Weekly OCDrama Digest 29th Dec – 5 Jan 2014

Happy new year folks! How goes the new year’s resolutions? I have resolved to take better care of myself, which means dropping dramas like hot potatoes. On with the news round-up this week:

Lee Seung Gi at airport1. New couples great the new year in K-ent! First Seung Gi and YoonA were outted by Dispatch and followed by Baksa  Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young a day later.  I’m just happy that it looks like the SNSD girls are allowed to have love lives after all. Funny story about the Seung Gi-YoonA (what’s their couple name? GiYoo? SeungNA?) news: I couldn’t sleep so I woke up at some ungodly hour that night, read the news, and then fell back asleep awhile later, only to dream about Seung Gi. As expected it was pretty bizarro, but I don’t remember much except me and Seung Gi were scouring an underground shopping mall looking for food in the middle of the night. Seung Gi must have made an impression because I remember thinking, “Gosh, Seung Gi sure is a really sweet guy. A doofus though, but sweet.” Continue reading

Weekly OCD Drama Digest 2 Dec – 8 December

Happy Sunday all! Trust dramaland has been treating you well and everyone is coping with the mad year-end dash. Onwards with this week’s news…

RunningMan episode 175

1. It’s D-DAY: Gong Yoo appears on Running Man today! He and The Suspect co-star Park Hee Sun are first-timers and it looks like they’ll be getting their feet wet quite literally if these SBS promo pics are anything to go by: Continue reading

Weekly OCDrama Digest 11– 17 November

Hello all! It’s been quiet on the blog front these past couple of weeks because well, I’ve been busy gettin’ hitched! Yep, the noose is now firmly around my neck. The dude who wrote this is now stuck with me (and by extension, dramas) for life.

I guess that’s my biggest news this week, but other stuff did happen such as….

Lee Seung Gi at airport


1. Lee Seung Gi and his noonas returned to Korea this week after filming Noonas Over Flowers, a new take of tvN’s hit variety show Grandpas Over Flowers. I looked forward to reading the re-caps of the latter each weekend over on Dramabeans, and I loved it way too much for a show I didn’t regularly watch (foiled by lack of subs, pooh). So I’m thrilled that Seung Gi is taking on the role of luggage boy for these veteran actresses in their travels to Croatia. What little I’ve seen of his legendary stint on 1 Night 2 Days makes me think that he’s ideal for the role of hapless porter. He just seems like the guy every noona would love to bully and mother in equal measure. He’s the guy your grandma dotes on, while your little sister kicks under the table. But I must say that Seung Gi is looking mighty handsome and all growed-up these days! NOF airs on 29th November. 

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Ugly Alert: K-actor Photoshoots Gone Wrong

I don’t usually notice celeb photo spreads unless they fall into my lap, like while flipping through magazines in the hair salon.

Ever since I started this blog though, blogs or sites that I follow regularly post them so they fall into my lap all the time.   It’s all mostly harmless and pretty. After all, it’s hard to make these people look less than pretty. But I think it’s considerably easier to make them look like circus monkeys.

This gem I spotted this week accomplishes both, a real feat:

Lee Seung Gi bakes Ceci 2013

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Gu Family Book ends…pretty badly

*some spoilers ahead*

The hit drama Gu Family Book finally ended its run this week. I wasn’t really invested to begin with since I happily only dove in mid-way and got caught up reading Dramabeans‘s awesome recaps. And by the last few episodes, I was glad I made that decision. The show’s clunky set-ups, static frames and recycled sub-plots really started to show at the seams by the final stretch.  Continue reading