See Seo In Guk Boogie Down in High School King, & other news: the OCDrama Digest 28th May – 3 June2014

People, it’s Tuesday and I’m behind schedule. So what’s new?! Onwards…

1. I’m not entirely sure what this teaser has to do with the drama itself about a student living a double life as his older bro, but heck, if Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na do any of this in High School King, I’m so there. Wiggle and shimmy all you want Seo In Guk. Especially in that suit.

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Triangle Premiers Tonight & Other News: the OCDrama Digest 29th April – 5th May

Greetings friends! I believe it’s a holiday in the ROK today. We got our holiday last week with Mayday, so I’m not complaining. Jaejoong, Kim Myung Min and more ahead:

1. I’m sure Jaejoong fans are gearing up with their popcorn and whatnot for Triangle which premiers tonight on MBC. Meanwhile at SBS, another heartthrob is preparing to unleash his potent abs  charms in Doctor Stranger on us–Lee Jong Seuk’s medical-spy-thriller is going up against the melodrama of Triangle in a Mon-Tues showdown of angst and abs. For me Lee Beom Soo trumps Lee Jong Seuk any day, not least because Doctor Stranger sounds downright batty (which can be a great thing if it’s done right) while Triangle looks and sounds meatier, and frankly, more my cup of tea. This subbed teaser looks pretty impressive (and so does Jaejoong’s abs which…why is he running half naked down a street??) so I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

Monday-Tuesday nights are packed, aren’t they? As many of you know, my dance card is fully occupied with Secret Love Affair. But there’s also Big Man and Witch’s Romance both of which are going strong I hear, especially the latter if some awesomely sexy gifsets I’ve seen floating around on tumblr are anything to go by.

Update: HAH okay so MBC just uploaded this clip from tonight’s ep of Triangle  which answers the important question of why Jaejoong is running half-naked down the street. And in slow-mo too:

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The OCDrama Digest 18th -23rd March

In this week’s round-up, Secret Love Affairs premiers and previews, sussing out the You From Another Star craze in China, casting news, anticipating Avengers 2 in Seoul, and beauty queens from yesteryear!

1. My most highly anticipated drama this season Secret Love Affair, hit the ground running with ratings of around 3%, pretty much assuring us that it won’t meet the fate of the PD’s previous drama which died a premature death. SLA‘s first two episodes is pretty much everything I expected–gorgeous, grown-up, and meaty.  I’ve tempered my raging excitement simply because it’s much healthier. I no longer obsess–it didn’t even occur to me that tomorrow’s Monday already. Congratulate me! Continue reading

Writing Fanfiction: A Conversation With Mywebfoot on Writing, Shipping and Publishing, Plus a Chance to Win Her New eBook!

TFG1I’m always thinking of ways to try new things with the blog, so I’m hugely excited to share this Q&A with Mywebfoot, a fanfic writer I got to know of by stalking lurking on The Master’s Sun threads during that hit drama’s run last year.

Mywebfoot’s series of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin couple fanfics called That Far Gone sent plenty of shipping hearts a flutter (including mine) with her witty and descriptive scenes written in So Ji Sub’s voice telling of a deepening relationship between the actors on the TMS set. The actors’ crackling chemistry on and off-screen played a major part in my enjoyment of the show and is largely why the SoGong couple as they’ve been named, has a legion of dedicated and loyal fans.

Spurred by the popularity of her series, Mywebfoot decided to expand those chapters into a full-length eBook now available for sale. She’s also very kindly made one free copy available for one lucky reader, but I’ll get to that later!

Here she shares a little more about the process of writing and the importance of finding a supportive community on her journey towards publishing her latest work: Continue reading