Secret Love Affair Drops 21-minute Preview: …And I Get Goosebumps

I have never regretted my inability to understand Korean more than this moment. I apologise that I cannot offer you any credible translations of this lengthy preview. I have only these random observations to offer:

  • The teaser devotes most of it’s time to a scene in Hye Won’s (Kim Hee Ae) house in which Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) plays for her in what appears to be an audition. Sun Jae is nervous, and appropriately youthful. I was afraid he’d come off much older and closer to Yoo Ah In’s real age. I needn’t have worried. He’s got this. Kim Hee Ae is commanding.
  • Sun Jae’s playing moves her to tears. Then they also play together. It’s intense. They struggle to catch their breaths, post-coital-like. He shakes. She deflects. This moment is acted so damn perfectly I want to die.Secret Love Affair teaser screencap
  • They relive the moment later: He runs home in the night in joy, she sips tea by the piano. The music during this sequence is so gorgeous and so tender I get goosebumps. And maybe a little emotional.
  • The music alone will be enough to bring me to my knees. What more everything else?
  • Yoo Ah In has beautifully long fingers. And I’m so glad his playing looks convincing instead of being obviously fake. Kudos to the seamless editing for helping carry the illusion.
  • I hope Sun Jae actually owns a piano, or has access to one, and doesn’t practice on bridge railings and learn everything through Youtube. Because that would be ridiculous, I don’t care how prodigious he is. 
  • I am quaking with fear that Dramafever will screw up the subs.
  • There will be a lot of piano-playing porn in this drama. It will make lapsed piano players want to tickle the ivories again.
  • Did I just fangirl over a teaser??

Five more days!

32 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair Drops 21-minute Preview: …And I Get Goosebumps

  1. wow…you are so much excited for this drama Ddee 😛 and also Betsy….
    it will be great to read your thoughts on this one as I won’t be watching it….not in a noona romance mood actually…


  2. So I didn’t watch the entire clip, but skipped some stretches here and there. I guess I just don’t like to be overly spoiled, heh. I will say though, the breath-caught-in-throat bit after they played the duet made me gulp. How can piano playing be so hawt? Lol XD

    While I didn’t watch the whole thing through, what I CAN offer you is a few bits of info that I happened to chance on in the stretches that I did watch 😉 YAI’s character does have a piano at home (I think it was discarded by someone else, I’m not entirely sure), but he basically plays by ear, and learns off YouTube. A lot of what he plays for her is by ear, I think.

    Probably more to your interest, that bit that he keeps obsessing over after he leaves her house, is where she asks him to play a certain stretch of the piece again. He nervously asks if it’s coz he didn’t play it well the first time, and she answers, “No.. It’s because I want to hear it again.” And those are the words that keep echoing in his mind as he silently squees on the bridge. ^^



      I did figure he learned by ear, coz she looks at his feet which aren’t using the pedals. Oh that line though, gave me chills…heh. He’s totally dying that he impressed noona isn’t it? Yunno, that moment, I needed to take a couple of breaths too. I could smell the frisson from over here. Damn, my feels are spilling out all over the place.

      Yeah I did consider not watching this, for about 5 whole seconds. I don’t usually watch these extended teasers but I threw caution to the wind a long time ago when it comes to this show.

      Thanks again for the quick translation!!


      • You’re right, I’m generating enough squee to power a city, and I’m not ashamed one bit, no no nope. But it’s way more fun when there’s company!



    If I wasn’t excited before about this drama, I am now. That. Was. Amazing!

    I have one complaint. He’s wearing a brown belt with black shoes (and primarily black clothing). But, it’s part of the characterization, so I give him a break.

    *jumps up and down with excitement for this drama*


    • JOEEEYY!! I’m so glad you’re here!! I know, it’s ridiculous right? And I’m exited you’re excited too 🙂

      And your fashion commentary is…astute!! In my state of swooning I didn’t notice the clothing (but I noted that I liked her shirt) and I haven’t the foggiest idea bout fashion anyways. Will you be doing more drama styling critques?? That would be pretty fun 🙂


      • I’m excited because your excited because this drama sounds awesome! xD

        I notice a lot about costuming and sets now that I’m going into film & television as a career. ^^ Not that it affects my viewing habits too much, I think I’m just more observant of shows as a whole. O_O I follow fashion pretty extensively (This account IS my fashion blog account, actually ^^), so how have I never thought of this? How?! It’s, like, the perfect thing for me.

        I think I’ve found my drama-blogging purpose. ._. o_o 0_0 O_O (O_O)

        THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. DDEE! *bows a hundred million times* *gets hypothetically dizzy* *jumps up and down anyways*


      • Whee! *throws confetti* I’m excited for you to start your new blogging adventure. I know there are a couple of drama fashion sites but they focus on sourcing the clothes whereas I’m more interested in reading how the clothes reflects the characters and what it means in the show (ditto set design, especially for shows that are richly detailed), so if you’re looking for an edge, that’s an approach you could take? I read a wonderful take on Flower Boy Next Door’s sets and what each space said about the characters. It was fascinating and made me appreciate the show so much more. Here hv a look:


  4. Omo Omo Omo Omo Omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies a swoony melty Noona mess of fangirl*

    … ok… I’m better now… holy freaking cow!!! I was excited for this drama in huge-huge ways… but now… I’m dying, like all the way doorknob dead! I cannot wait for this drama!

    The story… ung the story is going to melt me away into a puddle and then light me on fire… ahem… but the music! The music is like piano porn, you’ve got that right!

    *all coherent thoughts gone*


    • RIGHT?!! I so needed to pick myself up the floor after that. The music though, the music is everything. I sighed, I swooned, I did everything except pee my pants. And his little squee time at the bridge….GUH.

      Into the fire we go Jaime!! Haha, I can’t wait XD


      • It took me a long-long time to be coherent again after that trailer. It didn’t matter that I had no idea what they were saying lol I was a swoony mess! I’m even more excited for this drama than I was for Emergency Couple and I was uber-excited for that show lol.

        I’m pretty sure I clapped when it was done lol. Omo! Yes! His little victory squee at the bridge was adorable!!!

        Yes indeed, happily into the fire!!!


      • Two more days!! But you know, I think you’ll get to watch it before I do because you can get on DF. I have to rely on the kindness of strangers, but that’s fine, I can wait if I have to 🙂
        I hope Emergency Couple is going well. Everyone seems to be drooling after the second lead, which is erm kinda surprising considering he has Choi Jin Hyuk for competition!!


      • I can watch it tomorrow after work, that fact alone will make tomorrow drag and drag and drag!!! Omo having to wait for it to be subbed would drive me bonkers I totally salute your patience! If I could share I totally would!

        I am so in love with Emergency Couple it is probably not healthy. The second lead is adorkable in a way that has just made me adore him. I do love Choi Jin Hyuk so so so much too. But Jin Hyuk’s character stated out needing to mature a whole lot and the second lead was grumpy with a big heart and a nicer character to start off with. I think that may have had a lot to do with people’s overwhelming love for the second male lead.


      • I had a brief panic attack when thought what if no one uploads the torrent, but then here we are not even a couple of hours after it aired and the raw ep is already in my hard drive ;). Thanks my dear, I know you would share you could but other’s hv come to the rescue!

        Dr. Gook does look very sweet and gruff and my kind of second lead. It’s funny how much you can find out just by going on tumblr. I’m keeping this on my marathon list 🙂


      • I had a huge panic attack because Dramafever didn’t have Secret Love Affair subbed until the day after! I have to wait a for a full day until its subbed which is totally not fair.

        Dr. Gook is a wonderful second lead, he’s different than most. At least to me, but I’m a drama newbie still 🙂 I think when you do marathon you’ll really enjoy it.


    • Oooh ya kah? Why you never say hello?? I’m a “idol” on soompi, soon to be “superstar”. Are you ‘legend’ already?? Haha yes, only 21 minutes. In few more days we’ll get the full 60 minutes!! Whee!!


      • I download the raw. Use the subs from darksmurfsub, theirs haven’t reach the readable stage yet. I just assume I understand korean, and keep watching it with my own understanding. But I think daily motion have eng subs for this drama. But I’m not the type to watch online.


      • Hmmm I see. Maybe I’ll try that and try to improve my Korean that way. Usually I will wait until darksmurf subs are edited which takes a long time.


      • I know how to write and now my reading pace is becoming faster too. I can understand a little bit more than just a little. Happy I made some progress. Hahah.

        *btw, I came here to spazz on the 21 minutes trailer, AGAIN. Thank you…


      • Wow so impressed!! I hv a long way to go still, but I read someone saying that after watching without subs for one and half years, she could watch the raw already!

        Yes, I’ve watched the preview more times than I can count. Sometimes I don’t watch but just listen to the music and the dialogue eventhough I can’t understand a word. Sigh.


      • Wow at the already able to watch raw person. I too, have a long way to go till I reach that stage. We all know how excited you are in this drama. It’s only few days more. Don’t exhaust yourself too much with this teaser. Won’t be good for your health. Afraid you’ll pengsan with all the tensions from this teaser even before the actual drama premiered.


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