Talking Dramas

Meet the masterminds behind Facebook’s finest K-drama discussion group Operation Kdrama Chat

Where do you talk dramas? If you’re anything like me, since no one I know personally watches K-dramas and more importantly, is willing to indulge me, it’s probably on the internet.

Since starting my blog, I’ve discovered a vast ecosystem of online spaces where K-drama fans converge and connect. From blogs to forums to social media, there’s no shortage of platforms through which to talk about your favourite drama, squee about your latest K-crush, or rant about an insipid ending.

Since I use all of these platforms to varying degrees, I’ve since become accustomed to the different ways one can talk dramas. I consider my blog my home base, where I get to collect and expand on my thoughts, and where hopefully, others feel free to converse with me.

Twitter lends itself to pithy, quippy immediacy. Forums like Soompi threads are haunted by obsessives with the patience to scroll through endless pages of postings. Tumblr is a free-wheeling playground, entertaining and image-heavy, and a happy medium for those who don’t write lengthy spiels but need more than 140 characters to express themselves.

Which leads me to Facebook. Though I don’t participate often, one of my favourite FB spaces is Operation Kdrama Chat. Started by a trio of friends who met–where else?–online, it’s a Facebook group that stands out from many other FB groups which often can feel random and scattershot. For one, the group organises moderated discussions every Monday and Thursday around a specific drama chosen by the community, sparking delightful commentary and dialogue. There’s no shortage of activity on other days though, as members pop in to chat about whatever’s on their mind.

In short, it’s a thriving, welcoming space that’s nurtured with care. So as the group’s celebrates its second anniversary, I thought I’d ask it’s founders Stephanie (of Crazy for Kdrama), Cherry Cordial and Laurie about what makes them, and the group, tick:

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The (Belated) Sunshine Award

First, I owe all these lovelies who nominated me for this award a huge apology for taking so long to respond. I went into hibernation for a lot longer than anticipated.

Second, to anyone still reading this blog, I’m sorry too for taking a leave of absence not fully planned or accounted for.

Life gets in the way, yunno? Or more accurately, feeling like I wasn’t in the right headspace to blog. Or rather, not feeling like anything I had to say was worth writing about. And then the side of me that’s full of self-loathing emerged with her devil horns and said to me, “No one reads this blog anyway. So go ahead, just keep on being lazy.” Silly me, I listened to her.

Also, my drama watching had slowed to a trickle and then came to a screeching halt, so that compounded the rut.

And then I became obsessed with Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X)–the films, the manga, the anime, the EVERYTHING–which sort of took over my life. I even thought of turning this entire blog into a shrine to Kenshin. But that’s another story.

But I recently picked up watching a couple of shows again. So here I am.

TL; DR I’m sorry, I’m back, and here are my answers to your questions: Continue reading

Not Dead Yet & Other News: OCDrama Digest 4th – 25th Aug 2014

Gracious me. I decide to hibernate and switch off from all things K-drama related for a couple of weeks and look what happens? An epic bombshell the likes of last year’s Park Shi Hoo the very week I decide to emerge!

Truth be told, I needed a break from the K-ent related-internet. I just needed some distance from the chatter of social media and the blogosphere. I popped up on twitter occasionally, but for the most part, I just happily watched Fated to Love You (*heart*), marathoned Yoona’s Street (*cuddles*), and sussed out a lovely C-drama 1 Servant 2 Masters all by my lonesome. I enjoyed my comfy cocoon immensely and it helped that my dramas were kick ass company.

But the result of my retreat into blissful ignorance is a neglected tumblr queue (I have no idea what exactly my tumblr has been churning out the last couple of weeks, sorry for the random incoherence tumblr followers!) and a stagnant wordpress blog that should’ve have posted at least two new things by now.

So this is me making my sad sorry face:

Evasive Enquiry Agency Ep 1



I’m also in a bit of a post-hibernation fog so bear with me as we go into this week’s links round-up:

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Nightwatchmen’s Journal Premiers Tonight: OCDrama Digest 29th July – 4th Aug 2014

Greetings friends! It’s been a quiet week due to the Eid break which was bliss! I managed to catch up on some blogging which hopefully I’ll be able to post this week and the next. I haven’t been able to settle on a new marathon yet, so I my drama plate is pretty empty with Fated to Love You. I think for now, it’s a toss up between Tree With Deep Roots, or Ruler in Your Own World.  But in other news…

1. The  news that excited me most this week is Kim Do Woo is returning to dramaland! Yes, she of Kim San Soon and Me Too Flower! fame is back, just after I’d finished her gorgeous melodrama 2003 Snowman which has only deepened my love for her work. And this time, she returns to cable. Love With Illy/Valid Love will air on tvN and traces the ups and downs of a married couple, with a side of adultery and a fairly large age gap to boot. I’m all for challenging material and I’m pretty sure that she’ll tackle this with her trademark warmth, humanity, good humour and lovely dialogue. The drama premiers in October, with no confirmed cast as yet though Uhm Tae Woong has been courted.

2. I hadn’t paid any attention to this drama until I came across the teaser released today with two lovelies front and centre: Kim Young Kwang and Oh Jung Se! I’ve seen a couple of different English titles for this one but I’ll stick to Dramabeans’ Plus Nine Boyswhich traces the lives of four boys/men of ages 9, 19, 29, and 39 who are cursed to face a crisis the year their age ends in 9–explains the sad sack faces in the teaser. Oh Jung Se is a 39-year old workaholic PD desperate for marriage who has to face the one that got away, played by Yoo Da In. Kim Young Kwang plays the 29-year old facing a career meltdown. Kyung Su Jin, last seen in Secret Love Affair, plays a co-worker who will presumably, help him find his way. The other 9 and 19-year-olds are Kim Young Kwang’s brothers with troubles of their own, but guess who’s the 9-year old love interest? The little munchkin from Two Weeks, Lee Chae Mi, who plays a child star competing for jobs with the 9 year-old brother! Oh Se Jung is always endearingly funny, and this omnibus-style premise sounds like it could bring something a little fresh to the table. The drama airs in late August after Marriage Not Dating on tvN.  Continue reading

Review: In A Good Way (SETTV, 2014)

In A Good Way

Premise: The adventures of a pair of best friends, Jia Ern and Ren Wei, who move to the big city of Taipei to attend university.

A wonderful treat of a coming-of-age story, In A Good Way is a quiet and gentle triumph of a drama. It’s sweetness and idealism may seem mundane or too cloying for those who prefer edgier fare, but IAGW’s warmth and it’s utterly adorable cast will win over even the most jaded of souls. It may take a while for it to sink it’s claws into you, but once it does IAGW burrows deep into your heart. Continue reading