Film Review: Kundo: Age Of The Rampant


7 thoughts on “Film Review: Kundo: Age Of The Rampant

  1. Warrible! Great to see you again! Thanks for another great review. The trailers for Kundo look really interesting so I’ve been wanting to check this out. Too bad it didn’t float your boat :/ It’s now much lower on my priority list. K-movies can sometimes be so weird and uneven like that; it’s why I don’t watch that many of ’em.

    Hope to see you around the blog more often! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


  2. Hullo. Thanks for the great review. It’s funny because me and the hubs just watched this 3 nights ago and he said the same. He said he ended up feeling more sympathy for Master Jo (awesomely played by Kang Dong Won) than Dochi. I enjoyed it thoroughly first time I saw it but he said while the fight scenes were really good, he felt the movie lacked something.
    It was still tons better than Pirates though, now that’s just a waste.
    Seasons greetings and thanks for all your great work!


    • All husbands think alike, it seems?!! I thought it was entertaining, and yes, the Kang Dong Won factor did help (I mean, the hair, those ridiculous eyes), but the characters really didn’t register with me, it was the swashbuckling and cleaver-chopping action that did LOL.

      Oh I did hear bout Pirates, and yes, I think I’ll stay away from that one. Thanks for stopping by Panda! Happy Holidays to you too!


  3. It’s been on my list for some time now, but we haven’t crossed paths yet (so many dramas/movies, so little time), generally i’ve read very positive opinions about it. It was really interesting to read a different view standing somewhere in the middle, i’m not sure when i’ll watch it, but i won’t let my guard down expecting something powerful and get more disappointed in the ed.


    • Me and the hubs often have differing opinions on films but with this one we kinda were on the same page although I skewed slightly more positive though. Maybe he wasn’t swayed by Kang Dong Won’s beauty as much :P. Ultimately, I agree that this one falls a little short, a slick but forgettable experience.


  4. Hi! *waves* I can’t remember what series of links/retweets led me here (someone from dramabeans? maybe?), but I’m so happy it did because I DIED DURING THE ELEVATOR SCENE and I’m delighted to have a place to squee over it. I love this show for making the hero as vulnerable to the heroine, and as concerned about her feelings, as she is about him–more so, really, since he knows her real self and she doesn’t know his yet. I mean, at the same time it’s terrifying because everyone in his whole life has abandoned him so she could really hurt him without even meaning to, but SO AWESOME to see him struggling to pull himself together when he’s with her. (Without him acting like an absolute ass to her otherwise like a lot of other drama dudes.) I end up clutching at my chest and squealing “OMG HE’S SO INTO HERRRRRR” in my head like an idiot a lot. 😀


    • Hi!!! *waves back* I dunno how your comment ended up on this post but I’m pretty sure it belongs on the Healer one! But nevermind, the squee is welcome everywhere around these parts :). The elevator scene right? It will not soon dim from my memories!It’s lovely to see him be gentle with her though he’s the more vulnerable one of the two. I really hope he doesn’t pull away when the inevitable happens!


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