The OCDrama Digest 3 -9 March: International Women’s Day Edition

I guess I should warn everyone that I’m feeling rather upset and grumpy. The universe has thrown a boatload of bad news of all sorts at me over the weekend which tarnishes the appeal of writing up this post. Nevertheless, soldier on we must, and to cheer myself up, here’s something I found on tumblr in honour of International Women’s Day, a collage of some awesome drama heroines:


Pic frm

Which by the way, also brought some clarity as to why I’ve dropped some popular dramas in this season–because the women in them deserved far better than the men they got saddled with, no matter how hard the dramas tried to convince me otherwise. Sorry, I’m supposed to be cheered up but the grump is too strong. Continue reading

The belated OCDrama digest 27th Jan – 2nd Feb: Lunar New Year edition

Lee Min Ho

Happy Lunar New Year! Yunno, I had grand desires to never miss a digest post but alas, a brief bout of illness, too much New Year eating and battling the insane holiday traffic in my home town had overwhelmed me. But better late than never, I say.

I’m now on the mend, so much so that I could get caught up with what my babies are up to on In A Good Way, and in I Need Romance 3. The former still has me firmly in it’s warm fuzzy grip while the latter, I’m afraid, will have to be cut loose. It’s not going the way I expected it to, but more importantly, I don’t want to go where it wants to take me. I’m starting to side-eye the show and that’s not good. I’m saddened because Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon together, are downright drool-worthy and so sexy it almost hurts. So I’m kissing it good bye and wishing it the best.

Onwards! Continue reading

Favourites of 2013

I’m sorry to inflict yet another best-of list on you but I figured it would be good for my swiss cheese memory to jot these down for posterity.

It’s been a year of many firsts: my first year of K-drama watching, of blogging, of tumblr-ing (is that a word?), and of meeting a lovely community of fellow drama obsessives (that means you!) which has been totally awesome.

I wish everyone lots of love, happiness and many more good dramas in 2014!


These worked for me in all the ways that matter–heart, story, substance and execution–and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend every one of them. In no particular order: Continue reading

Who Are You? post-mid point check-in

Who Are You Ep12 Shi On kidnapped


Why has this show become a total drag?? It’s been stuck in a holding pattern for at least four episodes. It’s so listless it can’t even muster up the enthusiasm to deliver a decent cliffhanger.

Where did it all go wrong? Who Are You began as an enjoyable ride. It didn’t try to hard, wasn’t aiming for depth and didn’t take itself too seriously.

I treated it like the little engine that could: it didn’t have the A-list actors, a big budget or any hype. But it was entertaining despite these limitations. The show was content to be middling without any pretensions, which I admired. There’s nothing worse than a show that over-promises then under-delivers–Gu Family bull anyone?  Continue reading

The stills from hell and other news

My headspace is rather limited this week so this is a cheat post of bits and pieces of interest in dramaland of late.

The worst promo stills ever


Ji Sung, fit for ogling here. Not  in the Secret stills

The worst promo stills I’ve ever seen were released this week. I ran away screaming trying to poke my eyes out.  I’m not gonna post it  and I’m not even going to link to it, so just Google “Secret“, “Ji Sung” and “chokes” if you want to see what I’m talking about.  Continue reading