Introducing: Weekly OCDrama Digest, 22-28 October

You may have noticed that I’m neither particularly prolific nor lengthy on this blog. Sometimes, I can barely squeeze out enough brain fart to reply coherently to a comment, let alone a long insightful post. Which is why I’ve been collecting half-written reviews of long-finished dramas like no tomorrow. And I often enjoy reading much more than writing, which is a squeezing-water-from-stone situation these days. And I seem to spend way more time reading instead of writing. Words don’t come easy to me.

Which leads me to this new feature which is as much an exercise to get out of my slump as trying to introduce some regularity to the blog. It’s what the professionals do, I’m told.  So here’s a roundup of drama-related (and maybe not-so-related) reads–be it news, think-pieces, commentary–from around the net that I’ve liked this week which I’ll be posting every weekend. If I come across something that’s particularly noteworthy and a keeper, I’ll move it to my Readings section on my Useful Stuff page.

Weekly OCDrama Digest


1. An American remake is in the works for Boys Over Flowers. Hurrah..? Personally, I’m neutral about adaptations or remakes of any kind as I often believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at creating something, but it seems that a great many people believe differently. Kdramafighting had a great take on the some of the debates surrounding this.  And speaking of US remakes, apparently Nine is getting one too. Now that, I’d be interested to see.

2. Blogger Orion at Orion’s Ramblings has just started writing regularly at Hancinema. I’ve always liked Orion’s thoughtful and articulate comments on gender when I’ve come across them on blogs or forums. Here is Orion’s take on the K-drama kiss and it’s various incarnations (‘The Alien Octopus’ gets my vote for most icky). Ah, writing about kisses is a k-drama blogger rite of passage, one I have yet to take part in because my list of favourite kisses is very very short. at a grand total of three. Maybe some day I will lose my k-drama kiss post virginity but that day is not today.



3. I read alot about food. That’s because I like to eat and I like reading about eating and food and the making of said food. Some of my favourite books have been exclusively about food. So when my twin interests such as Korea and food collide, I perk up. This news article mourns the decline in popularity among young people of traditional soup Seolleongtang in favour of burgers and other fast foods such as pizza. The price of progress? But if Koreans are anything like Malaysians, no burger or pizza can ever erase the deep and abiding love for a good old fashioned local specialty. It’s like part of your DNA. And Seolleontang looks like a beefy version of ramen tonkotsu broth. It’s times like these I deeply regret being an aspiring vegetarian.


 4. Hollywood film Gravity took first place at the Korean box office this week. If you haven’t seen this Sandra Bullock and George Clooney vehicle, RUN! NOW! And nothing less than 3D will do. Preferably 3D IMAX if you can afford to splurge. It’ll be well worth it, trust me. It’s no mere movie, it’s an experience. I say that in all seriousness. A film like this is the reason why we go to the cinema–to be moved, transported, and awed by what cinema can do.

5. Beyond Hallyu takes on the difficult subject of cultural appropriation in K-pop, if indeed that is what the issue is. Which I’m not entirely convinced it is. The post doesn’t offer any conclusions but does pose some important questions that is worth a read. Although I am clueless about K-pop, I do know that context is key and what is cultural appropriation in one context may not be necessarily so in another.



16 thoughts on “Introducing: Weekly OCDrama Digest, 22-28 October

  1. I think this new format is a really good idea! I’m still pretty new at this thing, so I haven’t found my niche post yet. To be honest I think sometimes I get a little too wordy. But I definitely want to check out the article about the soup. I have always wanted to learn more about food from other cultures. Sometimes I think I only get the “Americanized” versions of everything. Still kind of on the fence about American BOF. But then, I wasn’t a big fan of the original, so I don’t have some of the same reservations as others have. Anyway, your writing is awesome, end of story.


    • Aww… thanks for the vote of confidence! I don’t think you’re wordy, but you’re definitely prolific! I don’t know how you do it! I’m a little green with envy to be honest ;). Well, to me you sounded like you got your features figured out already? I like your recaps-meets-reactions Watch With Me posts alot! You’re funny and insightful, no easy feat that.


      • Yay! I’m glad you enjoy them! And trust me, my prolific…ness…is merely symptomatic of the fact that most of my life revolves around work. My evenings are often free, lol. So I spend them watching dramas anyway. And most of the time I have to force myself to write. But one thing I’ve learned is that writing is like any other creative pursuit. If you really want to be a writer, you have to treat it like a job. So please don’t be jealous. Because I’m jealous too! You are so much more informed than me. And much more concise, ehich is very important. Sidenote: That last bit about me being funny and insightful. That is like…THE sweetest thing. I’m feeling the warm fuzzies for real. I like the WWM posts, but I want to branch out into other things too, so if you have any suggestions please share. Happy Writing!


      • “But one thing I’ve learned is that writing is like any other creative pursuit. If you really want to be a writer, you have to treat it like a job.”–SO TRUE! I’m a whiner by nature, bit of a drama queen, so pls don’t mind me too much. As for being informed, I find that funny because in truth, I know NUCKING FUTS! I’ve been watching dramas for barely a year, and blogging about it for less than 4 months. What do I know?! I just like to trawl the web, waaaay too much.

        Enjoy the warm fuzzies! You deserve ’em! As for branching out, I’m sure you’ll figure it out in time. I’ll be readin’ happily. But if I do have a suggestion I’ll let you know 😉


      • Pssh. You’re not whiny! I just meant that if I didn’t write every day I probably wouldn’t do it at all. You’ve got me beat on that one. But, alas, I should probably start focusing on quality over quantity.


  2. I like this new blog posts that you’re introducing. Definitely a way to discover new things.
    And also I like Orion’s blog and actually have read this particular post about the drama kisses. So funny. I was thinking that I wanted to write too about my favourite drama kisses but as you said they are not that many. Which frustrates me! So much talent going to waste. Why? What are these directors/writers thinking?
    And probably I should get around to watch Nine. Everyone says it’s really good..


    • HAHA yes, them kisses, they frustrate me too. Wasted talent indeed! I figured that my kiss list is so short because my fave drama list is short. I can only get behind the kiss if I love the pair and the drama. Or else the kiss is just a hot or not sort of deal.

      As for Nine, it has gotten a huge amount of love. I’m one of the ones who didn’t like it as much as everyone else seems to, but I’d say it’s definitely worth watching!

      And glad you like the new feature! 🙂


    • Yes totally! I saw it on 3D IMAX and I was blown away. I felt like I was floating in space. For a such a thrilling ride, I was so surprised that I found it emotionally moving too.


      • “I felt like I was floating in space” exactly how I felt too….

        It’s rare that a film is technically deft as well as emotionally touching and Gravity was just that…..


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