The Liebster Award–Part 3

awardWell, I’m back with another round of questions to answer for the Liebster Award. Shucks, I’m really chuffed yet again by the shout-outs, especially since these are from blogs I love and read all the time. So let’s do this!

Picture Perfect Paradise asks: 

1. If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about?

I recently heard a story about a fortune teller who tells fortunes using a deck of cards. The cards need to be buried with the fortune teller and then dug up after a few days by someone she’d chosen to pass them on to. And I thought, now that would make a great character!

So, my drama would be something along the lines of a fortune teller who goes in search for someone to pass on her powers to when she finds out that she’s dying. After a string of rejects she stumbles on a young woman who is a con artist with whom she inexplicably has a connection. Throw in a hot client-turned-love interest and another sidekick they pick up along the way, as this rag tag bunch go on their merry way trying to prevent a murder that the fortune teller has foretold. It’ll have lots of womance–our leads learn from and heal each other–lots of comedy, thrills and spills, heart, and some sexy kisses. But it ends with the fortune teller’s death. I haven’t filled in all the details yet and I doubt I can since I’ve never been one to write fiction, so if anyone out there cares to fill in the blanks, be my guest!

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The OCDrama Digest 10th – 16th Feb

Hi everyone! Did dramaland treat you well this past week? I’ve been somewhat adrift in the currents with nothing to latch onto in terms of a marathon. Except for Coffee Prince, but that is a different kind of marathon. I’m glad In a Good Way returned after the New Year break, and did so with a vengeance. It keeps on getting better and better, and it’s turning out to be far more of an ensemble drama than I ever expected. This is a drama after my own heart but more on that another day. Over to what we’re here for:

Secret Love Affair1. HAWT DAAYYUM, PEOPLE!  This is a screencap from a behind the scenes clip of Secret Love Affair‘s poster shoot which was released this week. And if this isn’t enough heat for you, then let me direct you to this gifset. I warn you, do not look unless you are ready to get singed by some epic sizzle. And I really do mean epic–there are puckering lips involved.  Continue reading

The OCDrama Digest 2nd – 9th February

Greetings everyone. I was clearly so out of sorts when I wrote my last digest post as I just noticed my dates and my spelling (‘2th’ of February??) were off by miles. To add to the facepalm, in my review of Can We Get Married? I embarrassingly miscounted the number of women characters I rambled on about for approximately 900 words. I really haven’t recovered from Lunar New Years have I?

Yoo Ah In Secret Love Affair Kim Hee Ae Secret Love Affair

1. I’ve not hid my escalating excitement for Secret Love Affair, the upcoming jTBC drama starring Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In as a 40-something career woman embarking on scandalous affair with a much younger musician. The shoot released stills this week and Yoo Ah In looks the part of the manic pixie dream boy I imagine his character will be. Kim Hee Ae looks sublime, and I hope and pray this drama does both actors justice with a story that’s rich and sexy and fascinating, and…sexy. Also on board is Ahn Pan Seok PD regular Park Hyuk Kwon playing the husband, and Kyeon Soo Jin as a girl nursing a major crush on Yoo Ah In. Get in line girlfriend! March 17th cannot come soon enough. Continue reading

Weekly OCDrama Digest 6 – 12 Jan 2014

I mentioned last week that as a resolution for the new year, I’m taking a cue from Snoop Dogg. If the drama doesn’t fit, it’s time to drop it like it’s hot. I’m committed to not committing.

With that in mind, I’ve shelved Miss Korea and You From Another Star, and I‘ve started on In A Good Way (which is going swimmingly) and re-watching Coffee Prince. For the 6th time! The latter is especially magical and I’ve decided that it’s about time I devoted some blog space to it and so, I’m announcing a series of episode guides or whatever you call postings of me nattering on about why each episode makes me so happy, Gong Yoo’s gorgeous smile not withstanding. I’m struggling to hold myself back from marathoning the daylights out of it as per usual because I have to take notes and write as I go along. But I find this only prolongs the delicious pleasure.

Pleasure, people. Isn’t that why we signed up for this drama madness business? The episode guides will start next week. And if anyone has better ideas on what to call ’em please share! I’m stumped.  But I digress (see how it gets with me and Coffee Prince?).

On with regularly scheduled programming:

Yoo Ah In1. In drama casting news, Kim Hee Ae is set to romance Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair, the upcoming JTBC drama by the A Wife’s Credentials team, about an older woman falling for a much younger musical prodigy. Colour me excited. Before this was announced, in my casting couch daydreams, I had envisioned Song Joong Ki being perfect for this role. Or maybe even Gong Yoo, if the drama wanted to skew older leading man (I read that he was in the mood for a sexy, adult, dramatic turn). But I’m not complaining! Yoo Ah In can rock the boyish smoulder and has honed some serious dramatic acting chops during his stint in Jang Ok Jung that a melo like this requires.  Continue reading