Healer: Where is Bong Sookie When You Need Him?: Episodes 15-16

Healer ep 16: Young Shin depressed

Team Feels is back! And this time, we’ve got dissension in the ranks! What about? Well, I’m not going to spoil here, but it’s safe to say it’s mostly about, what else, our OTP’s canoodling.

If you fancy reading what’re unpopular opinions, heads on over the Sarah’s for our commentary of Healer episodes 15-16. And as always, let us know what you think :)

If you missed last week’s instalment, head here. Until next week then!


Healer: Baby Bear Feels Episodes 13-14

You see this picture up top? This is exactly how we feel after these episodes. So do not expect squees and such from Team Feels this week okay? Y’all been warned.

And most importantly, we’ve expanded Team Feels! Everyone, please welcome the fabulous Vanessa into the fold. You might have read her comments on our previous check-ins so she did this to herself, really. How could we not recruit her after epic commentary like that?

Usual disclaimers apply: We spoil to glory, there is profanity, and we get real serious.

If you missed last week’s commentary on Episodes 11 – 12, visit Sarah’s blog.

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Healer: The Feels Round 2: Episode 11-12

Healer Episode 11 hand-holding

Sarah and I  are back for round 2 of our Healer commentary collabo! This week we discuss our feels for:

  • Moon Ho, and Myung Hee
  • Young Shin and Jung Hoo/Bong Sook’s hands (yet again) and their everything
  • other things I can’t quite remember now that I’m thinking tomorrow is Monday, which means episode 13 is close! Very very close!

Anyways, scoot on over to Sarah’s blog for this week’s check-in! If you missed last week’s commentary for Episode 9 and 10, head here.

Enjoy :)

Healer: Feeding Feels

Healer ep 12 Young Shin and Bong Sook eat

I’m pretty sure this drama is out to kill me. Because at this point I’m so madly in love with Young Shin and Jung Hoo that the slightest touch or look sends me over the edge.

I spend my days mulling over scenes, imagining possibilities, and come Monday and Tuesday I skip to work and back thrilled to know that I will get to see them. I get goosebumps seeing their gifs on tumblr. I break out into random, possibly maniacal looking grins. My chest constricts. My heart races.

This is love, right? Should the hubs be jealous? I know I sound like a crazy person. And maybe that’s because I AM A CRAZY PERSON. But I can’t help it.

I’m not going to talk about their hands. Or the fact that they’re so devastatingly beautiful that I find it almost intolerable. Or the fact that I almost can’t bear to re-watch scenes because the Feels cause physical pain sometimes.

And just when I dared not hope for more epic Feels, in episode 12, Song Ji Na whips out one of those K-drama staples that almost always gets to me–The Feeding Scene.

Healer ep 12 Young Shin's meal

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