The OCDrama Digest 2nd – 9th February

Greetings everyone. I was clearly so out of sorts when I wrote my last digest post as I just noticed my dates and my spelling (‘2th’ of February??) were off by miles. To add to the facepalm, in my review of Can We Get Married? I embarrassingly miscounted the number of women characters I rambled on about for approximately 900 words. I really haven’t recovered from Lunar New Years have I?

Yoo Ah In Secret Love Affair Kim Hee Ae Secret Love Affair

1. I’ve not hid my escalating excitement for Secret Love Affair, the upcoming jTBC drama starring Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In as a 40-something career woman embarking on scandalous affair with a much younger musician. The shoot released stills this week and Yoo Ah In looks the part of the manic pixie dream boy I imagine his character will be. Kim Hee Ae looks sublime, and I hope and pray this drama does both actors justice with a story that’s rich and sexy and fascinating, and…sexy. Also on board is Ahn Pan Seok PD regular Park Hyuk Kwon playing the husband, and Kyeon Soo Jin as a girl nursing a major crush on Yoo Ah In. Get in line girlfriend! March 17th cannot come soon enough.

 EXO-Official-Line2. Some of you might know that I’ve developed a fondness for EXO and I was casually checking out their hit variety (reality?) series EXO Showtime on cable channel MBS Every1. I had slipped of late having been distracted by Tablo and his daughter Haru in Superman is Back. But thanks to Supah who waxed lyrical about the show, I dived back in, and I am now in the throes of a full blown noona crush on all of them. Yes, all 12 of them. 

This show’s secret formula is an ability to capitalise on the boys’ personalities, natural energy and camaraderie. And since this is K-variety, some form of torture is usually employed.

Take for instance the latest episode where in a test to see how in sync they are with each other as a group, each of them are locked up separately in noraebang rooms, bombarded with random questions and aren’t allowed out until they all get the same answer–Frustration + karaoke + EXO = comedy gold. I almost peed my pants and I haven’t even seen the episode yet–all this just from the endless stream of gifs on tumblr! My word, I haven’t had a good bone-shaking, side-splitting laugh in yonks.

EXO Showtime ends next week. I’m not sure how I’ll fill the void.

3. In K-pop news, Rain drops a new single supposedly dedicated to his lady love Kim Tae Hee and goes on a date in the US (good for them), and I also learned that he’s performing in Kuala Lumpur at the end of March. 2NE1 also confirmed a stop here in their highly-anticipated upcoming world tour on May 23rd. The latter made a quick stop here last year but nothing on the scale of a full-blown concert.

4. I’ll leave you with Kim Yu Na and the recent pic of her with the Sochi mascot. I find it very hard to relate to the Winter Olympics when I’m sitting here in the middle of a heat wave. Oh and lastly, the Mywebfoot eBook giveaway contest ends on Friday, so head on over and give it a shot 🙂

Kim Yu Na Sochi

Pic frm The Hankyoreh


10 thoughts on “The OCDrama Digest 2nd – 9th February

  1. I think Kim Hee-ae and Yoo Ah-in will be a pretty dynamic, interesting and sexy couple. Agree with you!
    Oh gosh, ep 11. Can’t get over all the fails and lulz. XD


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