I Hear Your Voice: Final(e) check-in

I Hear Your Voice Ep 18

The noona romance to end all noona romances

And.. it’s over! I was happy. Thrilled, in fact. I’m about to go make a virgin sacrifice to the drama gods to give thanks! How rare is it for a show that has delivered the goods each week to wrap up so successfully? We’ve all been burned, even when we thought our expectations could not get any lower. But here’s that rarest of creatures: a show that up-ended expectations and managed to exceed them, consistently. Did we end up where I thought we would? Yes, but how we got there was a delightful surprise each week, like discovering the road to Oz was not made of yellow bricks but chocolate and marshmallows.  Continue reading

I Hear Your Voice: mid-point check in

Doesn’t this look say it all?

SHep14It’s no wonder why I Hear Your Voice gets noonas across the globe all hot and bothered. I admit this noona was slow to board this ship. I was all about Lawyer Cha and his dorky goodness. Yes, colour me crazy but Lee Jong Sook took awhile to get under my skin, and I’m still not convinced he’s a natural in the acting department. But he’s got charisma and charm, and embodies an on-the-cusp-of-manhood quality that’s damn near perfect for this role.  So now I’m fully on board and its giving me all sorts of warm fuzzies :).  Continue reading

I Hear Your Voice has plenty to like

I Hear Your Voice has won me over. Ep 3 shows that its settling into a nice balance of light (i.e. how the court case of the week isn’t dealt with heavily) and moments of genuine creepiness and dread. All the main narrative pieces seem to be in place rather quickly, and production-wise, the show looks great. Our heroine is jaded, pissed off, full of herself, and yet completely likeable! And she’s not even all that competent a lawyer judging from yesterday’s episode. Any show with a heroine that’s not cookie-cutter is already tops in my book. Since am a noob, I’ve never seen Lee Bo Young in anything else, but I think she’s doing a fine job so far. I also really like the unobtrusive soundtrack. Continue reading