Two Weeks: Tae San’s favourite films

Two-Weeks So I’m liking Two Weeks alot. With its expert plotting, range of characters and Lee Jun Ki’s willingness to get endearingly dirty and desperate, I have few complaints.

But what I really get a kick out of the most is Tae San’s love of movies and his gut instinct of mining films for survival tips. It’s like movies are apart of his immune system.

Since I’m a little OCD(ee) here’s a list of movies he’s watched and/or referenced so far:

Episode 1: A Moment of Romance (1990, directed by Benny Chan)

Thanks to others savvier than myself, we know that this is the movie that Tae San is seen enjoying early in this  episode. I’ve never seen this but after some Google fu I kinda know why this might be one of Tae San’s favourites.

It’s a classic Hong Kong actioner starring Andy Lau as a low-level self-loathing gangster (sound familiar?) who falls in love with a wealthy good girl he takes hostage in a robbery gone wrong. The scene we see Tae San watching is the famous climax of the romance between the good girl-bad boy leads. The song that plays over this is also Tae San’s ring tone (thanks to Gabby‘s sharp ears).

Tae San also jumps on a bike to make his escape echoing the hero’s love of racing motorcycles in the movie. (Gotta respect the attention to detail in this show.) This action romance was a major hit that went on to spawn two sequels and is regarded as one of Andy Lau’s best performances.  Continue reading