Eric Mun Cusses on Discovery of Romance’s teaser: OCDrama Digest 15-21th July 2014

Folks, we have a highly anticipated debut this week which I almost forgot about. It’s Okay It’s Love starts this Wednesday, and I think I’ve never seen Gong Hyo Jin look so beautiful.  Just look at her:

Gong Hyo Jin

Two thumbs up for the show’s hair and make-up, though I have a feeling lip gloss will be slathered all over on Jo In Sung. I doubt I’ll watch this one live since I’m hooked on Fated To Love You, but still…the pretty will be a powerful pull in this one. And not just with the actors too–I drool at all the frolicking under the Okinawa sunshine.    Continue reading

Top 10 Blogging Confessions

It’s been just over a year since I started this blog and to mark the occasion, I thought I would fess up and come clean about some things.

1. I lurk. A lot. 

I follow a lot of blogs and I read and enjoy a lot of stuff. But my comments are few, and if you’re not on WordPress, the chances of me commenting on your post are close to nil. I’m too lazy to have to log-in with my details every single time just to comment. And I do have a Disqus account but damned if I can remember the password. If you’re on twitter, I will likely high-five you there instead of commenting! I will try and do better.

2. I get lazy

I have a gabillion half-written posts sitting in my drafts. I lose interest as fast as I get inspired, and then another episode calls out and I’m off watching instead of writing.

3. I’m green with envy

I marvel at the copious output of other bloggers who are far more gifted than I. How do people spin an entire post out of one photograph I will never understand. Me, I look at a still and go, oh that looks nice and move on. And how on earth do y’all write 5000+ words of glorious commentary I will never know either. Teach me! Continue reading

Bad Guys Drops Vicious Teaser: the OCDrama Digest 7-14th July 2014

Another week and another round of reads! Dramaland has been kind to me lately what with two live-watches that are shaping up to be awesome in their own ways. Hope you’ve had similar luck :)

Bad Guys OCN

1. Upcoming OCN crime thriller Bad Boys or Bad Guys, released a teaser today featuring an appropriately menacing Kim San Joong and a gaggle of vicious dogs. Kim San Joong, fresh off a stint in A New Leaf, plays a detective who corals a bunch of “bad guys” into a crime fighting squad because presumably you have to be one to catch one.  This comes after the recent inclusion of Park Hae Jin fresh off his role in Doctor Quack Stranger into the cast playing the role of a “genius psychopath”. Joining the two are Jo Dong Hyul, Ma Dong Suk and Kang Ye Wom. This is produced by the same team behind Vampire Prosecutor, and judging by the teaser, it’s looking very very good. Or rather, bad. Bad Guys airs in October. Continue reading

A Tour of Kuala Lumpur With GOT7

I don’t know a thing about K-pop group GOT7 other than they have seven members and they are very new (I believe the technical term is “rookie”). So imagine my surprise when I came across their new video only to recognise what looked like my city, no matter how hard they tried to make it look like a generic urban wonderland. And then I vaguely recalled that GOT7 trended on twitter not to long ago and this must’ve been why.

I was tickled! And I whenever I’m tickled, I seize the moment and try to be productive.

So welcome to my brief introduction to life in Kuala Lumpur through the lens of GOT7′s ‘A’ MV.

Expect to discover a side of KL you’ll never see in our Malaysia Truly Asia ads.  Continue reading

Fated to love you Ep 1 – Thoughts and discussion


A SPOILER & COMPARISON FREE-ZONE! Because we didn’t watch the T-version and it’s tiresome to read and be spoiled by people who have. We love everybody, but if your only POV is to compare this to the version that we haven’t seen, then we can’t converse with you!! And we want to have conversations!! Coz we want to obsess inclusively!!

Originally posted on Stuck on Hyuk:

You have no idea the happiness I feel, as a Jang Hyuk fan, to be able to watch a drama with him, live, and to be enjoying it

One of the exciting aspects of watching live is to be able to interact with others, spazz, speculate, dissect, fangirl, drool, anticipate next episodes together, etc! There are many places where one can do that Soompi and Dramabeans being among the most popular. However, since this is a remake of a very popular taiwanese drama of the same name, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid spoilers and comparisons to the original taiwanese version. People do their best to use spoiler tags but there is always someone who forgets and throws a big BOMB to those who are watching this version first lol. So here is the idea we came up with for those who would like to share this experience without spoilers and comparisons.


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