Liebster Finale

Liebster logoI took far too long to do this so I’m really sorry, but better late than never right? So here we go with the last of the bunch:

chippyblue of FanGirl asks:

Top 10 K dramas
Click on my Favourites page and you’ll discover I only have four. If I had to add to it, it’d be Que Sera Sera, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Queen InHyun’s Man. I hope to include Secret Love Affair to this soon.

Top 5 K drama actors

Gong Yoo

Hello handsome

Gong Yoo, Jang Hyuk, Song Jong Ki, Kim Myung Min, and lately, Cho Seung Woo who I’ve really enjoyed in God’s Gift.

Top 5 K drama actresses
Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hee Ae, Shin Min Ah, Jung Ryeo Won. Remind me to make headers for Jung Ryeo Won one day.

What is the last book you read or currently reading?
I read That Far Gone fanfic by Mywebfoot. It’s fabulous!

Who is the K drama character you loved hating?
Oooh, since you’ve just reminded me about Que Sera Sera I’d say Eric Mun’s character Tae Joo. He was a despicable tool. And he was great to hate. I hated rooting for him when he finally started to make some good decisions.

What is it in Asian dramas you like best?
The women-centered stories, the unabashed romanticism that makes me swoon, and the music is pretty good too.

What is the number one song on your playlist?

Currently, its a song by a Japanese band called Tricot. Saw their gig a couple of weeks ago and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since.

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The Liebster Award–Part 3

awardWell, I’m back with another round of questions to answer for the Liebster Award. Shucks, I’m really chuffed yet again by the shout-outs, especially since these are from blogs I love and read all the time. So let’s do this!

Picture Perfect Paradise asks: 

1. If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about?

I recently heard a story about a fortune teller who tells fortunes using a deck of cards. The cards need to be buried with the fortune teller and then dug up after a few days by someone she’d chosen to pass them on to. And I thought, now that would make a great character!

So, my drama would be something along the lines of a fortune teller who goes in search for someone to pass on her powers to when she finds out that she’s dying. After a string of rejects she stumbles on a young woman who is a con artist with whom she inexplicably has a connection. Throw in a hot client-turned-love interest and another sidekick they pick up along the way, as this rag tag bunch go on their merry way trying to prevent a murder that the fortune teller has foretold. It’ll have lots of womance–our leads learn from and heal each other–lots of comedy, thrills and spills, heart, and some sexy kisses. But it ends with the fortune teller’s death. I haven’t filled in all the details yet and I doubt I can since I’ve never been one to write fiction, so if anyone out there cares to fill in the blanks, be my guest!

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The Liebster Award–Part 2

Liebster Award Logo-1

[Shucks, there’ve been a couple more (thanks again Snow and Ahjusshi Fan!)so I’ve updated this page to keep the Liebsters together. Scroll down if you’re interested ;)]

Well lookie here! I’m really chuffed and grateful for Erl at A Mix of Anything and Everything for nominating me for the Liebster Award (why do I feel like I’m writing my Oscar acceptance speech?).

I know everybody says this but it is true that I’d never really thought anyone would read anything on my blog, let alone receive something like this.  So I am downright humbled and well pleased that this has come my way. So Erl, I shower you with rose petals, and same goes for anyone who has ever read and commented here on my little corner of the world. Everyone gets rose petals! Continue reading