaces is Operation Kdrama Chat. Started by a trio of friends who met–where else?–online, it’s a Facebook group that stands out from many other FB groups which often can feel random and scattershot. For one, the group organises moderated discussions every Monday and Thursday around a specific drama chosen by the community, sparking delightful commentary and dialogue. There’s no shortage of activity on other days though, as members pop in to chat about whatever’s on their mind.

In short, it’s a thriving, welcoming space that’s nurtured with care. So as the group’s celebrates its second anniversary, I thought I’d ask it’s founders Stephanie (of Crazy for Kdrama), Cherry Cordial and Laurie about what makes them, and the group, tick:

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