Healer: My Feels Runneth Over

Help. Somebody pick me up off the floor.

I can guarantee there will be words in this post, but not coherent meaning. Because I cannot.

I mean. Just. Gaaaaaaaaaah!

Look at them. LOOK.

Healer Ep 10 rooftop drinking beer

Faces! Darling faces!

Healer Ep 10 rooftop scene

See how he looks at her? Do you see? She rocks his world! 

Healer ep 10 rooftop scene Jung Hoo looking admiringly at Young Shin

You can see that same face here too in what’s possibly the best reverse-wrist-grab-run-for-your-life scene ever in a K-drama.

Healer Ep 5 Young Shin and Bong Sook run

Here they are, an army of thugs on their tail, covered in what I’m assuming is fertilizer, but he’s having the time of his life! Just another day at the office for Healer you might say, but being saved by her, Young Shin, our intrepid reporter, the Lois to his Clark, makes him HAPPY. And it brings to stark relief her super serious superhero game face too. In this drama Lois gets to be Superman.

The show does that often, juxtaposing their oh-so-freaking beautiful faces within a single shot. It kills me every time. Here, yet again, she’s in the foreground, feeling a little embarrassed.

Healer Ep 10 Young Shin walking out of the elevator

Then the camera defocusses to him back in the lift (as always, lurking in the background) where he’s dying too, but for vastly different reasons.

Healer Ep 10 Young Shin and Bong Soo in the lift

The dude can barely hold it together! She clutched his hand so tightly he thought his heart would burst. Though they’d already kissed at this point, holding hands is a whole other level of intimacy that Healer just wasn’t prepared for.

Healer Ep 10 hands

Healer Ep 10 Bong Soo and Young shin holding hands

You know what I love? I love that he gently offered his hand and let her grab hold. If you’ve ever assisted the visually impaired, it’s the same principle–you let them know you’re there if they need you and they get to decide. Anything less is invasive. As Healer we’ve seen him swoop in and save the day. As Bong Soo though (or is it Jung Hoo?), he does one better: he steps back.

How awesome was it to see preternaturally cool Healer totally freaking out at a girl holding his hand? So awesome I almost peed my pants.

But then he gets over himself, turns to her, and realises she’s one who’s truly terrified.

Episode 10 Healer Park Bong Soo looking shocked

Healer Ep 10 Park Bong Soo looks at Young Shin

Completely out of his element, his instincts take over. And when he leans in to kiss her forehead it’s meant not as a grand romantic gesture but to soothe and comfort and support.

Healer Episode 10 Park Bong Soo leans in for a forehead kiss

It speaks volumes about the kind of hero he can be and the man he is.

Imagine that, a K-drama male lead who has a functioning sensitivity chip in his brain.

And did I mention he thinks she’s totally awesome? And unlike many other preordained pairings in dramaland you totally get why he thinks she’s awesome. The show lets you see it so often through his eyes.


Healer ep 10 Young Shin's smile

And then there’s the hands. They are always reaching for each other, and she constantly grabs him and drags him everywhere (hail reverse wrist grabs!). (And here, let me direct you to this fantastic gifset catalogue of all her wrist grabs). He’s literally had her life in his hands.

Healer Episode 4 bong soo and young shin sleeping

Healer Episode 5 Young Shin cleans his wound

Healer Ep 5 Bong Soo watches Young Shin dressing his wound

Healer Episode 9 post rooftop kiss young shin reaches for healer

But really, it’s their faces that do me in. I don’t know who did what to please the drama gods this year but they’ve bestowed Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young upon us unworthies. Their dynamic to me, feels refreshing and current in a way that’s really surprising for a very accessible, mainstream show. It kinda floors me, to be honest.

And I was so not prepared for this!

I mean. C’mon!

Healer ep 9 makeover


Healer Ep 9 rooftop kiss


Healer ep 9 Young Shin and Healer talk on the phone

Healer ep 10 Young Shin and Bong Soo drinking

Did you see? His hand! On her knee! Eeeep

And then….HAHAHAHAH.

Healer ep 9 young shin's makeover


Oh god what’s come over me.

You’ll hear more from me and my comrade Sarah from DramAdrenaline! (are you following her, cos you should be!) just as soon as we’re done losing our minds gathering our thoughts about this show.

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here, drowning in my feels.




40 thoughts on “Healer: My Feels Runneth Over

    • RIGHT?! JCW is amazeballs, PMY is delicious, and together DYNAMITE!! The rest of the drama isn’t perfect but I don’t really care at this point cos OTP is perfection!


  1. So much I want to sat in response to this but I can’t because reasons! They just…alright whatever. They just need to get married and have babies. I’m not usually that girl but that’s just how it has to be. End of.


    • I don’t think we should watch the behind the scenes Sarah. Because what if they’re all cute and cuddly on set too? No no I don’t wanna go there. I lack the strength.


  2. Thanks for putting everything I’m feeling in words. I just love that “you adorable thing” look on his face when YS is saving him.


    • LOL. I think you’ll enjoy this especially if the OTP is rocking your world. I just read one blogger’s opinion that wasn’t sold on this pair so she wasn’t very into it, which I completely understand. Hope it works for you!


  3. This show is perfection. They are perfection. It’s gorgeous, they’re gorgeous, the OST is gorgeous, the story is fun and intriguing and fast-paced. I’m afraid to look at the ratings in case this isn’t the massive hit it should be and my heart breaks for them because they SO deserve it. She is so brave and cute and worthy of admiration, and he is soooooooooooooooo swoony and cool-yet-vulnerable. And just the feeling of having these children (include Moon Ho too! He rocks!) of those friends find each other, love each other, work together – and NOT EVEN KNOW that they already knew each other – well, Moon Ho knows about Young Shin, and Healer knows about Moon Ho – but…ugh. If you’re not watching this, commenters, you REALLY should be. This is bonafide gold.


    • Right? In case it isn’t clear, this couple is rocking my universe! It’s been a while for me so maybe this is why I’m latching on to them so hard it hurts.Oh! I forgot to talk about the lovely OST! Quite a few sweet tracks on show too. Thanks for reminding me 🙂


  4. Thanks for this. I agree with everything!
    I especially like how you noted he doesn’t grab her hand, but put it where it could be grabbed. I saw it, but didn’t register how cool it was.

    PMY really is doing a bang-up job with this part. The director and she managed to come up with a perfect balance of tough and embarrassin without going OTT.Plus- to have a heroine who was beaten as a child breaks my heart, as it does Jung-soo’s.
    She has no idea how deeply he cares for her. He knows ALL of her secrets – good and bad – and loves her even more
    because of them. She loves the cool Healer, but has a soft spot for his vulnerable side in Bong-soo.

    I trust this writer to give her enough time to get mad at him for pretending he was someone else, but not too much to slow down the wonderful OTP scenes.
    Luckily they will have to band together to fight the Big Bad Elderwolf.

    Go go go, Show!


  5. I just wanted to add this very thoughtful thought.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!
    ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢ ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢ ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢


  6. OMG, I would become a fan of your blog if this post didn’t just kill me.

    GAH, I love this show and this OTP! They’re absolutely the definition of a winning pair. And my heart just can’t take it!!!!


  7. ahhhhhhhh!! This show, this OTP, and this man – Ji Changfreakinwooookkk!!

    SO much to love… SO much to squeeee about!!

    I’ve been in OTP-heaven the past couple of episodes… the slow build-up has been great!!

    About JCW – where has he been in all 4 years of my K-drama life!! What a remarkable talent… I think I’ll stop gushing since if I start I won’t stop any time soon.

    Your feeells made me flail about… I’ve been flailing for the past couple of weeks!! Thank YOUUU!! ❤❤❤


    • Oh honey, I’l right there with you. I’m rather late to the JCW party too but boy am I glad I found him. Oh please do gush if you want! I’ll join in!

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad to oblige. Feels must be shared 🙂


  8. OMG I just love your post. Thank you for writing this. I get it, absolutely. This drama and this OTP has grabbed my heart and won’t let go. I’ve known for some time that JCW is awesome, I just didn’t know how awesome.


      • Hi DDee! You remember me? We’re all going nuts over at Soompi for these two, and the drama as a whole. I just get your feels, because I feel the same way. JCW just expresses his feelings so well, I’m literally bleeding for him. Looking forward to all your Healer Runneth Over posts!! 🙂


      • OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! SoGongers are not soon forgotten LOL. Is the Soompi thread on fire? I haven’t peeked yet, a little worried I might get sucked into the vortex and then…


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  10. Ah I loved reading this post, I was squeeing along as I recalled those moments again!! I’ve been wanting to do another post too with all my fave scenes too, but I’ve been busy. Hopefully I’ll get it up sometime this week hehe. Fan-girl on!! ❤


  11. To be honest I LOVVE the 2 main characters.. but Im not really following on the actual story with all the people in the picture. Like im not rlly invested in what happened/happens to them, but dayum the main couple is something weve all been waiting for.


    • I feel you! Gosh, you know, I had no idea, absolutely no idea HOW MUCH I’ve been waiting for a couple like this. I can’t remember the last time my heart went mad for a pairing, not since I fell down the rabbit hole of Kdramas with Coffee Prince probably. WE HV ALL BEEN WAITING!


      • Girl i totally understand Ive been trying to remember an OTP where I fangirled and fell in love with THE GIRL and the GUY and not just one of them xD like I legit dont care what they do together like they can just stare at eaach other for an episode and Id watch it… Im so glad I discovered this gem of a couple and This great actor. Continue happily watching and I hope you keep documenting their awesome moments cz it makes me like those moments even more ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh god I just got done with this week’s episodes and I just can’t anymore. I’m so madly in love with them. I think I have to keep writing bout them because the feels, they won’t stop and they need to spill out all over this blog :D. Thanks for reading and commenting Sunrise, means alot. Shared feels are the best kind of feels after all!

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh nooooo an OTP-specific squee post! The emotional devastation never ends (and I mean that in the best way)!

    The Rooftop Confession was such a delightfully surprising sequence for me. I was like, oh here we go; she gets overwhelmed and runs away, he gets angry and stays behind to brood on the roof, etc. But nooooo instead of overwrought drama and unnecessary angst we get … a mature, sincere and straightforward exchange between two adults? Holy shit. Just the way he LOOKS at her all through the “Is this a confession? Are your feelings sincere?” bit. And the fact that she respects him enough to immediately turn to him and honestly, fully explain herself. And the fact that he respects her emotions and values her friendship enough to stay there, to accept his rejection graciously, to not make a scene or try to justify himself. That they can go right back to bantering and ribbing each other with minimal awkwardness and maximum cuteness. I was not expecting that at all and I loved it so so SO SOOOO much. (I mean I’m sure he took it as well as he did because he knows his main romantic rival is himself, but I’d like to believe he would have done the same if Young Shin had meant any other man. I’d really like to believe that. Just his FAAAAACE. Like he was so content and so fulfilled just to be in her presence in that moment, regardless of how she felt about him. I’m going to make myself cry).

    And I think it speaks volumes about this pairing that the hand-holding is often so much more intimate and vulnerable and squee-worthy than the one Big Kiss we’ve had so far. And I love everything you’ve said about the elevator hand-holding – that he doesn’t invade her space, that he doesn’t does barge in and assume she needs saving. And I like very much that we see so much of Young Shin’s fears and trauma, without her being reduced to a damsel. Because on the other hand, the show isn’t trying to paint her as Strong Female Character TM who always kicks ass, and I appreciate that she’s allowed to have her weaknesses. That scene at Moon-ho’s apartment where she eventually ditches the elevator and decides to take the stairs down to the lobby instead (singing all the way)? Ugh I loved that. Young Shin being afraid but – as Jung Hoo tells us – also CHOOSING to be brave in her own way despite her fear.


  13. You have managed to put the words and feelings I’ve been feeling in this article! Thank you for your candid honest description of how I’ve lost my marbles to this show 🙂 Can’t wait to read the rest of the articles you’ll no doubt write about Healer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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