Film Review: Snowpiercer (2013)


[I’m handing over the reins for this one to the hubs Warrible, he of this glorious listicle. He writes full paragraphs this time round ;D–DDee] 

Bong Joon-Ho’s dystopian epic has finally arrived on our “secondary-market” screens, fully intact and free from the much-discussed Weinstein cuts.

With much anticipation, me and the Mrs had the chance to take this ride during a late-evening screening. And for much of its ample 126 minute runtime, I am happy to report that Snowpiercer runs on all cylinders. Snowpiercer proves itself to be a prime example of the sort of intelligent, exciting and plain strange entertainment that Hollywood prides itself on never risking to make.

It’s 2031 and the titular train is all that stands between its inhabitants and the cold embrace of a world devastated by winter disaster. All of humanity are now forced to live in strictly stratified confines on a train that never stops moving. Continue reading

The OCDrama Digest 17th – 23rd Feb

Hello all, how was your week? I’m experiencing a bout of writer’s block as you may have noticed by the silence this week. I’m not alone it seems, as a couple of us on Facebook were saying how we might as well set up a support group of sorts :D.

Moving on…

1. Kim Woo Bin, Rain and the Running Man crew land in Australia to tape an episode set to air in March. Thanks to the stalkerazzi on tumblr, I know what we can look forward to seeing and I’m jumping for joy *smirk*: 

 KWBRunningMan KookRunningMan Continue reading