Valid Love: First Impressions

Such a lively insightful dialogue between you two, and such loveliness must be shared 🙂

I had thought that Il Ri was a free spirit too, but then I came to realise that perhaps she is still that little girl, scared and gutted that her dad had died, unable to save him. And so she throws herself into desperately trying to save everyone around her. I think she’s the most vulnerable heroine Kim Do Woo has yet written, and that honestly scares me a little, coz like Jomo, I’m wary of Carpenter Kim and his–what is it? I lack the words!–but I don’t like that he’s so sure of himself, his smugness, and that he makes Il Ri come to him every time, knowing that she will come running, not necessarily just because she’s attracted to him (which she obviously is) but because she thinks he needs saving from his own loneliness and isolation.

I’m with you Jomo, in that I would’ve stayed away from this too had it not been written by Kim Do Woo whom I’m such a huge fan of, warts and all. I mean even when her plots go haywire, her people and their emotional connections never do! So I’m here for this, all of it, no matter where it goes!

Hope you keep on posting!

Jomo's Findings

To balance out my thoughts, I have invited Carole McDonnell, poet, essayist, reviewer and everyone’s favorite commenter from Dramabeans, to give her take as well. Over the years, her analysis proved insightful about every drama that interests her. She sees deeper into scripts, characters and their psychology than I ever can, and I enjoy trying on her opinions to see how they fit with mine. Everyone say, Welcome, Carole!

Spoiler warning: This post cover up to the end of Episode 4

Carole’s Intro

I’m not a fan of adultery. But I can understand it. And I can forgive it or even applaud it if it’s “valid.” I suppose one important question in any adulterous relationship — or even in any marriage relationship– is: “Is this love valid?” But this is the first time I’ve seen a drama title that placed that very important issue in the actual title. So, yeah…

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Fated to love you Ep 1 – Thoughts and discussion

A SPOILER & COMPARISON FREE-ZONE! Because we didn’t watch the T-version and it’s tiresome to read and be spoiled by people who have. We love everybody, but if your only POV is to compare this to the version that we haven’t seen, then we can’t converse with you!! And we want to have conversations!! Coz we want to obsess inclusively!!

Stuck on Hyuk

You have no idea the happiness I feel, as a Jang Hyuk fan, to be able to watch a drama with him, live, and to be enjoying it

One of the exciting aspects of watching live is to be able to interact with others, spazz, speculate, dissect, fangirl, drool, anticipate next episodes together, etc! There are many places where one can do that Soompi and Dramabeans being among the most popular. However, since this is a remake of a very popular taiwanese drama of the same name, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid spoilers and comparisons to the original taiwanese version. People do their best to use spoiler tags but there is always someone who forgets and throws a big BOMB to those who are watching this version first lol. So here is the idea we came up with for those who would like to share this experience without spoilers and comparisons.


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Thoughts on ‘Sageuk (historical drama)’

Hurrah for Gumi’s twitter frustration if it results in an illuminating post like this ;P And halfway through my Chuno watch, this comes along at the perfect time! Thanks Gumi.

Stuck on Hyuk

So there was this discussion going on my twitter timeline, and I got frustrated with twitter 140 character limit. So here it goes. About ‘Sageuk’


What it literally means: It literally means ‘historical drama.’ ‘Sa’ for history, ‘geuk’ for drama.

How it is actually used: Basically, you see a K-drama and guys have long hair, and people are wearing somewhat colorful clothes, and people wield swords around, and people die a lot, and there’s class difference, and…ok I’ll stop.

Anything ancient-ish looking is called sageuk in K-drama world these days.

DF mentioned she’s reading stuffs about historical fiction, period drama, costume drama, etc. But they are all called sageuk, lol. I hate it, but that’s how people use the term, and language follows the way people use whether you like it or not. So I guess I’ll have to just accept the fact that they are just allll called sageuk, and will…

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Director’s Cut: Ahn Pan Seok Speaks on SLA – Part 4

“Every art project exists for humanism, so it’s important for me that we do not ignore the rights of actors and staff. This is more important to me than the quality of the project, whether it be success or failure.”

“For me the process is more important that the result.”



Translated by @seungshinl

Exclusive Interview of Secret Love Affair PD Ahn Pan Seok
– | 취재팀 5.20.2014

The Music Choices in “Secret Love Affair”

Why Rachmaninoff:

Let’s talk about the music choices in “Secret Love Affair”.  It is easy to surmise the reasons for Schubert’s Fantasie which Seon Jae and Hye Won played togetheror Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #23 (“Apassionata” Sonata).  Dvorak’s Piano Quintet and Mozart’s Rondo which appeared later were also explained in various conversations.

However the choice that had quite a significance in the drama, Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini was not given a particular comment.  Writer Jeong is a classical music maniac so she chose a number of pieces herself initially and then wrote them into the Script.  She used them where it was pertinent to create the ambience in a scene or provide relevant history in the drama.   Where she was uncertain, she would…

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Director’s Cut: Ahn Pan Seok Speaks on SLA – Part 1

When fandoms rock! The result of SLA love has resulted in this interview translation frm the man himself! I wished he talked more about why those particular moments in the pieces where chosen specifically though. Did YAI’s ability to play it factor in or was it purely chosen to reflect the emotions in the scene? Anyways, a wealth of information here frm the mind of the auteur 😀


Translated by @seungshinl

Exclusive Interview of Secret Love Affair PD Ahn Pan Seok
– 5.20.2014

 What he is most proud about the Secret Love Affair:

PD Ahn Pan Seok started the interview with a wave of his hand. “I have told the story in 16 Episodes what more could I say?” When he began, he started by saying he is most proud of the fact that he was able to complete the Secret Love Affair project while giving plenty of time for the staff to eat, sleep, and rest.

How he got involved in Secret Love Affair:

It’s a long story; it goes back 2007-2008.  At the time I was under contract with “Drama House” production company.  It had been approached by “Future One” production company to do a collaboration on an adaptation of the novel “Tokyo Tower” written by Ekuni Kaori.  Writer, Jeong Seong Joo was at the…

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