The OCDrama Digest 17th – 23rd Feb

Hello all, how was your week? I’m experiencing a bout of writer’s block as you may have noticed by the silence this week. I’m not alone it seems, as a couple of us on Facebook were saying how we might as well set up a support group of sorts :D.

Moving on…

1. Kim Woo Bin, Rain and the Running Man crew land in Australia to tape an episode set to air in March. Thanks to the stalkerazzi on tumblr, I know what we can look forward to seeing and I’m jumping for joy *smirk*: 

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The OCDrama Digest 2nd – 9th February

Greetings everyone. I was clearly so out of sorts when I wrote my last digest post as I just noticed my dates and my spelling (‘2th’ of February??) were off by miles. To add to the facepalm, in my review of Can We Get Married? I embarrassingly miscounted the number of women characters I rambled on about for approximately 900 words. I really haven’t recovered from Lunar New Years have I?

Yoo Ah In Secret Love Affair Kim Hee Ae Secret Love Affair

1. I’ve not hid my escalating excitement for Secret Love Affair, the upcoming jTBC drama starring Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In as a 40-something career woman embarking on scandalous affair with a much younger musician. The shoot released stills this week and Yoo Ah In looks the part of the manic pixie dream boy I imagine his character will be. Kim Hee Ae looks sublime, and I hope and pray this drama does both actors justice with a story that’s rich and sexy and fascinating, and…sexy. Also on board is Ahn Pan Seok PD regular Park Hyuk Kwon playing the husband, and Kyeon Soo Jin as a girl nursing a major crush on Yoo Ah In. Get in line girlfriend! March 17th cannot come soon enough. Continue reading