High School King Debuts To Good Ratings & Other News: 10th – 17th June 2014

It’s World Cup season! I’m not a football fan but through the sheer inescapability of it all, I kinda sorta know what’s going on in the game for once in my life. And just in time for South Korea’s first match against Russia tomorrow, I just learned that Koreans’ least favourite team, apart from Japan (no surprise there), is their own! In any case, hwaiting!!

High School King stills

1. High School King premiered last night to an average of 1.5% ratings which is a very respectable start for the rom-com. I haven’t checked out the first episode yet, but the quirky teasers and the tvN pedigree give me some reason to hope that this will turn out quite well. And lookie, Seo In Guk in a suit…mmmmm! Javabeans over at DB seems have given what she’s seen so far a thumbs up, so hurrah for the prospect of another (hopefully) good rom-com to come our way. Especially after the slew of duds dramaland has thrown at us this spring.  Continue reading

High School King Episode 1 Previews, & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 4 – 9th June 2014

Greetings all! I’m on time this week, so kudos to me for keeping to my schedule :D.

1. After a dorky dance battle teaser released last week, tvN drops a preview with actual footage from the first episode of Seo In Guk vehicle High School King. His character is seen racing from his real life as ace ice hockey player to his fake one taking over his brother’s job at an IT firm. There’s also sightings of Lee Ha Na as a geeky temp and love interest and Lee Soo Hyuk as office rival. Watching this brings back pangs of longing for Shut Up Flower Boy Band which was also a tvN show about high schoolers trying to keep their heads above water. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, except to say that there’s a void that needs to be filled in dramaland at the moment for a show like SUFBB that can string a story together from start to finish without dropping the ball. The show airs after Witch’s Romance which wraps up this week.  Continue reading

See Seo In Guk Boogie Down in High School King, & other news: the OCDrama Digest 28th May – 3 June2014

People, it’s Tuesday and I’m behind schedule. So what’s new?! Onwards…

1. I’m not entirely sure what this teaser has to do with the drama itself about a student living a double life as his older bro, but heck, if Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na do any of this in High School King, I’m so there. Wiggle and shimmy all you want Seo In Guk. Especially in that suit.

High School King airs June 16th on tvN.  Continue reading

Kim Hee Ae, Ahn Pan Seok Win Awards in Style & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 13–27th May 2014

Peeps, I’m late. Again. But better late with this, than with my period is what I’m saying 😛 (What, we’re all friends here, right? No? TMI?)

1. I don’t keep tabs on K-ent awards because they’re frankly quite bewildering. I didn’t even know today was the Baeksang Arts Awards. The only drama I care about is Secret Love Affair, and guess what? The masterminds Ahn Pan Seok PD and screenwriter Jung Sung Joo won Best Director and Best Screenwriter respectively, and were probably the most deserving winners of the night, if you ask me. (And Lee Bo Young coz she’s great too.)

How much do I love that APS cooly walks up on stage in a jeans and regular shirt looking like an absent-minded professor amidst all the glitz and glamour? So humble, and so BADASS ;).  Continue reading

The Master’s Sun: Episode 10 BTS and Other Ways to Cope With Only 1 Episode This Week


Thanks to a kind soul who translated a screencap, we know that whoever puts these clips together has a sense of humour (Credit: Soompi)

So because of Chuseok holidays (mid-autumn festival) in the ROK this week there will be only one episode of The Master’s Sun airing on Thursday.

First of all, silver linings: at least we got one! I had thought we’d have to wait until next week to find out what happened to Joong Won so, yay! On the other hand, it is only one episode. So to tide me over, here’s other TMS related stuff I could distract myself with.  Unlike me, you probably have better things to do with your time than look for coping mechanisms. But in case you need it, here they are:

1. The latest behind the scenes video of Episode 10’s restaurant scene [Update: now with English subs!]

You know the one where Joong Won swoops in and calls her ‘baby’? Yeah, so you can imagine it’s a great video for RL shippers. It’s not subbed, but you should be able to read the body language just fine 😉 Continue reading