High School King Debuts To Good Ratings & Other News: 10th – 17th June 2014

It’s World Cup season! I’m not a football fan but through the sheer inescapability of it all, I kinda sorta know what’s going on in the game for once in my life. And just in time for South Korea’s first match against Russia tomorrow, I just learned that Koreans’ least favourite team, apart from Japan (no surprise there), is their own! In any case, hwaiting!!

High School King stills

1. High School King premiered last night to an average of 1.5% ratings which is a very respectable start for the rom-com. I haven’t checked out the first episode yet, but the quirky teasers and the tvN pedigree give me some reason to hope that this will turn out quite well. And lookie, Seo In Guk in a suit…mmmmm! Javabeans over at DB seems have given what she’s seen so far a thumbs up, so hurrah for the prospect of another (hopefully) good rom-com to come our way. Especially after the slew of duds dramaland has thrown at us this spring.  Continue reading

Evasive Inquiry Agency Ep 6

Review: Evasive Enquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)

Premise: A group of misfits stumble across a dead body, three pieces of ancient gold and a map. With a mysterious heiress in tow, the gang embark on search for the long lost loot with gangsters on their tail. Will they find what they’re looking for?Evasive Inquiry Agency Ep 15

It’s kinda hard to capture exactly what Evasive Inquiry Agency is. It’s a number of things—a wacky comedy, a rollicking adventure tale, a warm human drama—but perhaps most of all, it’s like that rarest of birds the dodo, special and extinct.

So special in fact, that I’m frankly quite baffled as to how it ever got made.

The fact that writer Park Yeon Seon scored a hit with her previous drama Alone in Love, and parleyed that success into this offers some clues. This feels like she threw caution to the wind and set out to flex a different set of storytelling muscles.

How different? Well, for starters there’s zero romance! Yes, zilch! And what little romance there is is mostly the butt of a running joke.

Actually, there’s nothing remotely resembling a conventional Kdrama here, much less one with any commercial or mainstream appeal. It’s handsomest actor Lee Min Ki, for instance, spends the entire drama looking like this:

Evasive Inquiry Agency Ep 6 Continue reading