Eric Mun Cusses on Discovery of Romance’s teaser: OCDrama Digest 15-21th July 2014

Folks, we have a highly anticipated debut this week which I almost forgot about. It’s Okay It’s Love starts this Wednesday, and I think I’ve never seen Gong Hyo Jin look so beautiful.  Just look at her:

Gong Hyo Jin

Two thumbs up for the show’s hair and make-up, though I have a feeling lip gloss will be slathered all over on Jo In Sung. I doubt I’ll watch this one live since I’m hooked on Fated To Love You, but still…the pretty will be a powerful pull in this one. And not just with the actors too–I drool at all the frolicking under the Okinawa sunshine.    Continue reading

Mirae’s Choice: It Wasn’t All Bad, I Swear

Mirae's Choice Ep 12 screenshotThis may be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think Mirae’s Choice sucked as much everyone believes. (By everyone, I mean at least the majority of the English-speaking K-drama blogosphere.  And the general Korean public as well judging by the poor ratings.) Fine, that sounds like everyone but I’m pretty sure there’s got to be a least a handful who agree with me!   Continue reading

Weekly OCD Drama Digest 25 Nov – 1 December

Annyeong! How did dramaland treat you this week? Mine felt pretty blah, so I marathoned School 2013 and I think I’ve found my vote for the year’s best drama! In other K-drama news…

Gong Yoo Running Man Ep 175 preview

1. 7 days till Gong Yoo appears on Running ManAs I mentioned last week, Gong Yoo and his The Suspect co-star Park Hee Soon will be guesting on the famed variety show on 8th December. I am beside myself! For a moment there, we weren’t so sure because of conflicting reports of airdates and cancelled appearances before. But now that a preview is out, it’s a done deal! Here’s a taste of what we’ll see next week, and it looks like there’s a good chance my lovely will get wet…heh. Continue reading

Mirae’s Choice Episode 1 – 6 Check-in

Mirae’s Choice feels like a rather odd creature–it’s madcap yet whimsical, it’s very plot-driven but has taken immense care to flesh out it’s main characters, and it’s a conventional rom-com yet tackles some real world and serious issues. It’s taken awhile for me to appreciate the show, and I’m still at the stage of admiring this from a distance rather than falling hard for its numerous charms, but that’s no fault of the show. This show has so much to offer, that I’m wondering why I’m not cheerleading this more than I am. Have I lost my mind?

MiraesChoiceEp6 Continue reading

My Reason for Watching Mirae’s Choice

THIS: Lee Dong Gun Mirae's Choice Vader03 This seals the deal, guys.

When I saw this still today of Lee Dong Gun as Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber, I thought to myself, I surrender. Because it’s not like there’s a shortage of dramas this cycle, what with the Heirs juggernaut being only the tip of the drama iceberg. But Mirae’s Choice (or Marry Him If You Dare) has surely but steadily snuck up on me. First there was the news of Lee Dong Gun’s comeback, and the premise of a time-travelling rom-com on our hands. Well and good, but hardly must-watch material.

Then the promos starting trickling in earnest. And I saw this:

Miraes Choice Yoon Eun Hye

Credit: TV Daily

Oh the hair! That dress! Karaoke! THE HAIR! Continue reading