Favourites of 2013

I’m sorry to inflict yet another best-of list on you but I figured it would be good for my swiss cheese memory to jot these down for posterity.

It’s been a year of many firsts: my first year of K-drama watching, of blogging, of tumblr-ing (is that a word?), and of meeting a lovely community of fellow drama obsessives (that means you!) which has been totally awesome.

I wish everyone lots of love, happiness and many more good dramas in 2014!


These worked for me in all the ways that matter–heart, story, substance and execution–and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend every one of them. In no particular order: Continue reading

Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong

I don’t usually notice celeb photo spreads unless they fall into my lap, like while flipping through magazines in the hair salon.

Ever since I started this blog though, blogs or sites that I follow regularly post them so they fall into my lap all the time.   It’s all mostly harmless and pretty. After all, it’s hard to make these people look less than pretty. But I think it’s considerably easier to make them look like circus monkeys.

This gem I spotted this week accomplishes both, a real feat:

Lee Seung Gi bakes Ceci 2013

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Five Signs You’re Dealing With An Obsessive Compulsive (K)-Drama Watcher

signs of a k-drama addict

Life with DDee

Hi folks,

DDee has decided to go into hiding to shield herself from I Hear Your Voice spoilers. So I’m contributing today.

Who am I? I’m the person who has to wait patiently in bed every night for DDee to finish marathoning the latest episode(s) of whatever drama she’s obsessing over.

So from the perspective of a total outsider, may I humbly present my findings on Subject DDee. Yes – it’s totally pathological, I’m afraid.  Continue reading