Healer: My Feels Runneth Over

Help. Somebody pick me up off the floor.

I can guarantee there will be words in this post, but not coherent meaning. Because I cannot.

I mean. Just. Gaaaaaaaaaah!

Look at them. LOOK.

Healer Ep 10 rooftop drinking beer

Faces! Darling faces!

Healer Ep 10 rooftop scene

See how he looks at her? Do you see? She rocks his world!  Continue reading

Fated to Love You: Me Likey!

Well this is a shocker! I’m sitting here absolutely giddy in love with Fated to Love You.

I was wary bout this one for obvious reasons, but see what happens when a show exceeds your expectations? You get me writing a very fangirly first impressions post, which I almost never do. The first impressions part I mean. I fangirl all the time!

First, let’s talk about this creature here.

Fated to Love You Ep1

I was looking forward to a certain level of ham and slapstick from what I’d seen from the teasers, but I certainly did not expect the show to zealously devote itself to making Lee Geon look as ridiculous as possible. Continue reading

In A Good Way: The Gentle, Sweet Slowburn of Love


[mild spoilers Ep 1 – Ep 9]

God, I love this show! Love. I didn’t expect this to happen. In fact, it started out rather lukewarm–the show was sweet, but fairly sleepy. And then, all the gentle slowburn of Lego Lee’s glances, all the surprising character-building turns, the quiet sweetness, has turned me into an In A Good Way junkie. Waiting for one measly episode each week is going to be the death of me!

I can’t get over how everyone is so utterly normal. Set in a Taiwan campus, the story revolves a loveable gang of friends, and although these are obvious types–the campus hottie, the wide-eyed country bumpkin, the player, the jock–these characters feel just like regular kids trying to make it through university, rather than stock tropes filling a plot purpose.  Continue reading

Beauty Queen Blues: First Impressions of Miss Korea

I’ve decided to limit my drama consumption to one currently-airing drama in an attempt to impose some structure, and hopefully some focus, to my drama life. Watching too many at one go spreads me too thin and I can feel my energy and attention span dissipate along with. Ironically, in order to decide which one to watch I have to watch more than one currently-airing drama, specifically two–Miss Korea and You From Another Star. I haven’t completely fallen for either of them, so I thought I’d see if putting my thoughts in order would help me decide. Continue reading

The Heirs Awards

In lieu of a review,  and since it’s awards season, I will steal a leaf from Writerly Rants who has given away her own awesome Heirs awards all series long.

Favourite OTP: Hee Nam and Ki Ae 


The relationship between Kim Tan’s mother and Eun Sang’s mother was everything an OTP’s should be– supportive, reciprocal and a real treat to watch. I enjoyed them, and as the only women in the show who drew strength from each other, it was a source of warmth and light in show that felt so glum. We got to see them grow from unlikely allies to bickering ahjummah besties, despite their class divide (perhaps because the divide was false anyway). Dynamite actresses Kim Sung Ryung and Kim Mi Kyung deserve kudos for being, well, dynamite. Continue reading