Bad Guys Drops Vicious Teaser: the OCDrama Digest 7-14th July 2014

Another week and another round of reads! Dramaland has been kind to me lately what with two live-watches that are shaping up to be awesome in their own¬†ways. Hope you’ve had similar luck ūüôā

Bad Guys OCN

1. Upcoming OCN crime thriller Bad Boys or Bad Guys, released a teaser today featuring an appropriately menacing Kim San Joong and a gaggle of¬†vicious dogs. Kim San Joong, fresh off a¬†stint in A New Leaf, plays a detective who corals a bunch of “bad guys” into a crime fighting squad because presumably you have to be one to catch one. ¬†This comes after the recent inclusion¬†of Park Hae Jin fresh off his role in Doctor Quack Stranger into the cast playing the role of a “genius psychopath”. Joining the two are Jo Dong Hyul, Ma Dong Suk and Kang Ye Wom. This is produced by the same team behind Vampire Prosecutor,¬†and judging by the teaser, it’s looking very very good.¬†Or rather, bad. Bad Guys airs in October. Continue reading

Nodame Cantabile Casting Bombshell & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 7th July 2014

And we’re back to our regular posting schedule! I’ve realised that it’s been one year since I started this blog so I’m patting myself on the back for making it this far. I’m patting you on the back too sticking around and for joining me along on this journey¬†:).¬†It’s time for a facelift too (not me, the blog, although hmm….), so don’t be surprised to find some changes soon.




1. The¬†biggest bombshell of the day (and of the week probably) is Yoona’s casting in much-beloved Nodame Cantabile¬†opposite Joo Won which lit up the net with a huge outcries of say-it-ain’t so. It’s by Group 8, the same production company behind similar adaptations Boys Over Flowers and Pretty Man.¬†I have no connection to either the manga or the J-dorama so I don’t really have much to say about this one, except to everyone involved in this and to those who are planning on tuning in, I wish you the very best of luck. I say that without a trace of sarcasm.







2. And speaking of adaptations, Fated to Love You swept me off my feet as my fangirly first-look post will tell you. I hear that Jang Hyuk‘s trademark cackle has created some buzz on the net. Not surprising since it’s HYSTERICAL.

Jang Hyuk Fated to Love You Continue reading

Fated to Love You: Me Likey!

Well this is a shocker!¬†I’m sitting here absolutely giddy¬†in love with¬†Fated to Love You.

I was wary bout this one for obvious reasons, but see what happens when a show exceeds your expectations? You get me writing a very fangirly first impressions post, which I almost never do. The first impressions part I mean. I fangirl all the time!

First, let’s talk about this creature¬†here.

Fated to Love You Ep1

I was looking forward to¬†a certain level of ham and slapstick from what I’d seen from the teasers, but I certainly did not expect¬†the show to¬†zealously¬†devote¬†itself¬†to making Lee Geon look as ridiculous as possible. Continue reading

Fated to Love You’s Bulge-y Start & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 24th June ‚Äď 3rd July2014

Gaaah. Time! We know it flies, but where to exactly? I’m terribly late yet again, and I’m in a blogging slump. My reviews are pending (sorry), but I’m watching oldies Snowman¬†and History of a Salaryman which are fabulous! So be happy for me ūüôā

1. Fated to Love You¬†premiered last night!¬†I’ve dropped all other rom-coms (a.k.a.the only one I was watching High School King) and am throwing my lot in with this one instead. With uber sexy and ridiculous and wonderful Jang Hyuk and cutie pie Jang Nara how could I not? I have yet to check out the first episode, but damn if the¬†teaser was a¬†splendid blend of slapstick craziness. Plus¬†abs! And Jang Hyuk’s er..his..his…. Continue reading

See Seo In Guk Boogie Down in High School King, & other news: the OCDrama Digest 28th May – 3 June2014

People, it’s Tuesday and I’m behind schedule. So what’s new?! Onwards…

1. I’m not entirely sure what this teaser has to do with the drama itself about a student living a double life as his older bro, but heck, if Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na¬†do any of this in High School King, I’m so there. Wiggle and shimmy all you want Seo In Guk. Especially in that suit.

High School King airs June 16th on tvN.  Continue reading